Protect  Kids from the Damages Caused by Holi Color

Protect Kids from the Damages Caused by Holi Color

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The loveliest of the season – spring has arrived, and with the season the most beautiful and cheerful festival Holi has also come. Now only colours will do all the talking. In this article, we talk about how to protect your kids from the harmful effects of Holi Color.

Holi and Children:

Kids are always more excited than older ones when it comes to celebrations. And, Holi is not an exception at all. As the day of Holi starts coming closer the excitement amongst kids is quite palpable, and it gets multiplied by the day. Right from purchasing the latest and most fashionable types of pichkari in the market to filling balloons with colours or water, children wait with the utmost eagerness. The excitement continues while selecting the colours and gulals of their favourite colour.

Safety First

As Holi is round the corner, it is completely natural for the parents to be apprehensive about the safety of their kids during Holi. You, as a parent, should start helping your kids understand the significance of a safe Holi play. Kids must also be aware of keeping up the true spirit and gaiety of this colourful festival. Teach them how to maintain safety during the celebrations.


Safety Tips for using Holi Color

Here are a few quick yet useful tips for maintaining safety on the day of Holi.

• Safe Holi Color: Purchase only natural or herbal colours for your kids so that no harm can be caused to their and others’ hair and skin. If entirely herbal colours and gulals are not possible to be bought then go for better quality colours. Always buy colours and gulals from reputed shops or vendors.

• Clothes: Cover your child’s body with full-sleeve clothes and with jeans or trousers that can cover their legs completely. You may even send them out covering their feet with socks. Cover their little head with a cap or a nice piece of scarf. These will give the ultimate protection to their skin and hair.

• Moisturising: Make sure that your kid’s face and body are well moisturised right before as well as after the play. You should oil your children’s hair and skin with good quality coconut oil or jojoba oil or oil based moisturisers. It will help keep harmful chemicals of colours away from damaging their skin and hair.

• Medicines: Keep necessary medicines or ointments handy just in case your kids are prone to skin allergies. Also, keep the contact number of your dermatologist so that you can call the doctor fast during an emergency.

• Sunglasses: Protecting the eyes of your little ones is extremely necessary. The harmful chemicals present in artificial colours, gulals are enough to cause lifelong damage. So, they should play Holi with some transparent sunglasses as it will protect their eyes not only from Holi colour but also from the sunlight.

• Dental caps: Colours often cause severe damages to teeth and leave stains on them for long. Cover the teeth of your kids with dental caps and forget the worry of damaged teeth.

• Not to throw balloons: Throwing water or colour filled balloons at others always brings forth the possibility of hurting. If not elders but children often get hurt by being thrown at liquid-filled balloons. So do not let your kids prepare or fill such balloons.

• Wash off well: When the kids are done with Holi, help them rinse off the colours well. If the colours stay on their skin and hair, those will inevitably cause damages. So, shampoo their hair and cleanse their body with your hands.

So, this Holi be more careful about the safety of your lovely kids and let them enjoy it to the fullest.

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