Ways to Find out When Your Child is Lying

Ways to Find out When Your Child is Lying

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Children commonly adopt a habit of lying in childhood in spite of the fact that we don’t teach them too. If it becomes a tendency for children to hide the truth, it becomes a menace for parents to tackle the situation.

Ways to Find out When Your Child is Lying

Tips to detect & Restrain your Child from Lying :

Incompatible Eye Contact

If your child is lying to you, he/she will never make eye contact while speaking to you. When they are a novice in storytelling, they don’t make eye contact but when they become expert they can lie to you.

Making Repetitions of same Lines

When children start speaking lies before their parents, they make repetitions of the same thing. Whatever you ask them, they will give you the same reply again and again, and it shows that they are lying.

Unwilling to Talk

When your child has a secret and if they know that they could be scolded if it come’s to the knowledge of parent’s then they will not be willing to talk to you. That is the perfect sign that your child is getting into the habit of lying.

Improper Body Language

You can know by the inappropriate body language of your child that he/she is lying. He will not stand in a normal manner and will crack fingers while talking. It is a sign of lying in childhood.

Mothers need to Be Attentive

If your child has become susceptible to telling lies, it is the prime duty of the mother to be watchful all the time. Only mothers can get children out of this problem by being cordial and strict at the same time and help the child in a big big way from getting into a habit which could possibly ruin their life at a later stage if not corrected at the right time.

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