Coffee for Heart

Can Coffee Stop Clogged Arteries? Unusual Benefit of Coffee for Heart

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Calling out all the coffee lovers out there! This article is for those who just can’t do without coffee. Yes, another reason we are talking about the benefits of Coffee for Heart. Read on to discover how this favourite beverage of many can help to prevent heart diseases. Do you think before eating or drinking anything? No, most of us do not. And all those who love coffee to their bits, who cannot do without a cup of coffee a day, this article . Read more...

Heart attacks in young people

Why are Heart Attacks in Young People Increasing & How to Prevent it?

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There was a time when heart disease used to affect only older people, but now even young adults are getting diagnosed with heart disease. Living a sedentary lifestyle and taking too much stress has lead to an increasing number of heart attacks in young people. Here we have explained why heart disease is increasing in young adults and ways to prevent it. Reason Why Heart Attacks in Young People are Increasing A heart attack is also know. Read more...


Facts About Narcolepsy and Methylphenidate

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Are you always sleepy? Do you have sudden uncontrollable sleep attacks even in the middle of the day? You may think that it is normal or maybe because you are just tired, but it is already a sleeping disorder that what we call Narcolepsy. Most of us do not know this kind of disorder because it is normal for us to feel tired or sleepy even during daylight. However, the study shows that there are a lot of people who are experiencing this kind of. Read more...

Gold Facial

Enjoy Gold Facial in the Comfort of your Home

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A Gold Facial can be very expensive. But does that mean you shouldn’t get one? No! They are worth a try. If you don’t want to spend a heck of money on a facial, this article is for you. Read on to discover how you can give yourself a Gold Facial at Home. When it comes to beauty, there are a lot of products available in the market. And so is the scenario with Facials. From Fruit facials to Snail facials to even Vampire facials (yes, that ex. Read more...

10 Harmful Effects of Diabetes

10 Harmful Effects of Diabetes on the Body

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When you hear of the word Diabetes, what is the first thought that comes into your mind? It is probably about high blood sugar. Blood sugar is most often an underestimated component of our health. It is essential for the body; harmful is its high level for a long time. When this happens, it is known as diabetes. Diabetes affects the ability of our bodies to produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that allows the body to turn food glucose into ener. Read more...

12 Medical Tests which are Essential for Women

12 Medical Tests which are Essential for Women

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A Lot of the times it is observed that woman are more concerned about their Family Member's Health and tend to ignore their health. But this is something which should be avoided at all cost. In case of problems which needs medical attention or a health checkup, they tend to delay the decision just because they think that there are other more important things to take care of. However, it is very important that the womenfolk realise the importance . Read more...

ways to get rid of negative thoughts

Six Proven Ways to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts!

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Did you know music can help throw negativity out of your life? Not only music but yoga and meditation can be helpful to get rid of negative thoughts. Read more to know about the best-proven ways to get rid of negative thoughts. Positivity has the power to change the way one thinks, behaves and acts and so is with negativity! What can you do to get rid of negative thoughts? There is a lot you can do, but the question here is, are you ready to t. Read more...

Health Goals

5 Reasons Not to Give Up On Your Health Goals

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It’s no mystery that staying active and eating well can help you lose weight, fight illness, and live a longer, healthier life, but these aren’t the only perks of a healthy lifestyle. When you ensure proper care of your body, every aspect of your life benefits. Here are five ways that committing to a healthy lifestyle can improve your life and help achieve your Health Goals . Read more...