Quick Recipes for Kids

Quick Recipes For Kids To Deal With Their Tantrums

09-03-2018   |  

Is your child a fussy eater? Does your child leave the plate incomplete? Are you worried how will your child meet up with the necessary nutrient requirements? This is the everyday story and questions that parents ponder about. Every house has that messy child who throws up tantrums at the dining table. [google_add] The solution to this is giving eye-catching foods and exciting names. If I tell a diabetic patient that it’s an idli, he will. Read more...

Surprising Ways to make your Baby Love Vegetables

Surprising Ways to make your Baby Love Vegetables

26-05-2017   |  

We all know that growth in infants is essential and during the transition period that is while they are leaving breastfeeding they have to consume solid foods including vegetables. But, mothers have to face a tough time while including vegetables in their diet as babies love sweeter taste than a sour one. But, for proper nutrition as well as extraction of vitamins and minerals from the food, vegetables should be consumed by babies. Parents have t. Read more...


The Best Winter Fruits for Your Kids

27-01-2016   |  

Winter happens to be the party season. It comes with snow and cold (chilly) weather. The vacations, Christmas, and New Year all these make winter one of the best seasons of the year. However, it also makes you fall sick, catches a cold, cough and have a fever. Due to the weather, light and temperature changes during winter, different physical as well as psychological changes take place in one’s body. And because you cannot (or should not) stop . Read more...


What is Obesity

19-11-2015   |  

Obesity is a condition wherein the weight of a person is substantially more as compared to the median weight of people in that age group. Modern innovations in science and technology have bestowed us with many luxuries and comforts in our life but it has imparted many illnesses as well which have become a menace to human life, and obesity is one of the severest ailment of them. Obesity is not assumed as a disease usually, but it is the root of al. Read more...

Constipation in Babies

Constipation In Babies: Signs, Causes And Cures

17-10-2015   |  

Motherhood brings about significant changes in the lives of a family, in fact, everyone remains surrounded with new joy and happiness of welcoming a new member to the house, but there are certain apprehensions and fears about the proper care and nurturing of the little soul. These might include palpitations for the best serving of the baby and keeping a check on their minute affairs and most importantly rearing them with very gentle and experienc. Read more...

picky eaters

Solve Feeding Problems with Picky Eaters

14-08-2015   |  

Feeding Trouble with Kids Do you experience problems feeding your children? Do your kids happily eat up some particular food but disagree to have the nutritious ones? Do not worry at all because this is the trouble faced by most of the parents. Parents dream that their babies will be emptying their bottles or dishes on the go, but this hardly happens. Do not get worried because there is always a solution to every problem. Trouble in fee. Read more...

Benefits of eating dried fruits & nuts during pregnancy

Benefits of eating dried Fruits & Nuts during Pregnancy

02-08-2015   |  

There are a lot of benefits of eating dried fruits & nuts during pregnancy. The immense benefits of eating the same are hereby illustrated. Benefits of eating dried Fruits & Nuts during Pregnancy : Dried fruits and nuts have always remained a good source of essential vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and many others. Let us discuss- what are these essential vitamins, which make up these dried fruits and nuts so he. Read more...

iron rich foods

How can I get Iron Rich Foods for my Toddler ?

17-07-2015   |  

The food habits of toddlers are a major concern for their parents. It sometimes becomes very difficult to include all the proper nutrients and essential minerals in their diet so that the child is nourished properly. Toddlers are themselves not aware of the required food substituents for maintaining a healthy body, so their consuming habits must be kept in check by their parents. They must include all the important elements needed for their devel. Read more...