Parenting Tips : Support Kids at Sport !

Parenting Tips : Support Kids at Sport !

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Sport is something where every single person should be interested in. May it be watching television or playing them. Sports not only keeps you physically fit and healthy but also helps maintain a proper metabolic rate. But some of the parents are against sports. They do not want their children to participate in any sport as they consider it a waste of time and only want their children to be academically active and not physically. This is where most of the parents make a mistake and need parenting Tips. A child should be allowed to take part in the sports as well or else proper development of their bones and body and brain will not take place.

A sort of “sports monster” appears on the parents when they see their child taking part it any of the sport. Most of the parents do not understand the need for physical exercise which leads them to react in an irrational manner. This not only de-motivates the children but they gradually lose interest in something which they used to like earlier. For teenagers or adults, sports can be one of the best time passes. If that is hampered, then they tend to get distracted and do inappropriate things which are not acceptable in society. But, a sport can be handled in a proper manner for both the kids as well as the adults if certain points are kept in mind.


Some points are listed below which  can be considered as Great Parenting Tips:

• Sport should not hamper family life. It should be kept as only a part of life but should not be put forward at the cost of your life.

• One should not be pressurised to win or participate in a particular sport. The person should be given a choice to do things with their will. A parent should only encourage and motivate but not get involved.

• The prime focus should be on the improvements and the effort, certainly not with the result. Learning is the most important thing, not winning.

• A child should be given more and more encouragement with good comments, so that remains enthusiastic to perform better the next time. Parent’s willingness or approval matters a lot in such cases.

• Sport can work as a big lesson for the children. They teach them how to solve the problems, work together, and also how to handle the situation if they do or do not win

The children should be encouraged but never forced to participate or even talk about it if they are not willing to do so.

• A parent can also act as a coach and teach the children how to develop certain positive attitudes, promote personal development and also learn several new skills. Winning should not be there in the list. That comes later on.

• Keeping keen interest in other children performing some sport also gives an idea to the parent about that particular sport.

• A child should be taught how to have attributes as well as mannerisms like a true sportsman, both while performing and even at home or anywhere else.

• The primary focus should be on learning instead of perfection, in fun instead of winning and in the teamwork instead of individual performance. The enjoyment in participation is crucial as that is the keyword to winning. Once they win something, they get the motivation to participate several other times as well.

Everybody wants their child to excel in every field, be it education or sports but none of them allows that to happen with an open heart. If the above parenting tips are kept in mind, and the child is allowed to participate in whichever sport he/she wishes too, there won’t be any more chaos or parental anxiety which usually takes place unnecessarily.

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