Night Skin Care Tips

13 Night Skin Care Tips that you must Follow for a Beautiful Skin

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Do you want to hit guys when they say that girls look so messy after they wake up? Well, I don’t know about you, but I seriously get pissed off when I hear this statement. The reason why we wake up looking dull and lifeless is that we focus too much on taking care of our skin during the daytime, but what about at night? We rarely pay any attention to it! All the dust and pollutants that get accumulated on our skin throughout the day need to get. Read more...

Hair care tips

5 Timeless Hair Care Tips For All!

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Are you taking good care of your hair? Don’t you feel confident when you have your good hair day? You do, right? We never forget to add a “good hair day” caption that day! Shiny and strong hair has become the envy of peers. So, all the college peeps out there, do not forget to keep all these tips in mind! Doing so can surely add a few more likes and comments on your photos. Not only women, but men should also make some efforts to keep their. Read more...

Ways to make your hair grow faster

14 Simple Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster!

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If having beautiful, long hair is your dream, then you have come to a magical land where you will get to know all the amazing ways to make your hair grow faster! You may blame pollution, dust, environmental changes or anything, but, you cannot deny the fact that it’s your lifestyle habits that are the reason why your hair is not growing faster. We play so many blame games, don’t we? However, the solution to how to grow long hair lies solely i. Read more...

Almond Oil for Hair Growth

The Grandma’s Trick: Use Almond Oil for Hair Growth

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I bet you must have been scolded at least once by your grandmother or mother for not oiling your hair. I remember my elders telling the numerous benefits of using almond oil for hair growth, but I never paid any heed to what they are saying, but now I do! Hair fall is indeed a nightmare! But, there are several preventive measures that you can take to tackle hair fall and get beautiful locks. And it is none other than our grandma’s old trick, wh. Read more...

How to get rid of Dandruff

How to Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally !

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Friends, I know I speak for all of you out there, when I mention about that mortified vibe that we get during an interview, or while having some gala-time with your friends, when we have that undying urge to scrape an itchy scalp and simultaneously be terrified about getting all that white residue on the formal coat in front of the authorities, or that stunning little red dress or a black blazer that we have worn with our friends to a gathering!Y. Read more...

Natural Ways to Remove a Sun Tan

11 Natural Ways to Remove a Sun Tan

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Summers are a great deal of fun whether it is enjoying on a beach, playing games under the sun etc. But the undesired consequences can also be seen in a few days in the form of tanned skin. If you are Also suffering from Sun Tan related issues, then this article is definitely for you. Sun tanning or tanning is the process wherein your natural skin colour is darkened due to the exposure of skin to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. Moderate e. Read more...


KOREAN SKIN CARE TIPS: Guide for a Flawless Skin

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Maybe she is born with it, or maybe it’s the products she uses and the beauty routine she follows? Every woman idolises the flawless, radiant, skin the women of Korea possess. You are going to be hard-pressed if you find even a single woman who does not have a flawless and glowing skin in Korea. Do you know why? Koreans believe having a beautiful skin is their ultimate investment. They not only invest a recognisable part of their money in skin . Read more...

Treat thinning hair

Fed up of Hair Fall? Know the Tips and Tricks to Treat Thinning Hair!

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There can be a myriad of factors which can cause hair thinning. It can be due to unhealthy eating habits, stress, ageing or lack of quality sleep. The reason may be anything, but the consequence is painful to everybody. No one likes to see loose strands of hair in the bed when they wake up in the morning or to brush their hands through their hair and see that the hair have thin out so much. But, what you can do to treat thinning hair? Well, you c. Read more...