Honey Hair Masks

Honey Hair Mask: The Perfect Remedy for Boosting Hair Growth!

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Do you feel terrible when you see hair falling out in clumps while combing? Yes, you do of course. I know it is quite disheartening to see a bunch of hair lying on the pillow every morning after you wake up. But is there something we can do to save ourselves from this torment? Well, there is something we can do to beat hair fall and boost hair growth. Yes, honey hair mask is the solution to all the hair fall problems. Let’s dig deeper! [goog. Read more...

Hair Serums

Hair Serums 101: What Do They Do and The Best Ones Out There

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Hair Serums are something most people do not know about. You must have seen various celebrities featuring in ads for products that can instantly turn frizzy, dry and dull hair into beautiful, smooth, silky and voluminous hair and wondered what that is; it is a Hair Serum- the solution to all your hair problems (well, most of them).  Some products are designed to fulfil the needs of people keeping in mind their convenience. Some people have busy . Read more...

Tips to Prevent Kajal from Smudging

4 Useful Tips to Prevent Kajal from Smudging!

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Every girl loves to have appealing, dark and stunning eyes, isn’t it? Who doesn’t crave to possess them? Of course, we all are mad for those intense eyes! The right application of kajal can be the easiest way to achieve them! We see pictures of intensely lined eyes with perfectly applied kajal, but you know what happens when we try to replicate the same! We can understand how it feels when you get ready for a party or event, and you want to h. Read more...

Make Natural Body Scrub

Top 8 Easy & Quick Ways to Make a Natural Body Scrub at Home

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There is no girl on this planet who does not want to have beautiful skin. But getting a gorgeous, glowing skin is not a one day task. You need to religiously practice skin care tips to keep skin problems at bay and get a healthy, smooth skin. One of the easiest and best ways to get a healthy skin is using body scrubs. And there is no need to visit a Beauty Salon every time you need to scrub your body. There are many ways to make a natural body sc. Read more...

Makeup Wipes

Love Makeup Wipes? Here’s Why they Could Be Bad for Skin

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Makeup wipes came to the fashion scene with the usual hoopla associated with new products in the industry. They were claimed to be convenient, easy and nourishing for the skin and riding on the buzz generated through these claims they did create a market for themselves. These claims weren't entirely false but do the makeup wipes trade healthy skin for convenience? It is essential to remove makeup every night before retiring to your bed. Othe. Read more...

Get Rid of Pimple Holes

7 Easy and Quick Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pimple Holes

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Well, everyone is so scared of pimples that the word can cause shivers and goosebumps. Pimples can be so embarrassing that you might start avoiding going out! People even get emotionally stressed due to pimples, and their self-esteem and confidence are also affected. However, there are some home remedies and medical treatments available to treat pimples, but the worst thing about pimples is the visible pimple holes they leave on the face which ca. Read more...

Get Rid of Dark Underarms

10 Interesting Ways to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

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Have you stopped wearing sleeveless clothes because you are embarrassed by your underarms? Don’t you worry; there is good news for you! There are a few natural remedies that can help you get rid of dark underarms in no time. Want to know what these remedies are? Keep Reading! Before we dig deeper into the remedies to lighten dark underarms, let us first understand the major causes of dark underarms. Some of the leading causes of dark underar. Read more...

Rice Water for Hair

Want Shiny, Strong and Healthy Hair? Use Rice Water for Hair!

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Do you love eating rice? I am sure most of you do! Rice is a staple food in many regions, and its lovely taste has made people make it a part of their daily diet. But what if I told you that rice could be used for hair care too? Surprised, right? Well, don’t be! Rice water is loaded with nutrients that are highly beneficial for your hair. So, next time you boil rice, do not throw the water away. Read on to learn the benefits of rice for hair an. Read more...