Cleansing,Toning & Moisturization for a Healthy Skin!

Cleansing,Toning & Moisturization for a Healthy Skin!

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With our skin being exposed to various types of pollution and harmful toxins, it may seem very difficult to maintain healthy skin. But following a regular skincare routine can keep your skin protected from all these external toxins and keep your skin glowing. An ideal skincare routine includes cleansing, toning and moisturising i.e. CTM. Following CTM twice a day can help your skin maintain its healthy balance with the removal of toxins, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

The Steps for Cleansing, Toning & Moisturization

The first step to CTM is cleansing. Cleansing involves removal of dirt, oil and grime from your skin with the help of a cleanser. Dry skin beauties can use a lotion-based cleanser while oily-skinned can opt for an oil-free cleanser. Raw milk acts as an amazing natural cleanser too. To cleanse your skin, wet your face with some lukewarm water as the water opens up the pores for deep cleansing. Massage the cleanser for 30 to 40 seconds at least and then rinse it off. After rinsing off, you can use cold water for the last rinse to seal the open pores. If you wish to exfoliate your skin, then use a scrub for the process right after the cleansing process. After exfoliation, you can rinse your face with cold water.

The second step to CTM involves toning the skin. Toner removes any final traces of the cleanser and shrinks the pores of your skin. Toning hydrates your skin and prepares it for moisturization. Never use a toner that contains alcohol. Alcohol strips your skin of its natural oils. Rosewater is the most conventional toner used. Dab some toner onto a cotton ball and gently rub it across your face for a toned effect. One can create a special toner for acne-prone skin by using green tea and tea –tree oil solution. Such homemade toners are not only effective but also free from chemicals.

Moisturizing is the final part of the CTM process. A good moisturiser hydrates your skin, nourishes it, and helps it to heal without clogging the pores. Take a pea-sized amount of moisturiser and massage it into your skin. This improves the blood circulation of the skin and gives you a glow. Moisturisers prevent fine lines and prevent dry and itchy skin. People who have dry skin can use heavy moisturisers while oily and combination skin type can use oil-free or gel-based moisturisers.

CTM helps in keeping your skin clean and away from any element that can affect it adversely. Apart from CTM, some more healthy habits need to be followed for the perfect skin tone. Firstly one should drink loads of water to clear the system internally. Secondly, if you are too tired for CTM at the end of the day, keep wet tissue wipes handy to clean up your makeup; it will be as effective as cleansing for a lazy day. Thirdly, give up junk food so that your skin doesn’t have to bear the side-effects of oil-fried rich food from the market.

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