How to relieve Stress in your Child Before Examinations

How to relieve Stress in your Child Before Examinations

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Exam stress is one of the most common problems found in youngsters nowadays. We can broadly define it as a feeling of pressure and anxiety due to a lack of confidence over one’s performance in exams. Many students are under peer pressure and remain concerned with parental expectations. So, it is the most critical time for parents to support their child and help them to go through this and perform well in their exams without taking any stress. Here are some ways through which you can provide them with ways to reduce stress during exams.

1. Maintaining a Schedule

It is critical for your child to keep a schedule for studies and maintain a daily routine. Help them to develop the habit of following a timetable for their studies. It will eventually reduce stress and make them confident about their preparation.

2. Avoid Procrastination

Ensure that they always do their work on time and do not put it off for tomorrow. As more study and less time always build stress among students before exams. So, guide them in a way that they complete their assignments and revise everything on time.

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3. How to Relieve Stress by Relaxing and listening to music

“Always study and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is one of the earliest proverbs we have learned. Sometimes it becomes necessary to take some break from studies and relax. Advise your child to listen to some music because it soothes us mentally and helps in reducing stress.

4. Right kind of Food and Exercise

Encourage your kid to get regular exercise habits. Not only it helps in keeping them healthy but also helps in reducing anxiety and stress before their exams. Instead of eating chips and unhealthy stuff during studies, advise them to eat healthy snacks like nuts, whole wheat pretzel, etc. This also affects their system because healthy munching reduces stress.

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5. Love and support are the Key

Always remind your child that you are aware of their hard work and they don’t need to take stress for their grades. Your love and support will help them to overcome anxiety and will naturally reduce their pressure. It is important to make them aware that this is not the last examination of their life. The most important thing is working hard not the grades. This will surely help them to cope up with the anxiety and help them learn How to Relieve Stress during exams and emerge with flying colours.

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