Hair Loss

Are you suffering From Hair Loss ?

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Hair loss or baldness is the loss of hair from the head or scalp which occurs both in male and female. About 90% of our hair grows continuously for about 2 to 6 years whereas the other 10% of the hair lies in a resting position and falls at the end of the resting phase that lasts for 2 to 3 months. Human hair varies from 100,000 to even more and shedding of 50 to 100 hairs every day is normal. New hair starts growing from the same follicle on the. Read more...


Just Go for Sunglasses

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Sunglasses have become quite a craze these days and are the –in- thing for the sake of giving a fashion statement. However, it is not only a fashionable object, but it is essential for safeguarding our precious eyes, and there should not be any compromise as far as ensuring the safety of our eyes is concerned. The harmful UV Rays of the Sun can be extremely dangerous, and it is, therefore, all the more important to save our eyes from them whet. Read more...


Aromatherapy: Bridge between Body, Mind and Soul

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Aromatherapy is a technique of healing and altering the psychological state, cognitive and physical condition of a human being with the implementation of aromatic plant oils extracted from several species of plants. This practice helps to maintain cognitive and physiological balance. This therapy can be considered as a part of herbal medicine practice as it deals with the essential oils and aromatic compounds extracted from the medicinal herbs. . Read more...

Hair Growth Nutrients

Hair Growth Nutrients !

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Hair growth or the Hair appearance, in general, reflects the health of a person. Genetic structure and environment determine the growth of hair. There are some hair nutrients also known a Hair Vitamins. Consumption of these hair vitamins affects the growth of hair. It is present in different families of vitamins like oils, fatty acids, minerals, Amino acids and proteins. Amino Acids: Amino acid plays a primary role in the synthesis of . Read more...

Anti Ageing Face Exercises

Best Anti-Ageing Face Exercises

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Ageing is a natural phenomenon which occurs in the life of every individual. Though it’s a natural phenomenon, we cannot completely avoid this. For the prevention of ageing, many people use beauty products which are manufactured with the anti-ageing components. The performance of these beauty products varies from person to person, and the results are not always assured. Apart from beauty products, facial exercises are also a way to look beautif. Read more...

Ways to deal with itchy Scalp

Ways to Deal with an Itchy Scalp

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Come summer and there pops up this issue of Itchy Scalp which can become an embarrassment in public if not taken care of properly. The problem is aggravated by increased perspiration during summer months. Itchy Scalp is a problem faced by a lot of people and at times finding the right solution becomes a big problem. However the key to getting rid of it is to go back to the basics and ensure the following: Healthy Diet: Diet is the key.. Read more...

Best Sunscreen Lotion

The Best Sunscreen Lotion to Protect your Skin

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The main purpose of the sunscreen is the protection of the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Sunburn can be prevented and you can maintain the glamour of your skin, preventing premature ageing (wrinkles and leathery skin etc.).Nowadays, sunscreens are majorly used to diminish the probability of skin malignant cells happening from sunburn-like skin reactions. Sunscreens prevent our skin from various diseases caused by medications like sul. Read more...

Benefits of Natural Oil

Reap the Benefits of Natural Oil !

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Every natural thing has its goodness. But it is a matter of regret that in today's world of industrialisation artificial goods are capturing the market in place of natural products. And as a result, people are suffering from various health problems. Not only health problem, other problems like skin diseases are also becoming prominent. To avoid all these and to take care of our health, we must prefer using natural things rather than artificial on. Read more...