What your Kids are Watching on the Television

03-05-2022   |  

Television and TV programming have increasingly become smarter and interactive during the last few years due to the influence of revolutionary information technology which helped television get rid of the so-called title of the idiot box. But are you aware of the fact that intelligent TV programming can, in turn, have a very negative impact on your kids if you (parents) let them watch whatever they want to? Most of the kids nowadays are excess. Read more...

Foster Creativity In Your Kids

6 Secrets To Foster Creativity In Your Kids!

01-06-2019   |  

Many parents think that creativity is an inborn talent, but actually, it is more skill than innate talent and this is why you should know these secrets to foster creativity in your kids. All children are not equally intelligent. Similarly, all children are not equally creative! Do not expect your child to develop this skill on their own, you as a parent can do so much to foster their creativity. Children are natural innovators with powerful imagi. Read more...

Parenting Mistakes

8 Common Parenting Mistakes You Should Avoid!

16-09-2017   |  

Parenting is not easy, and it is more than caring and rearing of the child. Every parent has a different way and style of dealing with the child. Some parents follow the authoritative style whereas others might follow the authoritarian or neglected or maybe the permissive style of parenting. Some parents believe in complete freedom of the child,. Read more...

Best Ways to Deal with Teenagers

9 Effective Ways to Deal with Teenagers

29-08-2017   |  

What is the age of your child? Is it between thirteen and nineteen? That means he/she is a teenager. Every teenager o goes through a difficult time in their life during this stage. Sometimes they display negative attitudes such as defiance against authority, rule-breaking, and aggression. In order to deal with these issues in teens, there are some essentials which a parent or even teachers need to follow. But before that let us know the changes w. Read more...

Meals For your Preschooler

Making innovative Meals For your Preschooler

25-08-2017   |  

The preschool age is a period of rapid growth and development, and thus, the nutritional needs are high per unit body weight, as compared to the older child. For satisfactory growth and development, giving proper nutrition to the children is highly important. Nutrients should be well balanced between the meals, and there should be adequate energy and good quality protein in the daily diet. Make sure you give sufficient importance to some particul. Read more...

Quit Sugar

Tips To Save Your Child From Blue Whale Menace!

19-08-2017   |  

“The suicide game” or the Blue Whale Challenge has created a sense of panic among parents. Believing or not believing in the rumours about this online game is completely your decision, but we can not ignore what we are hearing and reading in the news almost every day. The game is suspected to be linked with many suicides among teenagers, and this is why we have tried to sum up these basic but some very important tips to save your child from B. Read more...

Thumb Sucking Habit in Kids

What you Need to Know About Thumb Sucking Habit in Kids !

24-07-2017   |  

Thumb Sucking Habit in Kids and the Possible ways to Change It? Many kids have the thumb sucking habit, and it sometimes becomes challenging for the parents to break this habit. Thumb sucking is very common in kids, and Doctors say that children develop this habit to calm down, feel good or to fall asleep. [google_add] Why do Kids develop Thumb Sucking Habit? Babies have natural rooting and sucking reflexe. Read more...

Raising a Happy Child

The Best Ways of Raising a Happy Child

14-07-2017   |  

Have you ever asked your parents what they want for you and they have replied with “Happiness”? If yes, then this article is for you!. All parents want the same for their children. They want their children to love others and be loved by them, follow their dreams, be passionate about something, to be successful, be healthy, etc. Mostly, they want a happy child, and this is what exactly you want for your child. But can you control your child’. Read more...