Health Tips | A Great Start to a Healthy Life

Health Tips | A Great Start to a Healthy Life

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As the saying goes” Health is wealth”! People try to keep themselves healthy and fit all the time. True, Exercises and Gym help keep the body healthy, but physical workout requires a lot of hard work and sometimes the body is not able to deal with so much pressure and hard work. There are certain health tips which if followed on a regular basis can help a person remain fit and healthy. A healthy lifestyle starts at home.

Our modern hectic professional routine has sidelined the subject of Healthy Living from our daily life. This has led our life with sufferings of blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments, obesity and many physical and mental disorders in our early age which earlier used to be in our old age. The biggest reasons behind such ailments and infirmities are our ill eating habits and erroneous living means and methods.

Just by following some sound ways of living you can not only keep yourself healthy but also ensure that your family members keep in good physical and mental shape. It is only the good health which can strengthen our society and lay the foundation of a strong and sturdy nation.

Basic Health Tips for a Healthy Living

Some of the lifestyle habits one must adopt for leading a healthy life are:

1. Keep your Daily Diet Balanced

Your professional life has left no time for you to focus on sound eating habits and it has made you completely dependent on fast and junk foods. But you must follow the comprehensive dietary plan in your life if you want to keep yourself healthy. Avoid consuming oily junk food like burger, pizza, samosa, cold drink etc. Consumption of these type of diets on a daily basis causes acidity, constipation, ulcer and many other ailments in our body.

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2.Pre-Plan Your Meals

When we feel hungry and cannot decide what to eat, we immediately choose to eat ‘ready to eat’ fast foods, isn’t it? Why, because we don’t want to waste time in thinking as to what to eat and then preparing it. The lack of planning makes us eat junk foods which are highly unhealthy.

Thus, to maintain a good health one must decide in advance what they want to have for lunch or dinner. It is because the pre-planning of meals saves our time to prepare it which helps us avoid eating fast foods.

Also, one must intake more of veggies and fruits as they boost our body’s immune system. There are also chances that a person might feel hungry in between meals. At that time, any fruit or a healthy snack can be consumed.

3. Eat Everything But Within Check

Once you are done with your weight-loss regime, many of you may feel like eating all your favourite culinary items at one go. However, that’s not the right approach. Surely you can eat everything but keep a check on what you are eating and how much you are eating. If you love to eat pizza, eat it, but cut off that extra cheese portion. If you are offered wine, keep it till a glass or two, at most; don’t empty the whole bottle!

4. Take the Right Amount of Vitamin

It is necessary for the body to get the right amount of vitamin so that it can function properly. One must eat foods loaded with essential vitamins such as carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, citrus fruits, etc.

One can also take Vitamin tablets so that even if the diet is not balanced, the body can get the required amount of vitamin.

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5. Do Keep Physical Activity a Part of Your Daily Cycle

Okay; you may not like hitting the gym every day. But visiting the gym every other day may simply do the trick. Do your regular cardio and invest time in doing squats and crunches—that’s it. If you want, you may as well give the weight training a complete stop or have a go for other exercises

It is essential to exercise daily to keep the body healthy and fit.  For beginners, walking can be the best exercise. Morning walk is exquisite for health as the morning air is quite fresh and helps keep our body and mind healthy.

Try to get up very early in the morning even before the sunrise, walk on the green grass, run and do some physical workout as per your calibre. Physical workout makes our muscles stronger and boosts the blood circulation in our body. It enhances our immune system and increases the appetite.

Other than walking, one must also do other physical exercises like stretching, yoga exercises and meditation to maintain the health.


Generally, a person spends most of the time sitting down and doing their respective jobs. But, it is important to stand up and stretch the body for 2 minutes every hour. Those who have desk jobs can do some desk exercises that can help them remain healthy and fit.

No matter how easy it may sound, weight-loss is one arduous process and maintaining Weight is all the more cumbersome. You have to endure hard physical activities and keep yourself away from your favourite food for months to attain that attractive shape you have been dreaming for long. Weight Loss tips can help you achieve that wonderful shape.

But what happens once you have attained that beautiful shape and the desired size? Do you go back to your “normal” diet and no-workout scheme or stick to that difficult period of physical and mental (read: gastronomic) torture?
Well, the answer is none. You have to follow a casual and healthy way of living to maintain that figure.

6. The Need for Food should not depend on the Mood

Feeling happy? Throw a party and have pizzas and burgers! Feeling Sad- Eat favourite fast food to feel good!

This is what most of us do, isn’t it? But, what we don’t realise is that these fast foods can deteriorate our health.

