Uses of Baby Oil

Surprisingly Amazing Uses of Baby Oil!

11-08-2017   |  

Do you remember the Baby oil ads that keep flashing on your television now and then? They claim to be good for your child’s skin but are they useful for you too? Here are few Uses of Baby Oil. What is Baby Oil? Baby Oil is a fantastic product made for Baby’s ultra-sensitive skin. The baby oil we get in the market is mineral oil blended with perfumes. There have been so many claims regarding the side effects of Bab. Read more...

Travel Essentials

Ten Travel Essentials you must not forget to pack while travelling

09-08-2017   |  

It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling for the first time or you are a globetrotter; we give you ten travel essentials you should never forget to pack while you are travelling. Travel Essential 1- Sunscreen You are going to take a break from all tensions, we understand. You want to stay carefree of your work life; we know that as well. But carefree of your skin? – We can’t let you do that. No ma. Read more...

5 minute makeup routine

Simple and Quick Steps for a 5 Minute Makeup Routine

05-08-2017   |  

Every girl loves to apply makeup and flaunt their beauty. But, admit it girls we are a bit lazy, aren’t we? Yes, most of us are! When it comes to makeup, most of the time girls end up applying just kohl and lipstick because they do not have much time. But, what if we tell you that you can get a perfect look in just 5 minutes? Well, yes it is right! Today, we are going to share ten simple steps for a 5 minute makeup routine. Excited, aren’t yo. Read more...

Lip Care Tips

Lip Care Tips Every Woman Should Try

04-08-2017   |  

Lips are the essential component of one’s face. Almost all of the girls love wearing lip shades of all kinds- bright, nudes, pastels, etc. No lipstick can give your lips the exact colour and a perfect pout if you don't take care of them. Lips should be taken care of not only in winters but all seasons. Your lips have to face a lot.They get dried up, cracked, split, sunburnt, swollen and most commonly they become darker. Are you already sufferin. Read more...

Messy Bun

Quick and Easy Messy Bun Updos for Lazy Girls

28-07-2017   |  

Are you someone who doesn’t like doing too much to the hair, mostly because you are running late, lazy and believe in keeping it simple? Most of us may feel that their hair isn't good enough for any hairstyle, so they just tie them up as a ponytail or let them flow. We give you the best Hair up-do Messy bun styles for days when you want to add that something to your look without putting much effort. Messy Bun Updos for all Types of Hair. Read more...

How to get fair skin

How to get Fair Skin in just 7 days?

27-07-2017   |  

Do you want to get gorgeous and fair skin just like your favourite actor or actress? Well, it is not that difficult! You just need to drink plenty of water, eat healthy fruits and vegetables and try some natural remedies to get a healthy skin. If you want to know 'how to get fair skin in 7 days', then you have come to the right place! Here, we will discuss some of the best ways to get gorgeous skin in a quick span of time. Some of the Incred. Read more...

Hair Removal Myths

Top 5 Hair Removal Myths Debunked

16-07-2017   |  

Hair growth is inevitable. However, all the lovely women out there know that the chore of shaving equals the pain of waxing. All hair removal techniques have side-effects.While most of us still haven’t found their most favourable hair removal methods, some still don’t indulge in this process because of certain myths. Keep reading to know about the Hair Removal Myths. Hair Removal Myths That you need to Know About Now!! . Read more...

Risks of Facials

Understanding the Numerous Benefits and Risks of Facials!

14-07-2017   |  

Facials involve a multi-step treatment of skin. This is one of the best ways to take care of the skin as it includes cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing, promoting a clear, hydrated complexion that can make your skin look youthful. It helps in treating a lot of common skin related concerns. One can find differently priced facials in the Salon. However, a great quality facial can be costly as it depends on your skin type for the facial which best s. Read more...