Mastering the Art of Grooming Eyebrows

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It is no wonder that we are getting eyebrow-obsessed with the beautification of all our body parts. A well-groomed pair of eyebrows increases the glamour quotient of your makeup look. If you consider your eyebrows as one of the most important features of your eyes, and if you really want to shape your eyebrows in a splendid way that suits your face better, we have some exclusive tips and tricks for you. Eyebrow shapes to flatter your. Read more...

Beauty Tips for Skin

Beauty Tips for Skin Care in Winters for Teenagers

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Teenage is the most precious period in everyone’s life which is filled with beauty and brightness and one experiences significant hormonal changes during this time which affects the skin to a great extent. Menarche is usually followed by some hormones changes which are responsible for the outbreak of pimples, pigmentation as well as acne too. For this reason, there are some Beauty Tips for Skin care which needs to be followed after the occurren. Read more...

Winter skin care tips

Winter Skin Care Tips for a Beautiful You

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Winters brings red cheeks and glowing skin for many people, but along with it, they bring uncomfortable dryness on the skin specially the face, hands, and foot. For many people, the issue is worse than only a general tight, dry feeling: Their skin gets so dry that it leads to flaking, cracking, even eczema (where the skin becomes inflamed).Here are some winter skin care tips: Seek Professional Help: If you go to the lo. Read more...

Skin Care tips

Skin Care Tips for Forever Young and Healthy Skin

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Everyone wants a clear and healthy skin. But is it easy to get a clear skin? One needs to work hard by maintaining a healthy skin regime. Daily lifestyle often makes people ignore their skin which results in dull and uneven skin tone. There are fancy advertisements on Television promising fast results however shortcuts don’t work unless one works hard for it.Here are some easy Skin Care tips for glowing  skin: 1. Lots of sunscree. Read more...

Sandalwood Oil

Natural Skin Care using Sandalwood Oil

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Sandalwood oil is a common essential oil, obtained by steam distillation of wood pieces cut from the sandalwood tree. It is extracted from the matured trees which are 40-80 years old. The older the tree, the more oil can be derived from it and will also have a strong aroma. This aromatic wood has effective medicinal properties and offers skin cures by itself. Sandalwood is widely used in cosmetics and fragrances. Here are a few effective . Read more...

Acne Treatment

Tips for Natural Acne Treatment

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Almost everyone across the globe is familiar with acne; either we have been suffering from it, or we know someone who is subjected to the vengeance of the disease, followed by embarrassing remarks from people about their skin! Despite the existence of numerous acne curing products, which claim to deliver miraculous results, the majority of teenagers end up being frustrated and highly disappointed. The reason is that there is probably no permanent. Read more...


How to get Rid of Dandruff Naturally

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Dandruff is a scalp condition caused due to fungal infection. It causes flaky scalp that could be oily too. Dry scalps are also prone the dandruff flakes can be powdery or scaly in nature. Dandruff is ignored mostly as people tend to be least concerned about their scalp health. Some people try the regular cosmetic anti-dandruff shampoos that are easily available in the market. Most of these cosmetic products only wash off the existing flakes but . Read more...

chemical peel

How does Chemical Peel Work ?

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Skin problems like wrinkles and acne bother men and women of all ages alike. Some skin problems are extremely bothersome and don’t get solved even after use of cosmetic products and trying out home remedies. To cure acne, many people rely on popping antibiotic pills on a regular basis. Dermatologists have come up with a unique solution to most skin problems in the form of chemical  Peels. Chemical peel rejuvenates the skin’s surface clearing. Read more...