Parenthood Tips for Young Parents

Parenthood Tips for Young Parents

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As our children grow, we too grow as parents! Raising a child does not have a defined procedure, there is no right or wrong, and there is no guarantee either that your child will turn out to be an astronaut or will be exactly as you pictured him or her to be. They may surprise you 10 years after you have left them at a boarding school, or when they graduate from a university. Parenthood is truly a blessing, but what we tend to forget is that we don’t always have to be perfect parents; It is important to be human and interact with our children the natural way, rather than in a predefined or pre-thought manner. Here are some parenting tips:

1. Parenthood: Value the Privilege

Children are a blessing, and that must not be forgotten. They are not a property or something you own. The worst thing you can do is to dominate your child’s natural progression or to curb their curiosity and enthusiasm. Nurture your child and accept their flaws as well as their good qualities.

2. Let Them Be:

Give your child his or her space, and let them develop in their own time. Don’t hold them back if all they want to do is paint all day, or play with bricks. Your child may not have your nature and may do something so different with his or her life that it may end up giving you a pleasant surprise. Watch from a distance and make sure they are safe, but let their thoughts and ideas develop on their speed.

3. True Love:

Candies, toys and the most expensive gadgets don’t equate to love. Loving your child means spending time with them, being there when they have had a bad day at school when they’ve lost or won a soccer match, or when they have failed in an exam. Taking them out for walks, indulging with them during ‘your’ free time can shape them into the person they will be tomorrow and forever after, so make it count.

4. Don’t rush them:

The one thing we can’t wait for is for our children to grow up and become something great. But you need to slow down and let your child grow the natural way. Don’t push them to participate in every single competition, and don’t put the pressure on them to achieve nothing but 100% in school. An A grade is just as good as a B or a C, as long as your child has worked hard to achieve it, and this is what you need to remember and remind them of as well every step of the way.

5. Be Friends And Not Dictators:

Stop making your child feel that he or she cannot come to you for anything and everything because you are the ‘parent’. It is crucial that you remain approachable for whatever problem your child encounters. He or she should feel elated to share the smallest of good news and to express the slightest bit of disdain whenever felt. Establish a healthy, loving and friendly relationship with your child based on mutual respect and admiration and Parenthood will be an enjoyable experience

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