Sure, if we are very happy and want to celebrate- we can eat our favourite foods. But it must be once in a while!

For instance, sweets are your weakness, and you are happy that you got 1st position in class- Sure you have every right to celebrate the success.

Eating Junk Food ? Trick your Brain to Hate Junk Food

But, also keep the health factor in mind. Do not celebrate every other success with a piece of chocolate or sweet as it can have harmful consequences on health.

Also, people tend to eat a lot of junk foods when they are stressed. It is because our body craves for high-calorie foods when we feel depressed.

However, eating fast foods is not a solution to reduce stress. One must meditate and try to divert their mind when they feel stressed so that they can stop the craving for junk foods.

All things considered, it can be said that one can enjoy their favourite fast foods sometimes, but not always.

7. Avoid Processed food or Food supplements in your Diet

Processed food is excessively rich in saturated fat which slows down the metabolic functioning of our body. If you take processed food in a large amount, it will affect your health adversely. Green vegetables, fresh and dry fruits, milk, germinated seeds and salad are quite beneficial for our health as these are rich highly stuffed with vitamins, fibres, carbohydrates and protein.

8. Do not consume excessive salt and Sugar and Spices

Salt and sugar and spices make the taste of our food, but disproportionate intake of salt, sugar and spices in your diet can lead to diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases. Keep the amount of salt, sugar and spices low in your diet to a balanced level.

9. Stay Hydrated

It is necessary to drink plenty of healthy fluids throughout the day to maintain good health. Water helps in removing harmful toxins out of our body and regulates our body temperature. It is necessary to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. It is needed to drink water as much as possible. Other than water, one can also drink other healthy fluids such as fruit juice, shakes, lime water, coconut water, etc. When we feel thirsty, we immediately need something to drink. At that point in time, when we do not have water with us, we go for the easiest option, and that is- Soft drinks which should be a strict No.

No matter what you do and where you stay, don’t compromise on drinking water. You must drink a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water daily without fail. It helps in maintaining the metabolic rate of the body and makes your skin look vibrant and fresh always.

We all know the harm these soft drinks do to our body; thus we must carry a water bottle always with us so that we do not have to satisfy our thirst with unhealthy beverages.

Drinking Water

10. Take proper Sleep

Proper sleep is quite obligatory for your health, and it is very important for you to sleep at least for 7 hours in a day. If you do not give the desired rest to your body, it will cause insomnia which eventually will cause mental stress, headache and psychological disorders.

11. Inculcate Some Healthy Habits:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always important. For example, you should always make it a point to take your dinner by 8 pm, lessen on the caffeine intake, limit your alcohol intake (especially keep a check on the beer intake) and restrict the intake of salt in your food. Too much salt in food tends to make you look bloated. Besides, always try to have an all-fruit diet one day every week. This is very healthy since your body relies solely on natural food that day. These tiny changes shall go a long way in making you feel lighter and maintaining your weight-loss.

12. Stay away from drug/wine/cigarette Addiction

The youth nowadays are largely inclined towards bad drinking and smoking habits which have turned to be a menace to the society. These habits not only wrecks households and families economically and socially but also prove to be the supreme reason for the degradation of our health by causing cancer. It is always better to keep such habits at quite far from your body and mind if you want to remain healthy throughout your life.


13. Do Not Think Too Much Unnecessarily

It is good to worry about your life and daily happenings because if you do not give your thoughtful attention and care to your life, nothing will work in a right way but being unnecessarily worried about things will make your life problematic and stressed. Try your best to attain the goals of your life and try to be happy with what you have.

Well, there is no kerb to the saying that “health is wealth”. And obviously, it is so true that good health is the ultimate key to your positive mental state. To begin with, health does not just deal with the fact that you are fit; it also refers to your mental state of being and the way people find you in peer groups or other associations. The mental state of your mind about your views, perceptions, whatever you opine or think, your thoughts, all of it is reflected through your actions. Now our actions are always guided by the state of health we remain in. Being in a good mental state reflects the good feeling and helps perform functions well. The constitution of the world health organisation says that “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Thus an implied statement of this definition would be likely that mental health is more than just the absence of mental disorders or disabilities. So Forget Worrying-Worry Zero and Become a Health Hero

Don’t go on cribbing about gaining that extra kilo. Remember, your body is a system, and minor changes are bound to happen. Following health tips is easier said than done. It is difficult for some people to avoid fast foods or get up and exercise. But, one must always try to adopt a healthy lifestyle- “To keep the Body in Good Health is a duty. Otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha. So Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed and do not forget to go in for Regular Health Checkups

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