Revealing the Best Parenting Style !

Revealing the Best Parenting Style !

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The day you become a parent, you are assigned with the duty of parenting that is nurturing and rearing of your child. This can be considered as the most important as well as the most challenging task for the parents. Parenting does not only involve feeding and taking care of your child but also the way you help in promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and language development of your child.The Parenting Style of each parent is kind of different but all most try to give their best shot possible.


All the parents try to bring up their child in the best way possible; every parent has a different way of dealing with the child. The psychologists have talked about various parenting styles, and today in our article we are going to reveal the best out of them based on the researches, observations and experiences. Let’s just first get acquainted with all the parenting styles and then you will be able to identify the best parenting style out of them. Always remember that your parenting style significantly affects the subsequent mental health and well-being of your child.

What are the Different Parenting Styles?

There are various parenting styles that different parents undertake while dealing with their child. Earlier there were three parenting styles – authoritative, authoritarian and permissive or indulgent parenting style which were later followed by the fourth parenting style, neglected or uninvolved parenting.

Good Parenting

1.Authoritarian Parenting Style

“You will buy this toy only”, “you have to score above 90 %” these are some of the common statements used by the parents following authoritarian parenting style. This is the most rigid of all the parenting styles wherein children are seen but not heard which means that children of the parents who undertake such parenting style are neither heard nor included in family decisions. There are higher demands and expectations by the parents and less response to the children’s desires and choices. These parents have strict rules and regulations at home, and the children are supposed to obey all of them without asking any question. These parents may even give strict punishments to their children if they disobey in any manner. This style is mostly used by working-class families than the middle class.

These parents have all the authority of taking decisions, and they do not involve their wards in any decision-making. Such children may become hostile and aggressive, they hesitate in asking anything, and as a result, they have lower self-esteem and confidence, when they go out, they are not able to take initiatives and may face problems in making decisions.

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2.Permissive or indulgent Parenting Style

If you only step into your ward’s life when needed and you do not interfere in his/her life, then you may be tilted as a permissive parent. Parents following this style believe in complete freedom and self-reliance of their wards. The parents neither have high demands nor much expectations from their wards. This is most commonly used by the families where both the mothers and the fathers are working, and they do not have time to waste on asking questions, and they just say yes to most of the things.

These parents play the role of a friend more than that of a parent. Parents do not believe in giving punishments to their wards, and they often give in when the child promises to be good and nice.

Parents should not put extra restrictions and regulations on their wards, but if there are no controlled and well-maintained regulations which nowhere means dominating attitude of the parent, the wards may get into a serious problem that can be academic, emotional or social. Since children do not get any guidance from their parents as the parents do listen to them but they rely on their (ward’s)choice and do not guide them about their poor and wrong choices, the children feel free to do anything, and there are higher chances of delinquency.

Good Parenting

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3Authoritative Parenting Style

“You do what you feel like, I’m there to help and assist you” if you can relate to this quote, you are an authoritative parent. There are clearly established rules in the family, but reasonable exceptions are always there.

“I want to take admission in web designing institute,” says your ward and you reply “ there’s hardly any scope, you will take admission in a medical college only” if this conversation ever took place between you and your ward then you might not be an authoritative parent.

Authoritative parents play the role of a friend when you discuss your personal issues with them, but at the same time, they guide and assist you in the best way possible for you. They play the dual role of a friend and a parent. This style is said to be the best parenting style among all of the styles. Children of such parents are open to their parents, and they discuss, take guidance and assistance from their parents. When children have a maximum reach to the guidance of their parents, they become more aware as well as alert about the happenings and issues around the world, they are more confident, focused, and the children have high self-esteem and confidence.

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4.Neglected or uninvolved Parenting Style

Do you ask your child about his/her day in school or college? Do you observe if he/she is sad or happy??if you do that’s appreciable but if you don’t then that’s something to be thought of! This is all about this parenting style, the parents following this style, do not give much attention to their wards, and they are so busy that they don’t give proper time and attention to the children.

Just like the permissive parenting style, here also there are no established rules and regulations for the children and the parents expect their children to raise themselves.

They don’t devote much time and energy in their children’s raising, and as a result, the child may not have a fear of committing any crime or any such wrong things.

The children are found to be poor in academics, and they may be less social. Thus, it is the foremost duty of the parents to raise their children in such a way that whatever their children do is socially acceptable.

Let’s figure out how the Best Parenting Style is determined:

-Include the child in decision making

-Help, guide and assist the child in making a decision

-Encourage the child to share their personal issues with you

-Do not compare your child with others(link of the article on this)

-Try to be involved in your child’s daily life

-Listen to your child

-Treat your child with respect

-Inculcate good manners in your child

-Use appropriate words and language in front of your child

-Avoid having arguments with your spouse in front of your child

-Have clearly established rules but in an authoritative manner

-Play the role of a friend and a parent at the same time

-Let your child take their decisions under your guidance and assistance

-Never make your child feel that he/she can not do anything

-Gradually introduce your child to the societal norms

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Parenting is a process which begins with the birth and continues from infancy to adulthood. The process of parenting can be made a bit easier if we take care of few things like listening to your child, giving importance to their opinions, taking care of their needs, giving proper attention to them and most importantly treating them with respect.

Just try to apply these super little tips in your daily life and see remarkable huge differences and wish you all Happy Parenting

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