How to Take Care of a Baby’s Soft Skin

How to Take Care of a Baby’s Soft Skin

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Baby’s Soft skin remains delicate up to three years. For this reason, extra care needs to be taken to keep the baby’s skin free from any damage. Sometimes the appearance of red blotches can be seen on the baby’s skin as it is prone to different kinds of infections. The baby’s skin can be protected from the infections if you give it special care by using safe and branded baby products. If you want to know how to take care of a Baby’s Soft Skin, you need to simply ensure the following:

• Choose perfect Baby’s Skin Care Product:

Choosing the perfect baby’s skin care product is the most important thing. Use only those products which are specially formulated for them as they are not only hypoallergenic but also tested under the supervision of the paediatricians and dermatologists.

• Apply Moisturizer:

The baby’s skin should not get dried. For preventing the dryness, you have to apply body lotion or a moisturising cream at regular intervals especially in the winter if the baby has normal skin. In the case of dry skin, a cold moisturising cream is recommended for best results. Application of body oil before bath, as well as the use of body lotion after a bath, can keep the skin soft and supple.

• Massage the entire body to ensure Baby’s Soft Skin:

You will not get the best results by the application of body lotion or moisturising cream alone. It is better to massage the entire body of the baby gently with specific body oil made for them. Massage the oil until it gets totally absorbed. Massaging of cream or body oil also helps the baby to get a good sleep. There are specific strokes and techniques that should be applied during the massage.

• Checking a particular area of the Body:

In usual scenarios, it is found that the area behind the neck is more affected either by rashes or dryness. Instead of overlooking this area, you should properly examine the specific portion on a regular basis and keep it moisturised.

• Use Petroleum Jelly:

Almost the entire part of the baby’s body including the lips is very much sensitive. Don’t let it be dry. Proper use of the moisturising jelly will result in soft and healthy skin.

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• Use Baby Cleanser at the time of Bathing:

It is better to use a mild baby cleanser or soap which has balanced pH while bathing the baby. You may also apply a baby wash gently on the skin after taking it on a soft towel. Though it is recommended to bathe the baby twice or thrice in a week during winter, try to give regular showers during the summer months to keep the baby not only clean but also cool.

• Proper Application of Baby Powder:

You should take care of the application of baby powder. Instead of sprinkling it, it is recommended to apply it to the body of the baby with a soft puff.

• Changing Diapers frequently:

Changing the diapers or nappies within a short interval of time protects the child from infections which are caused due to wetness. Using diaper creams may be useful in this regard as they are capable of protecting the skin from wetness.

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• Spending time in Sunlight:

If the age of your baby is less than six months, then you should keep your baby in the sunlight. The early morning sun is preferable than the mid-day sun due to the high temperature and excessive heat. Sunscreen can be used for protecting the baby’s skin from the UV rays of the sun after consulting a paediatrician. If the baby’s age is more than six months, then a sunscreen with a broad spectrum along with SPF30 can be used as they have enough capability to protect the baby’s skin from the UVA and the UVB. The sunscreen lotion needs to be applied at least 30 minutes before going outside.

• Protect from Sunlight:

All the sweat glands of the baby are underdeveloped. Owing to this reason, there is a chance for the development of heat rashes. This is mainly caused due to the direct heat caused by sunlight. When your baby is out in the sunlight, it is recommended to use not only protective clothing but also a hat and sunglasses to protect from the direct sunlight.

• Controlling Humidity in the Winter Days:

During the winter season, the baby’s skin may get affected due to the presence of the harsh and dry wind. For avoiding this, placing a cool-mist humidifier in the nursery can be useful. The humidifier should be cleaned regularly. Baby skin should be kept hydrated by making the child drink water if the age is more than six months.
If you want the soft and healthy skin of the baby during the winter and all through the year, then you have to follow the above mention steps carefully. Care and caution are the only ways by which you can keep your baby healthy and happy.

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