Eye Makeup For Enriching The Look Of Your Eyes

Eye Makeup For Enriching The Look Of Your Eyes

25-07-2016   |  

Cosmetics are used by all around the world to enhance beauty. Eyeliner, Kajal, Eye Shadow and Mascara are the four Eye makeup essentials worn for enhancing the look of the women's eyes. Every human being aspires to look attractive, and women are no different. In fact, they are the ones who make a maximum effort to spruce up their wardrobe in the quest to look beautiful. Good and attractive cosmetics help women to enhance their look in parties, bu. Read more...


Just Go for Sunglasses

19-06-2016   |  

Sunglasses have become quite a craze these days and are the –in- thing for the sake of giving a fashion statement. However, it is not only a fashionable object, but it is essential for safeguarding our precious eyes, and there should not be any compromise as far as ensuring the safety of our eyes is concerned. The harmful UV Rays of the Sun can be extremely dangerous, and it is, therefore, all the more important to save our eyes from them whet. Read more...

Eyebrow Makeup

6 Eyebrow Makeup Mistakes You’re Probably Making

05-08-2015   |  

The eyebrow, unlike any other feature of your face, may not matter much to you, but in the industry of fashion it is a deal breaker and Eyebrow Makeup makes a lot of difference. Those who have been following the recent covers of the magazines or are into the glamorous lives of the glitterati of the movie business are well aware that the screen space is dominated by people with strong eyebrows. The evolution of eyebrows is quiet an interesting one. Read more...