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Golden Rules to Work Effectively from a Home Office

14-03-2023   |   294 View(s)

In recent years, remote work popularly known as Work from Home has become increasingly popular, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated the trend. Working from home has many benefits, such as increased flexibility, reduced commuting time and expenses, and a more comfortable working environment. However, working from home can also be challenging, as it requires discipline, organization, and self-motivation. In this blog, we will explore som. Read more...


Advantages & Disadvantages of Salt in Your Food

12-03-2023   |   17811 View(s)

Since childhood, we have been taught that having too much salt in food is bad for health. It increases the rate of blood pressure- thus leading to a heart attack and so on. It has gained so much bad publicity over the years that- millions of people have been forced to exclude it or have cut down drastically from their diets. But if we acquire enough knowledge about this mineral, we will learn that salt is also necessary for our health. [google_a. Read more...

Facial Swelling

Unbeatable Home Remedies for Facial Swelling!

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The problem of waking up with a puffy face is quite common, and this is what the article is all about! We have come up with these unbeatable home remedies for facial swelling! Do you wake up with that swollen and puffy face in the morning? It just ruins your day as you might not want to go out with that swollen face.It is a quite normal occurrence that can happen to anyone and you do not have to rush to the doctor immediately! But yes, if you . Read more...

Tips to get a Smaller Waist

Tips to Get a Smaller Waist in a Week

09-03-2023   |   21308 View(s)

Getting a slimmer waist is everybody’s dream. But, it is not at all easy to lose weight around the belly and get a slimmer waist. One needs to say ‘No’ to junk food, exercise and follow a strict diet routine to get that perfectly shaped figure just like your favourite actress. Here are some tips to get a smaller waist in 7 days. We know just how difficult it is to start working out! But finding the right ways has been a difficult task? D. Read more...

Avoid Skin and Hair Damage

Tips to Play Holi without Damaging Your Skin or Hair!

07-03-2023   |   2623 View(s)

Amongst the most fantastic and fun-filled festivals of India Holi surely plays a significant role. This festival is all about colours, revelry and filling our lives with more happiness and more liveliness. So, if you have never participated in playing with the colours on the day of Holi, do give yourself an opportunity to enjoy its frolic this year. . Read more...

Air Pollution

Delhi Pollution : Tips to Save yourself from Air Pollution

15-12-2022   |   6254 View(s)

Delhi’s pollution is increasing day by day and it can ruin our health. Delhi right now is covered in an ugly smog and toxic air that is making people sick. No wonder people are coughing everyone in Delhi and falling sick. The air pollution is causing throat irritation, cold, cough, and even spreading viral infections. The condition is even worse for people suffering from cardiovascular issues and asthma. Last year too, Delhi’s pollution got w. Read more...

Reduce Belly fat

Buck Up! Reduce Belly Fat in 30 Days with These Easy Tips!

30-09-2022   |   5120 View(s)

Jealousy is a sign that you are not doing things better than others. So, as soon as you start getting jealous of that person who has the perfect curvy body, stop right there! Introspect to know if you are doing everything to tone your body or not. If you aren’t; know it’s time to embrace yourself to achieve your weight loss goals successfully. And don’t worry! You are not alone on this mission; we are there with you. So, today we are going . Read more...

World Health Day

World Heart Day:An Initiative to Create Awareness about Heart Health

29-09-2022   |   7424 View(s)

Heart Day is an initiative to spread awareness about heart Disease and Stroke Prevention.It serves the purpose of educating people worldwide about the ways in which they can take better care of their Hearts to stay Healthy and Fit. It is reported that Heart Diseases is the NO 1 Killer Globally Killing more than 17.9 million worldwide that's much more than Corona, Canc. Read more...