Skin Care Myths

Five Skin Care Myths And Facts

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From cleansing, scrubbing, and moisturising to tips and tricks to keep your youthful glow, how do you separate skincare fact from fiction? Consider the following five Skin Care Myths Debunked: Myth: You don’t need sunscreen when you’re in the shade! Fact: Shady spots and cloudy days give no protection from UV rays. B. Read more...

Skin TIps

Healthy Skin Tips for Women

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Beauty may only be skin-deep, but taking care of your body’s largest organ can make you feel good to the core! Here are some tips to help you have Skin Tips for a Healthy  and Glowing skin: Avoid Long Hot Showers Take advantage of the warmer weather and try cooling down or speeding up your showers. Hot water can remove the natural oils. Read more...

Myths and Facts about Acne

Myths and Facts about Acne

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We all get breakouts from time to time, and there’s no shortage of folk wisdom about how to handle them. Let’s debunk 5 common myths about acne and get to the clear truth. Myths and Facts about Acne Myth: Direct sunlight helps clear up acne. Fact: You may think that sun exposure will help dry up your face, but excess sunlight can irritate your skin and cause it's symptoms. Myth: Scrubbing . Read more...

Dark Underarms

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms

28-10-2015   |   677 View(s)

Dark under arms is one of the common problems and can lead to embarrassment in public when exposed. It happens due to lot of reasons like tanning, over sweating, shaving and using of hair removal creams. In this scenario, it becomes difficult for us to deal with pigmentation of under arms. Here are some of the best natural ways to get rid of dark underarms. 1. Potato power You would have never thought that potato can b. Read more...


Taking care of your Fingernails

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It is said that one who is healthy from nail to nail is stronger and has better immunity than others. You take care of your whole body with precision but somehow miss the nails. How will you judge the condition of your fingernails? If you are aware of the abnormalities of a fingernail and careful enough, then you can avoid a lot of undesirable conditions. How to check Normality of a Nail? Your finger nail is composed o. Read more...

Beat Ageing

Beat Ageing with Few Simple Tips

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Aeging is an inevitable process. Advances in science have not yet been able to discover ways to control the signs of aging. However, certain lifestyle modifications can help you in the process of delaying the biological clock. Here are a few tips which will keep you fit and fine and slow down the aeging process. 1. Eat less, feel better: As soon as you skip your diet, your body generates comparatively lesser free radi. Read more...

Beautiful Smile

Ways to maintain your Beautiful Smile

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Laws of attraction suggests that apart from physical features and skin colour there are many other characteristics which eventually attract others and that may include the way one dresses, the way one carries themselves within a group of people, the way one’s behaves, the way one’s talks and reads and eats and so on. Personal likes and dislikes are also a major part of it but one very interesting thing which we all like to flaunt is a bright . Read more...

Cosmetic Surgery

Aspects To Consider Before Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

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Why undergo a Cosmetic Surgery? You should always be clear why do you want to undergo cosmetic surgery. There are only a few reasons why one would want to go for cosmetic surgery like, for rectifying any chronic disorder or disease, for curing any skin disease, for correcting the nose, lips, ear shape, or simply to get a celebrity like look. It is the personal choice of each one of us why to opt for cosmetic surgery. There are men and w. Read more...