Lessons of Life for a Toddler

Lessons of Life for a Toddler

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A toddler is a child within the age of one to three years. This is the period for a child where certain major development takes place. Each and every year of a growing child is crucial, however, for the toddlers; it is the most critical time for a child’s development of ability, confidence, and a sense of self-worth. This is the time when seventy-five percentage of brain development takes place. It is very much necessary for the parents to be conscious of what input are they putting in the child’s mind for giving Good Lessons of Life

• Simply Caring and Loving is not Enough:

Within the age of one to two years, alongside giving love, care and protection to your child, you also need to make a conscious effort to nurture their brain. This is the time when these small innocent creatures start their development into a thinking human being. A parent should put extra effort to feed some emotional and mental inputs that would help in the development period.

• Some negotiations might turn them Stubborn:

At the age of one to three years mind starts developing. However, they are yet to become rational minds. It is natural that a toddler won’t think like a full-grown, rational individual. There are certain times when you must not simply negotiate with them. However, there are certain moments when you need to pick up careful arguments to negotiate and settle with a good deal. These deals would teach toddlers life lessons. You simply need to understand if the negotiations have taught your toddler some valuable lessons. You should remember to argue like a parent, and not just to win the fight, but to teach them the lessons of life

• Not Negotiating makes them strong within:

There are certain times when you should simply not negotiate with your toddlers. This would teach your child to accept denials. Accepting denials in a positive way would help them to a great extent in the competitive world, and they will grow up to be mature humans. Denial in the negotiation would imprint deep in their mind that the world would not run according to someone’s whims and fantasies. However, the tone of denial should maintain love, care and encouragement. A harsh tone would otherwise put a negative impression on them affecting their growing self-esteem

• Lessons of Life for a Toddler: Sometimes smart negotiation works:

Negotiation works well when it is delivered to the children with a tonne of love and care. It is important for you to select where to negotiate and where not. Negotiation done with a toddler should be followed by choices. These choices develop a decision-making capability among toddlers. However, there are a few things that you need to take care while making negotiation with a toddler. You need to understand that the way you negotiate would help to shape up a personality. You should not negotiate as if you are just another toddler and not the parent. You need to simply get down to the thought process of your child and try nurturing logics while negotiation

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