Few Handy Tips on Beauty over 50 for Women

Few Handy Tips on Beauty over 50 for Women

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The 50s is the time when our skin starts getting loose and fine lines, and wrinkles start saying “Hello”. Maintaining Beauty over 50 can be complicated as you move into a new phase of beauty with time and so your skincare and makeup patterns must also evolve with time. So, here are some makeup tips on Beauty over 50 for women which you must know if you are above the age of 50 or about to enter your 50’s.

Tips on Beauty over 50 for Women

1. Take care of your Skin

Healthier the skin is, the better your makeup looks on it and that way you don’t need much of makeup. Common but significant steps while taking care of your skin involve
• Regular moisturization,

• Using retinol based products to hide fine lines and wrinkles,

• Exfoliation to remove any dead skin to make your skin appear softer and smoother,

• Applying sunscreen to avoid pigmentation, sun spots and blemishes.

• Also, make it a point to remove your makeup before you go to bed.

2. Say a ‘’NO’’ to Foundations

You cannot keep using the same foundation that you used to use in your 20s and 30s because your skin is not the same anymore. It has loosened and therefore, you cannot go heavy on the foundation. Use a CC cream as it covers the skin imperfections here and there very well, improves the texture of your skin and covers up the pores. It also gives your face a dewy look.

3. “NO” to Face Powder

Too much face powder can make your skin look flaky and drier than it has become due to ageing. Just add a little bit on your T zone and tip of the nose to avoid the oily shine.

4. Plump Your Lips

The lips get thinner as you age. Nothing works better than a hint of lipgloss over lipstick on your lips when you are over 50 years of age.


5. Add a little Colour on your Cheeks

This is our favourite Beauty over 50 5tip. Just a slight hint of colour on the cheek apples can brighten up your face but remember not to go overboard. It should not be evident that you are wearing blush.

6. Curl your Lashes

Yes, do not forget your eyelashes. Curl them with a curler, apply some mascara and you are good to go. This will make your eyelashes pop. Also, use black mascara to make the whites of your eyes look brighter. Use a tinted primer if there’s still a need.

7. Use Pencil Liners

Say bye to liquid liners or any shiny product as Beauty over 50 needs some extra TLC. They may look harsh on your skin. Switch to pencil liners and create soft lines using the product. Smudge it if you don’t like to define.

8. Maintain your Eyebrows

Well defined brows make you look younger. Use a brow pencil to make your eyebrows look fuller. Use a spooly to brush them. Do not draw thin lines instead of filling them. Also, avoid over-plucking your brows as the brow hair do not grow very fast.

Eye Makeup Pictures

9. Illuminate and Contour

One of our favourite Beauty over 50 tip is this one. Highlighters and illuminators are not made just for younger women. If you are in your 50s, you can also play with highlighting your features. Also, contouring is a game changer, and you must contour the essential areas in your face such as your T-zone, jawline, nose tip and apples of your cheeks. If you don’t want to go overboard with it, take a little amount of it in your hand and mix it with your cream or lotions. This way you will do it, and it will look like you haven’t done anything at the same time.

10. Natural is the Best

Less is more when you are in the 50s. Do not just use too much of products on your face. Try to go minimal with your makeup to not destroy the elegance of your face. Keep it as natural and light as possible.

These were our tips on looking your best when you have crossed your 50s and maintaining Beauty over 50. We hope that you find this article helpful and interesting and should you need to consult a Dermatologist-Find the best ones right here.

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