How to get rid of puffy eyes after crying ?

How to get rid of puffy eyes after crying ?

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A sudden gush of water from the eyes and bursting out of suppressed emotions, a whole night of crying results in puffy eyes in the morning. Your face looks horrible when you wake up in the morning for your daily chores. This is, indeed, a major problem for a lot of people now a day’s especially teenagers and women.

Crying is not at all bad, but the after-effects of that crying are something which is not desirable. But, then there are always some simple home remedies and some do’s and Don’ts which can prevent those unwanted puffy eyes which can be very awkward in front of others. You can just follow these simple steps to get rid of those puffy eyes.

You can just follow these Simple Steps to Get Rid of those Puffy Eyes:

1. Use plenty of water to wash your face after the prolonged crying episode. It will not only make you feel refreshed but will also help to lessen your puffy eyes.

2. Apply cucumber slices over the swollen eyes. Keep the sliced cucumber over the closed eyes till the swelling of the eyes subsides.


3. Cold spoons are very much effective for swollen eyes. A cold spoon not only tightens the skin around the eyes but also relaxes the blood vessels. Take 6 to 7 metal spoons, keep them in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes, then take them out and apply the circular portions of the spoons one by one against the swollen eyes till the spoons get warmed by the heat of your eyes.

4. Used up tea bags- Be it green tea or dark tea is also employed as a cure for puffy eyes. Swelling of the eyes is reduced by the anti-irritant properties of tea and thus by applying cold used up tea bags twice or thrice a day may reduce swelling of eyes.

5. After cucumber, it’s the essential properties of potatoes, which not only effectively reduces swelling in the eyes but also help in tightening of muscles and fading of dark circles. Grate a medium-sized potato and tie it in a muslin cloth. Then apply it over your eyes and continue this process for some time.

6. Drink plenty of water (10-12 glasses) throughout the day so that your body does not get dehydrated resulting in puffy eyes or something even more fatal. Water not only retains the balance in the body, but it also cleans the toxic elements of our body.

Drinking Water

7. Egg whites are also used for removing blackheads, preventing wrinkles and also for the recovery from puffy eyes. Separate the egg yolk from the egg white and whip it well. Then apply the egg white gently with the help of a soft cloth or brush over your eyes and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes till it dries. Wash it off after that. Apply for a few days.

8. Saline water also acts as a simple remedy for swollen eyes. Take a cup of lukewarm water and add ½ teaspoon of salt in it. Dip cotton balls into it and apply those over your eyelids for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day for a few days.

9. You can also use strawberries or chilled cream over the eyelids to get rid of puffy eyes.

10. Swelling in the eyes can also be reduced by applying Aloe Vera gently over eyelids and the area surrounding the eyes.

Apply these easy steps and look beautiful every day as you are. For better remedy lower your intake of salt every day and apply some anti-irritant eye drops if necessary.

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