The Many Health Benefits of Banana

The Many Health Benefits of Banana

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All the fruits possess their exceptional nutritious value, but there are some fruits which are extremely beneficial and nourishing for your health and well-being, and banana is one of them. There are many Health Benefits of Banana. It not only plays a vital role in sharpening your brain but it also improves the immunity system of your body; thus helps you fight against ailments and infections.

The high value of Vitamin-B, Potassium and Magnesium available in banana saves you from the harmful impacts of smoking. Banana also helps you fight against the cancer of the kidney. Let’s find out some other benefits of banana.


The Many Health Benefits of Banana

1.Minimises the risk of many illnesses

Banana helps in minimising the risk of many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, blindness and many other health threats. Its consumption enhances your brain power and improves mental ability.

2.Improves immunity Power

Antioxidants available in banana improves the immunity power of your body and thus helps our body fight against many illnesses and keeps your body healthy and hearty.

3.Helps fight against Depression

The enzymes available in banana helps you fight against depression. Banana helps in secreting the hormones of happiness in your body and thus keeps us stressed-free.

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4.Helps gain Weight

Those who exercise daily should add a banana in their daily dietary plan if they want to gain weight. Banana not only helps in body weight gain but also gives us strength.

5.Maintains sugar Level

Banana is very beneficial when it is the concern of keeping the blood-sugar-level of your body. Since it helps to keep blood sugar at a balanced level, it lessens the risk of diabetes. Therefore it is advised that whenever you take your meal, eat a banana every time after that.

6.Makes bones Stronger

Banana is the rich source of calcium, and thus it helps in making your bones stronger and sturdy.

7.Increases blood volume in the Body

Banana is rich in iron, and thus it helps in increasing blood volume in your body. Vitamin B6 available in banana helps in the production of white blood cells makes the immune system stronger. And therefore, if you eat at least two bananas daily in the morning, it will lessen the risk of anaemia.

8.Makes the Heart Stronger

Banana is a  rich source of potassium and potassium helps to minimise the excess amount of salt in our body. Banana thus reduces the risk of having heart stroke and keeps blood pressure balanced.


9.Keeps the Digestive System Healthy

Banana has a very dynamic ability to fight with poisonous substances accumulated in our body and thus it helps your digestive system function in a healthy way. It plays a significant role in the process of excretion and saves us from constipation.

10.Saves from Acidity and Ulcer

Banana is a natural antacid, and it helps you get rid of acidity and inflammation in the stomach. It protects the stomach from the corrosive acid by building a thin layer inside the stomach and consequently saves you from being the victim of an ulcer.

Now, it seems that after knowing the certain benefits of banana, you will not avoid to add it in your daily dietary plan.

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