The Benefits of using Natural Oils

The Benefits of using Natural Oils

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Every natural thing has its goodness. But it is a matter of regret that in today’s world of industrialisation artificial goods are capturing the market in place of natural products. And as a result, people are suffering from various health problems. Not only health problem, other problems like skin diseases are also becoming prominent. To avoid all these and to take care of our health, we must prefer using natural things rather than artificial ones and reap the benefits of Natural Oil!


Oils and their Utility:

In our daily use of products, oil has a very prominent place. Basically, oil can be of two types, edible and non-edible. The category of the oils denotes the utility of the oils. The edible oils are used for cooking and the non-edible oils are used for other purposes. Oils can be extracted from many things and every type of oil has its own utility. But a very upsetting thing is that whatever oil it is, the oils come mixed with so many artificial things which destroy the real goodness of the oils and sometimes even makes the oil injurious to our health.

Natural Oils

Know which oil you should use for Cooking:

The things which are the main sources of natural oils are fruits, flowers, wood, leaves, barks, seeds, roots, peel, etc. To know more about the benefits of natural oils we must categorize and discuss every type of oils. To start with let’s begin with Edible oils. Edible oils are mainly produced from various seeds though some other things like olive, coconut, palm or nut are also used to extract oils. But we should be very careful about selecting the proper oil for our cooking because the oils with high saturated fats can be a hazard to our health, whereas oils with unsaturated fats like peanut oil, olive oil, cottonseed oil, are healthier for us. Oils like soybean and sunflower should be preferred because these oils lower the risk of heart diseases.

Benefits of Natural Oil :

Except for all these types of oils, some other types of oils are also available which are called essential oils. Essential oils consist of aroma compounds from plants. These oils are mainly used in making soaps, perfumes, cosmetics, and other products, for flavouring drink and food and for adding scents in house cleaning products. But in addition to all these, essential oils also have medicinal uses. These oils are also used for skin and hair treatment and even considered as a remedy for cancer.

Glowing Eyebrows

Oils for Skin and Hair Care:

Oils are not just for cooking. Many oils have taken a very important role in skin and hair care from ancient times. Though coconut oil is not suitable for cooking as it consists of highly saturated fat, it can be good for our skin and hair care. Coconut oil helps to moisturize our skin and hair. It acts as an excellent hair conditioner and body scrubber. Coconut oil is also used for removing eye makeup and to clean the face. Not only coconut oil but some other oils like olive oil are also good for repairing our dull skin. When talking about skin and hair, almond oil is sure to come in the list. It helps to hydrate both skin and hair.

Staying young and healthy is the dream of every person and People try their best to look young and beautiful. There are many products available in the market that makes a person glow and look beautiful. But, these products can only provide temporary solutions to certain problems like acne, pimples, etc. The best way to get rid of these problems is to use natural oils. Natural oils have many beauty benefits and can be used at any time. Natural oils can help to restore the beauty of skin that may get lost due to pollution and dirt.

Some benefits of Natural oils for Skin Care :

• Useful for Dry Skin:

A kind of natural oil, popularly known as marula oil which is made from the fruit of Marula tree, is very good for dry skin. They are enriched with fatty acids, and it does away with the problem of dry skin. Applying marula oil does not leave the skin greasy or shiny. This natural oil can get quickly absorbed and leaves no trail behind.

• Solves the Problem of Acne:

Natural oils help to solve the problem of acne to a greater extent. Tea tree oil is famous for acne problem. It has been found out that the main reason for acne is that some bacteria may get trapped in the pores of the skin. Tea tree oil helps to remove those bacteria to open the pores and give a fresh and glowing skin.

• As an Anti-Ageing Treatment:

Argan oil has the power to treat anti-ageing. This natural oil helps to strengthen the skin cells and also make them look younger. Argan oil is rich in antioxidants which help to prevent the problem of anti-ageing. Omega 3 fatty acids help to build up the skin cells in the body.

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• Good problem solver for irritated Skin:

Chamomile is one type of plant which has the power to reduce the effect of the irritated skin. This oil helps to give a soothing and calm effect on the skin. This natural oil can also be used in times of infection. It helps to keep infection away and reduce the redness of the skin.

• Useful in Preventing Scars:

Natural oils help to prevent scars in the body and make the scars negligible. Natural oils help to build up the cell structure which helps scars to fade and discolour. Natural oils are rich in vitamin A which helps in this case.

• Helps in protecting Damaged Hair:

Natural oils are also the best treatment for dry or damaged hair. Argan oil is considered the best of all-natural oils as it is light and also conditions the hair. Other kinds of natural oils are heavy and make hair stickier. The condition of hair can improve with the use of natural oils.

• Best Product for Hair growth:

Natural oils also help to grow hair. They can be applied to the scalps to reduce hair fall, and it also helps to grow hair. Out of all-natural oils, rosemary oil and castor oil are considered the best for hair growth. These natural oils help to give thick and shiny hair.

• Useful for Nails:

It is also useful for nails. They contribute to nourishing nails and make it soft and strengthen nails. Conditioning nails is also essential. Natural oils can be used before going to bed every night.

The use of natural oils is manifold. The benefits of natural oils should be used to nourish the whole body and keep it beautiful.

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