Ways to Develop Reading Skills in Children

Ways to Develop Reading Skills in Children

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A recent survey done by the UN Education Agency revealed one of the most shocking conditions of children’s education. They have stated that almost 250 million pupils in primary schools are still unable to read or write in the proper way. To fix it, the thing which is needed most is inculcating reading habits in children. Though we try to encourage reading habits in different ways, following some specific scientific methods could offer optimum results. Here are the ten most convenient methods which have enough capability to inculcate and develop reading skills in children:

1. Interesting as well as illustrated Books:

Gathering interest in the mind of the children is the utmost thing which can help you to reach the goal. For this reason, you have to always provide books for children which have interesting and colourful pictures along with the illustration in clear language.

2. Start reading simultaneously with your Kids:

Instead of ordering the child to read a specific portion of the book, if you read the book in your free time simultaneously with your kids that will surely grow more interest in your kid’s mind. So, you have to fix a specific time in your daily schedule and read with your kids during that time.

3. Discuss the Book that your Child usually reads:

You should take an opinion about the presentation as well as the language of the book. This will help you to realise whether the book seems to be difficult for your child or not. If your child is not comfortable with the book, then you should explain everything in the book in lucid language.

4. Begin with the Books which are easy to understand and Interesting too:

Don’t give any books to your child that is either boring or hard to understand. This will decrease the interest of reading in your child. At first start with the books which are funny and written in the simplest language. Such books are perfect for children who do not attend school yet.

5. Give importance to the interest of your Children:

Don’t force your children to read something which he/she does not like. Pay importance to topics which belong to the child’s area of interest. This method can only grow the interest in your child’s mind.

6. Buy new attractive Books for your Children to Improve Reading Skills:

It is known that every child is fond of several kinds of video which are available in the market. But playing these video games will surely not increase the habit of reading. So you have to give your child new attractive books on the topics which he/she likes every month. This will indirectly increase his/her habit of reading within a short period.

7. Keep all the Books Handy:

Children always have a curiosity about any new things. Instead of keeping books out of reach of your children, you should keep a different kind of books around your child. This will make your child curious about the content of the books which ultimately makes him/her motivated about the books.

8. Visit library or kid’s bookstore with your children:

To make your children motivated about books and improve their reading skills, you should make him/her exposed to the different kinds of kid’s books. For this reason, it is better to visit any library as well as bookstores. As the kid’s section of the bookstores contains several kinds of interesting books, this will surely grow interest about those books in the mind of your children within a short span of time.

9. Motivate your Child to read different kinds of reading Materials:

The area of reading of a child should not be confined to a few reading books. He/she should be given enough opportunity to read several kinds of reading materials such as newspapers, comic books, magazines, story books, etc. This will not only help him to gather more knowledge but also improves reading skills.

10. Interactive reading is the Best Way:

Apart from methodical reading, you should provide your child with the experience of interactive reading. As interactive reading is fun as well as enjoyable, this will not make your child bored while reading. You should allow your child to gather experience through open question sessions as well as through role play and storytelling.
If you see that your child does not like to read books or does not have enough interest in studies, then this is the right time for you to make a significant change in your child’s reading habit. Don’t be worried about the lack of interest just try to follow the steps mentioned above correctly.

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