Yoga for Kids to Enhance Mental and Physical Development

Yoga for Kids to Enhance Mental and Physical Development

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Since ages, yoga has been practised not only by sages but also by common people. In fact, the development stage that is the adolescent period is best to exercise yoga practices. Yoga for kids is a good step to educate children about a proper and healthy lifestyle. The set of exercises brings harmony to mind and body and leads to proper coordination of both from the very beginning. On the other hand, when you teach something playfully the kids remember it for a lifetime.

Yoga for Kids: Ten Best Yoga Asana that can benefit Children:

1. Adho Mukha-savasana

The position which elaborates a dog like structure and consequent lifting of the middle portion of the body as high as possible keeping head down and then tiptoeing for a while stretches the muscles and oxygenates the whole body. Arms and legs must be straight forming an angle at the waist.

2. Ardha Chandrasana

The kids bend their body standing straight pulling their arms up holding each other. The asana shape resembles the shape of the crescent moon. It relaxes the back muscles and increases flexibility.

3. Vriksasana

The posture is like a tree with a leg up and placed on the other in standing position, and the hands closed together to do a namaskar. The kids first find it hard to maintain the balance, but practice can bring concentration and body balance.


4. Tadasana

Yoga for kids is an excellent way to increase concentration. This excellent posture where a kid stands straight and palms closed to do a ‘namaskar’ and legs touching each other in an attention position closing their eyes to concentrate.

5. Uttanasana

The posture includes standing first and bending the knees to hold the feet with the palms and touching the head to the knees by bending the waist down. The hamstrings are relaxed and reverse blood flow to oxygenate tight muscles.

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6. Ananda Balasana

It is lying on the back and holding the feet with the palms like a baby. It stretches the back muscles and relaxes the spine.

7. Baddha Konasana

The posture where the kid holds their feet with the palm while sitting straight and lifting the knees to form a butterfly-like a pose. The feet look like an open book. It stretches the hip and relaxes the thighs.

8. Balasana

The position where a child sits on the folded legs and then stoops down stretching the arms as far as possible and head touching the ground is called Balasana.

9. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

First, the kid lies down in a normal Shavasana position and then lifts the waist by bending the knees upwards keeping the arms straight and head both touching the ground.

10. Shavasana

The last one is everyone’s favourite where the kid has to pretend like a dead body and stay calm lying on the ground with hands and legs parallel to each other and breathe normally.

Yoga for Kids keeps mind calm and body relaxed. As Kids are mischievous and need to be recharged, these exercises can keep them a lot. The digestive system works fine, and concentration becomes higher. A fit body leads to a higher confidence level and also encourages them to remain active. In fact, they can handle stress better and do their chores easily.

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