How to keep Skin Glowing during Monsoon

How to keep Skin Glowing during Monsoon

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The monsoon weather is always a bliss and the epitome of this time is always a moment to be cherished, but not for the skin. This romantic weather turns out to be intolerable, and you don’t feel like bathing as you become a cloud of rain, which means no glowing skin. Then how to become the beauty out the beast is all day worry, and your body is haunting anatomy of pimples and dullness.

First, the body pores always want to stay hydrated, and they absorb the moisture from inside the body and as well as from the environment. During humid weather, the skin absorbs a lot of moisture, and the futile leftover stays on the skin. More the moisture more germs can grow over, and dust easily settles on. Most of us think wiping off is a solution, but it does not remove the bacteria.


Some easy tips for Glowing Skin during Monsoon

1. Water:

It is just not a necessary survival for your body, but also for your skin. It is important to drink minimum of 2 litres of water daily to keep skin healthy and to maintain the internal moisture of the body.

2. Wash up your skin:

Use a good face wash or a soap-free cleanser and use one according to your skin type.

Water Splash

3.Scrub it away:

Using a good scrub. During monsoon try using green tree extract scrubs.

4. Moisturizers:

To use a good moisturiser is very important for the skin during monsoon. Always use one according to the type of skin. For oily skin, it should be less greasy and oil-free. Use a moisturiser at night too; it will keep your skin look healthy in the morning.

5. The wax of the Hair:

Waxing is painful, but in monsoon, the excess sweat pipes out of the hair pore. By waxing, you can keep your body pores tight and close, and you will like the cleanliness

6. Face Packs:

Use good face packs twice a week during the monsoon to keep your skin tight.

Fruit Face Packs

You can make one at Home Too.

1. Banana and honey paste
2. Fuller’s earth and sandalwood mixture
3. Cucumber and lemon
4. Green tea with curd and honey.
5. Baking powder with lemon.
6. Egg white and honey.

Use any of the mixtures with these combinations and apply it for thirty minutes to get glowing skin this monsoon.

There are some strict No’s during the Soggy Time

1. Heavy Makeup:

avoid any powder makeup this monsoon Else in emergency use a waterproof makeup or some non-sticky creams as a substitute.

2. Using Soap on the Face:

Don’t use soap on your face at all. Using soap can make your skin more prone to dust and sweat and can make your skin look worse than just tired.

3. Staying longer in the Rain:

Rain is a pleasure which cannot be seized from any age, but due to high pollution level rain is harmful to your skin. Staying for long can damage your skin and can cause breakouts.

The Do’s

1. Wash Your Hair:

Keep your hair and scalp neat and wash them thrice a week as the hair pores secrete out sweat and dust if they are dirty and frizzy, which leads to flowing of all oil and sweat onto your face. So hair care is a must

2. Sleepwell:

Minimum of eight hours sleep is essential for glowing and beautiful skin.

3 No to bleaching and facials to Keep Skin Glowing during Monsoon:

The first way to glowing skin is believed as facials or bleach, but during the monsoon avoid them as they open up excessive pores making skin sweat and can make an oil ooze on your skin.

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