Beauty Tips for Skin Care in Winters for Teenagers

Beauty Tips for Skin Care in Winters for Teenagers

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Teenage is the most precious period in everyone’s life which is filled with beauty and brightness and one experiences significant hormonal changes during this time which affects the skin to a great extent. Menarche is usually followed by some hormones changes which are responsible for the outbreak of pimples, pigmentation as well as acne too. For this reason, there are some Beauty Tips for Skin care which needs to be followed after the occurrence of menarche.

Climatic changes along with hormonal changes can play havoc on the skin. The harsh dry winds of winter affect the skincare of teenagers significantly. Problems like itchy elbows, chapped lips as well as dry broken skins are very common during this time of the year. Many are forced to stay indoors to stay protected from the dry winds of the winter. But this is not the perfect remedy. Check out the following Beauty Tips for Skin care to get 360-degree protection from the discomforts of the winter and have glowing soft skin.

Here are some Refreshing Beauty Tips for Skin

Cleansing: The preliminary step which needs to be followed to keep skin healthy in the winter is cleansing. The skin pores get clogged owing to the appearance of menarche. Proper and timely cleaning can help tackle this problem. So the importance of the cleansing increases among the teens around this time.

Beauty products: Beauty products play a vital role in skin care. That’s why the branded beauty products need to be chosen which can provide the optimum result without any side effects. As the skin gets dry during the winter, selecting products with a moisturiser base should be chosen to avoid dryness.

• Avoid cosmetics: Regular use of cosmetics should be avoided as this is one of the most important reasons behind the growth of acne and pimples. It is highly recommended to avoid harsh chemicals strictly if you want to keep your skin healthy. Light makeup and proper cleaning and moisturising can help you look pretty and attractive through the winter months.

Exfoliation: Exfoliation refers to the specific cleaning process which helps to keep one’s skin fresh as well as soft by removing the dead skin cells. But if you have acne or pimples on your skin then don’t follow the exfoliation process scrupulously. Keep the skin clean, but too much rubbing can hurt the pimples.

Use moisturiser: In the winters, the skin gets dry and several problems arise which are associated with the extreme dryness. If you want to avoid it, moisturise the skin properly so that it remains soft and supple the whole day. The application of moisturiser right after bathing can provide you with maximum protection.

• Winter costumes: Choosing the right kind of winter wear can help you to keep your skin healthy. As the skin gets dried easily because of the cold winds, it is best to wear costumes which not only offer a trendy look but also covers the maximum part of your body to prevent direct exposure to the cold winds.

• Treat chapped lips: Chapped lips are a common problem for every teenager. This occurs owing to the exposure of the lips to cold weather and skin drying. Keeping the lips moist can help prevent the occurrence of chapped lips. Use a branded lip balm whenever the lips get dry. If you have a habit of licking them stop it immediately because they make the lips even more prone to cracking. If possible, cover the lower half of your face with a scarf while going out to protect it from cold winds.

Effective Home Remedies for Dry and Chapped Lips

Stay hydrated: The skins get dried in the winters. If you want to avoid this, try drinking a considerable amount of water. It not only helps to keep the skin hydrated but also acts as a natural moisturiser. This should be done consciously because owing to the cold; people tend to feel less thirsty than usual.

• Beauty Tips for Skin care : Take short showers and stay away from a long steamy shower event though it can provide you with a lot of comforts in the winter, it is not recommended. Bathing for a long time with hot water can wash away the natural oils of your body which add to the dryness of your skin. Therefore you should always take a steamy shower for a shorter period. Using mild and unscented soap is likely to offer more protection against the dryness.

Teenage is the best time of one’s life even in spite of the pimples and raging hormones. Enjoy the joy and adventure even in the winter. Just take care of your skin so that the skin remains clean and soft. Sitting at home is never an option for a teenager. Just follow the above mentioned simple Beauty Tips for Skin care and enjoy the life to the fullest even in the winter as if it was summer.

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