Tips for Healthy Skin for a Beautiful You !

Tips for Healthy Skin for a Beautiful You !

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Everyone in this world wants to be the centre of attention and get a compliment simply because they love themselves and want to feel and look beautiful. It is just not a physical state of mind but is the charm which can make you feel special amongst a crowd. But being beautiful is not easy because beauty decays with growing age. So we have to take care of our skin, which plays the most important role to sustain our beauty. Everyone wants clear and healthy skin. But is it easy to get clear skin? One needs to work hard by maintaining a healthy skin regime. Daily lifestyle often makes people ignore their skin which results in dull and uneven skin tone. There are fancy advertisements on Television promising fast results however shortcuts don’t work unless one works hard for it. Here are some easy Here are some Tips for Healthy skin


Lots of people talk about Healthy Skin, weight reduction, elegance and fitness, but very few people take action. On the weekend, we find ourselves indulging in food to satisfy our taste buds resulting in not just spending lots of money but additionally consuming more fat than we should. The entire week of working out, going on a diet and keeping a check on calorie consumption goes for a toss, and the entire hard work becomes null and void. Eating healthy is about determining your taste buds and taking only healthy food every day. This habit ought to be acquired for your personal health, but for the benefit of your own family. A proper body and healthy thoughts are the results of the controlled diet, exercise along with the mental health which is critical.

Feel Good and Fitter

You will find various advantages of a proper eating regime. A healthy diet works well for getting glowing skin and controlling weight. A proper diet is extremely light around the stomach as well as safeguards the centre. Lots of illnesses of the heart and the types of conditions like heartburn and acidity can also be avoided because of a healthy diet plan. Eating healthily will support your time levels and won’t make you lethargic. You’ll certainly feel better and fitter should you keep staying on a diet plan and workout whenever you can. Also, however, a healthy diet helps a great deal in improving your defence mechanisms and develop a good resistance against any illness.

Get Fair and Glowing Skin

A healthy diet plan also makes the skin glow and makes us feel good from inside, thereby increasing confidence. Additionally, the brain also begins to operate properly, so we end up making the best choices. Having said that it’s important to indulge a few times to keep things exciting. Should you feel the desire to indulge –go for healthy salads or sandwiches or foods which have a very low intake of calories or are fat-free.

Healthy Stomach for Healthy Skin

Maintaining a healthy diet enhances your well being and provides a fresh kick-start to the day. Healthy eating habits help us to keep our stomach healthy. And it is very true that a healthy stomach leads to healthy and glowing skin. Including vegetables, fruits, and lots of water may help us keep our stomach healthy for getting healthy skin. Constipated or unhealthy stomach leads to acne and other skin problems and so it can be safely said that a healthy stomach helps us to get healthy and glowing skin.

Tips for a Healthy and Glowing Skin

Ten Sparkling Tips for Healthy skin

1.Proper Diet:

Nowadays people have become very fashion-conscious. As a result, a huge range of cosmetic products has appeared in the market. And most of us are very fond of using all these products as wearing makeup is a kind of fashion statement. But to wear makeup for so long is nothing but torture for our skin. Not only artificially, but our skin is hampered by nature also. It has to face the scorching sun as well as the chilling cold. So taking care of skin is no child’s play. The easiest way by which we can take care of our skin is by maintaining a healthy food habit.

Healthy Eating

2. Here are some Tips for Healthy skin: Avoid junk foods:

Maintaining a proper diet chart is very much important to get beautiful skin because until you are healthy from inside you will be not able to get healthy skin. In today’s modern age the food habit of the people is changing. We have started to eat junk foods and oily foods which are not at all healthy for our skin. So to get beautiful skin, you just need to cut down the junk foods from the diet chart. You must put fruits, vegetables which are a good source of vitamin, protein and other minerals which are essential for our health as well as skin.

3. Both veg and non-veg foods can help you:

One of the healthiest Tips for Healthy skin is to Start your mornings by munching some walnuts, which are a very good source of omega-3 fatty acid and helps to make your skin look smoother and younger. You must put avocado and pomegranate in your diet which are good sources of biotin and anti-oxide and helps to heal dry skin. If you are very fond of eating non-veg dishes, you have a lot of options to maintain your skin by eating your favourite dishes. You must put one egg in your diet as it is enriched with protein which helps to repair cells, suffering from radical damage. Salmon fish contains carotid which improves skin elasticity.

4.Know about your skin-friendly drinks:

Add some tangy flavour in your diet chart with some tomato. Have a bowl of tomato paste mixing it with olive oil. It helps to prevent cellular damage. For some of us drinking tea once in a day is a habit. Now make this habit skin-friendly by having green tea, which contains polyphenols which are extremely helpful for skin. So don’t get late and follow these Tips for Healthy skin and stay happy forever.

5. Use sunscreens

Get addicted to your sunscreen if you want a young and healthy skin. Sunscreen protects your skin from the sun’s harmful and harsh UV rays. Wear a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15. Try to be in the shade as much as possible. Wear full-sleeved clothes of lighter shades and always sport a pair of shades when under the sun to protect yourself from the sun.

Sun Tan

6. Keep the Smoke away

Smoking depletes the essential nutrients that your skin requires to stay healthy. It also causes narrowing of the blood vessels presents in the outer layer of skin, obstructing blood circulation. The facial expression used during smoking contributes to the formation of wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks. You don’t want sagging cheeks at 25!

7. Shorten you Bath hours

Long baths will strip your skin of its natural oils. This will lead to dry skin prone to infections and other skin concerns. Have limited bath time and let your skin remain soft and supple. Also, pat your skin dry instead of rubbing it off using a towel. Be gentle to your skin to help it retain its suppleness. This is one of the many really effective Tips for Healthy skin

8. Drink loads of Water

Let water be your best friend. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. During summers increase it to 12 to 15 glasses a day. Water helps you stay hydrated and also detoxifies your body. This keeps your skin clear keeping acne at bay. Hydration adds a glow to your skin. You can also count on fresh fruit juices if the water is too plain for you.

Drinking Water

9. Manage Stress

Stress leads to uncontrolled acne breakouts. Stress causes hormonal imbalance which creates such skin issues. Try meditation or some physical activity like yoga or aerobics. Physical activities cleanse your skin pores through sweat and also help you de-stress. Stress management plays a very important role in achieving healthy skin.

10.Count on Vitamin Supplements

Have a diet rich in Vitamin C, E and B. Vitamin C helps with collagen production and keeps your skin young and clear. Vitamin B and E are the skin vitamins that keep free radicals away and help your skin maintain the glow.

Healthy skin is the best makeup you can wear to look good. Before you get started with the popular cosmetic product, try the following basic tips to achieve the clear skin that you always wanted. These Tips for Healthy skin can go a long way in maintaining the youthfulness of your skin and help you retain the glow of the skin for a long, long time.

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