What are the Health Benefits of Milk

What are the Health Benefits of Milk

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We are advised from our childhood to drink milk and are told about the Health Benefits of Milk by our elders. In fact it is the first food which an infant tastes on birth and is a healthy option for all. Milk makes our bones stronger and revitalises the brain as suggested by grandma’s which is quite right. Milk is a rich source of healthy nutrients and can be called as a complete food supplement for all.

Just consider the value proposition of milk-Milk has high-quality protein, it Delivers lots of Calcium, magnesium, potassium, iodine, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and much more.

Top Health Benefits of Milk

1. Enhances Mental Ability

It doesn’t matter which age group you are, but if you want your brain to work in a smoother way, you should drink at least one glass of milk every day. It will enhance your mental ability and keeps your body active too. Studies have revealed that milk is the richest source of nutrients and makes a progressive impact on our mental strength. It also saves us from blood-pressure and heart’s ailments.


2. Makes Bones Stronger

Milk is a great source of Vitamin D which is great for Bone Health. Milk helps to keep us healthy by minimising the chances of many illnesses. Osteoporosis, a disease which weakens our bones is caused due to the deficiency of calcium. If milk or other dairy products are removed from our diet, our bones will not be able to last long. Milk is rich in calcium and thus saves us from osteoporosis. These days, milk is disappearing from our life and soft-drinks has taken over which is a very dangerous thing.

3. Helps build Muscles

Milk is also necessary for muscles. Since protein helps build and repair weaker cells of muscles and milk is rich in protein, so it contributes to strengthening our muscles. Every morning, if a glass of milk is taken regularly along with breakfast, it will not only fulfil the need of protein but also give energy to our body.


4. Reduces Cholesterol Level

Another of the numerous benefits of milk is that Milk works as an antacid, and thus it minimises the level of cholesterol and thus minimises the risk of high blood pressure and heart strokes.

5. Skimmed milk helps reduce Body-Weight

Milk makes us feel our stomach is full. As a result, we consume less food and thus keep the body- weight under control. According to dieticians, those who take skimmed milk daily with fruits and green vegetables don’t need to make extra efforts to keep their body-weight under control. It helps in minimising the stress level and blood pressure.

6. Controls Sugar level in the Blood

There are many Health Benefits of Milk. Milk plays a prominent role in maintaining the sugar level in our blood. Lactose in skimmed milk digests slowly and thus it doesn’t increase the blood sugar level and reduces the risk of diabetes. This is one of the many benefits of milk

7. Makes Skin tight and Reduces Wrinkles

Milk is rich in protein which reduces the level of carbohydrate in our body. The Rich value of calcium, protein and fat helps our skin tight and wrinkle-free. Milk works as a great cleansing cream too. Lactic acid and enzymes in milk make skin soft and bright when used as a cleansing cream. The amino acid in milk helps in hydrating our skin.

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8. Helps hormone secretion

Stress has become an inevitable part of our hectic professional life. Depression stretches in muscles, malfunctioning of nerves are normal things we are affected with. Hormones can help us fight from such disorders and milk plays a vital role in the making and proper secretion of hormones

9. Can Prevent Heartburns

It coats the stomach lining to Prevent Heartburn and also contains a good quantity of water molecules which makes for a great fluid for rehydration.

It is highly recommended by Nutritionist to have 3-4 glasses of milk in a day or equivalent dairy products especially the vegetarians. A glass of milk delivers 8 grams of good quality protein which is very much required by the body.

How to Take Milk

It can be taken as it is in the raw form or mixed with porridges or in the form of milk products like paneer, curd, buttermilk, lassi, milkshakes or with cornflakes.

Amount of calcium you need

When to Avoid Milk

Milk needs to be avoided if you are lactose intolerant, suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or feel Bloated after consuming Milk. You also need to be cautious if suffering from gout, high uric acid or are on a low protein diet. In that case, you can go for alternatives like going in for soy, almond and rice milk. One can also go for yoghurt or curd

Which Milk to Choose

Full Cream milk contains around 4-8% fat and is a good source of Vitamin D & Vitamin A.For Children up to age of 2 years-Full Cream milk is generally recommended. Toned Milk contains around3%Fat but contains the same protein and calcium as Full Cream-So Adults should ideally go in for Drinking Toned Milk or you can go in for Skimmed Milk as well. However, refrain from Flavoured Milk as it can have either Full Cream or Reduced fat but most varieties generally have a lot of sugar intake

After getting to know the many benefits of milk  – Just do not shy away from drinking milk.Not just in your childhood days but milk is good for health at all stages of life so keep drinking Milk to Stay Healthy and Happy.

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