Bollywood Celeb

Top Beauty Secrets of Famous Indian Celebrities Unveiled!

20-06-2017   |  

Ever got an opportunity to meet any celebrity? They look even more beautiful and gorgeous than they appear to be on the television. What does it take to look beautiful like the leading beauties of Bollywood? Well, looking good is not entirely nature’s act. Do you want to know why they look so stunning? Apart from makeup, these gorgeous ladies follow some solid . Read more...

Indian Fashion Myths

Fashion Myths That You Should Definitely Avoid!

19-06-2017   |  

“You are overweight, you should not wear western dresses”. "An Indian married woman looks good in ethnic attire only” have you ever been in a conversation with anyone regarding any of these statements? If yes, then don't worry, we are going to untangle few famous fashion myths like these! We often imitate others unconsciously; we may just wear something we saw other people wearing. But why do we have to copy and follow some other person?. Read more...

Nail Hygiene

The Insider’s Guide to Nail Hygiene

14-06-2017   |  

Good Hygiene is essential. It’s crucial to maintain personal hygiene so as to stay fit and healthy. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), "Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases. When we talk about hygiene, we cannot skip talking about personal hygiene. You can maintain your hygiene by regularly taking a bath, flossing your teeth, cutting your nails, washing your ha. Read more...


How to Select the Perfect Lipstick for Yourself?

13-06-2017   |  

A lipstick gives a complete look to a woman. Be it a work event, college party or a normal get together with friends; lipstick is an accessory most women just cannot do without. However, the market today is flooded with so many brands and types of lipstick shades; that it might be difficult for some women to select the perfect lipstick for themselves. Here are some guidelines that will help you select the Perfect li. Read more...

Fair Versus Dark Skin

Why are Indians obsessed with Fair Skin?

10-05-2017   |  

“Apply this curd and honey face mask; this will give you a fair skin, you have to improve your skin complexion; otherwise who will marry you?” is a typical dialogue which can be heard in so many Indian households. Even matrimonial sites in India are full of people who want fair skinned life partners. According to a survey conducted by a famous Indian matrimonial website, the bias goes across genders- 71% women pre. Read more...

prevent decolouration of your nail

How to prevent Decolouration of your nail ?

30-03-2017   |  

Femininity and beauty both go hand in hand. We tend to take care of our entire body but unfortunately, pay little attention to nourishing our nails. A healthy diet and lifestyle is the key to gracefulness. One must intake 8-10 glasses of water, include fresh fruits and vegetables to be a healthier being. Trimming of the nails at regular intervals prevent the nails from tacking. It is necessary to cut down long nails because it helps to resist bac. Read more...


This Holi Color Yourself without Damaging Your Skin or Hair!

12-03-2017   |  

Holi: The Festival of Colors! Amongst the most fantastic and fun filled festivals of India Holi surely plays a significant role. This festival is all about colours, revelry and filling our lives with more happiness and more liveliness. So, if you have never participated in playing with the colours on the day of Holi, do give yourself an opportunity to enjoy its frolic this year. Potential Damages Caused By Colours: Playing wi. Read more...

Best Home Made Face Packs for Glowing Skin

Best Home Made Face Packs for Glowing Skin

07-02-2017   |  

Everyone dreams of having a picture perfect, glowing skin and to accomplish this dream, they try various beauty products available in the market, without knowing that these products contain harmful chemicals that can damage their skin. Not only women but these days even men use various cosmetic products to get flawless, smooth skin. It is obvious that everyone wants to enhance their personality and thus they want to look beautiful and handsome so. Read more...