Stop Bribing Your Kids All the Time

Stop Bribing Your Kids All the Time

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Bribing your Kids- A Quick Fix

Bribing children is quite a common thing among parents when they want something to happen their way. Bribery occurs for various purposes like completing homework, behaving nicely, or even for sitting quietly. Bribery is a swift fix to troubles which parents look for, but it never really helps the baby achieve long-term success. They fail to be motivated; instead, they regularly wait for external attractions like bribes.

What Parents Think

In the present scenario when most of the parents are working-They are guilty of not being able to spend time with their kids. So, they try mitigating that guilt by providing things to their kids. Usually, parents think that the children’s habit of getting rewards will gradually fade away as they grow up. But this is a false notion as greed always multiplies with time. Sometimes, parents use bribery to teach the kids a certain responsibility. But bribery is different from teaching your children about responsibilities. If you think that bribery will help you make your kids grow up as good and responsible human beings, then you are wrong. They must be handled with maturity and love to grow up being a worthy member of society.

Are Bribes and Rewards Same?

Many parents keep wondering as to what is the difference between reward and a bribe and also the big question as to whether there is any difference between them at all! Well, the answer is Yes-Both of them are the same! In both cases, the kid wants and urges to get something which is not readily available to them. The Kid is receiving something for doing what their parents want them to do and what they do not usually do on their free will. The word ‘reward’ may sound less provocative but is as harmful as a bribe.

Real Side of Bribery

Though bribery seems quite harmless, it teaches kids to look for rewards for basic activities or behaviour. Bribe, be it small or big, teach children poor life lessons. And as parents-You would surely regret bribing your kids in the long run. Bribes fall short in teaching your offspring respect and responsibilities. It will help grow temper tantrums in them along with ill behaviours like nagging, yelling, pleading, etc.

Ways to Cease Bribing

•A deal of game: Instead of rewarding your kids for getting something done, make a deal with some educational yet fun games like jumbled words, construction of new words, chess, etc.

•A storytelling session: Avoid bribing kids with money or costly games and tell your children that you will lull them to sleep by telling a story of their choice.

•A visit to relatives: Ask your child to do something good and promise a trip to their cousin’s or grandparents’ house. You can use this clever trick to help grow your child into a family person.

•Nutritious food: A little bribery of nutritious food can sometimes be allowed.

As responsible parents, try to avoid bribes to your little ones for their own good in future. Every time your lovely kids ask for what they will get in return for doing something, tell them that they will become a good person and be a part of a Happy Family. You just need to treat them with love and care to eliminate the habit of getting bribes.

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