Tackling Examinations Smartly

Tackling Examinations Smartly

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Tests and Kids

The month of December is the time for tackling examinations and tests for the school goers. Kids in pre-primary to mid primary schools, too cannot skip these exams.

At present times, exams are looming for various secondary school students. Examinations are one method for any teacher to understand what the students have learned. Through tests, kids learn multiple study skills, learn from their errors, and they also learn how to handle the unknown or less known things; that too in purely academic settings.

Responsibilities of Parents

Practice and preparations can make children feel not only equipped but also prepared for handling tests. Hence, parents are the sole responsibility holders at home to prepare their kids accordingly so that their little ones are not afraid during exams. Help your children rely on their strength and abilities and to put in their best efforts. Try boosting your kids’ confidence level in their abilities. As parents, you should also try to increase your children’s level of concentration and attention.

Ways to Improve Concentration Level

Children usually have difficulties concentrating on different tasks especially in school work such as preparing projects, writing exams, doing sums, etc. But you can increase the concentration power of your kids. You may try doing that in the following ways:

Minimize distraction: Providing your child with a desirable place which is quiet helps in the improvement of the kids’ concentration. Children usually do not develop the same amount of ability as any adult in screening out all sorts of distractions. Have your children practice reading in different sorts of environment. Take them to the library and let them practice reading without making noise and without focusing on anything else.

Exercises: Both physical, as well as mental exercises, are of great importance to help boost up the concentration of your children. Each kid should exercise for at least 30 minutes every single day to grow positive energies and fitness. Such exercises can be a mere soccer match, swimming, or even playing basketball. You can also try playing exciting board games which not only stimulate but also encourage the kids in putting the focus on certain tasks. These mental exercises help them think in a strategic manner.

Healthy food: Healthy diet can make your kids do far better on their tests because nutritious food helps in growing concentration level. Whole grains, fresh vegetables, and healthy fruits increase the functioning of the brain.But children usually have a higher intake of saturated fats, sugary food, and highly processed food. So, kindly avoid such food items.

Daily routine: Prepare a set of work for your little ones as their daily routine. Having a certain ritual of particular things for your children to do will surely help them get into the pattern, and those patterns help children know what will happen next.This will help your kids in focusing on different matters individually without making haste.

Games: Engage your children in useful yet interesting games which help in increasing attention level. Ask them to look at a certain thing continuously and tell them that the one who keeps looking for the longest period, wins the game. They will join the game with much eagerness and will enjoy it thoroughly.

Meditation: Take help of different ways of meditation and find out which one may work best for your kid. You may ask him to imagine a triangle with his eyes closed and draw it on a piece of paper with closed eyes only. This is a guaranteed way of increasing attention level.

Remember, sometimes kids get too nervous to write their examinations in spite of putting in a lot of effort.If a kid comes out of this phobia associated with tests, success will be all theirs.

Apply the ways mentioned above to make them successful in life

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