Shiny ,Thick and Silky Hair for a Beautiful You

Shiny ,Thick and Silky Hair for a Beautiful You

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Shiny, Thick, costly long waist-length Silky Hair is more or less a myth now. In the past, people had healthy and long hairs without using even a single cosmetic product. Sometimes we wonder about the secret behind those cascading healthy hairs that our ancestors had and how they maintained them at that time. The hair may seem lifeless, but what we eat is reflected in their constituency. Hence, if we join the dots, then we can understand that expensive shampoos and conditioners are not going to work as a healthy diet can. Here are 10 beneficial foods that do the magic to get Shiny, Thick and Silky Hair. These are common foods that work like a charm for the hairs apart from their other beneficial effects. Check the list of the foods for long luscious hair.

Healthy Hair Tips


1. Eggs for a Silky Hair

The most common food for the non-vegetarians is an egg. A must in the breakfast, eggs contains a high amount of biotins that enhances hair growth and rejuvenates hair follicles. It creates denser and fuller hair locks that give gorgeous looks. In fact, the hair receives less damage from outside due to its increased strength.

2. Green vegetables

Vegetables, especially green ones like spinach and broccoli are enriched with Vitamin A and C. The vitamins are natural oil producers to condition the hair and stimulate natural growth and rejuvenation.

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3. Strawberries

They don’t only look delicious but are filled with Vitamin C which helps the body to absorb iron from your blood and healthy hair. Few strawberries every day will help you to reach the desired level of Vitamin C.

4. Nuts

Different types of nuts have different types of natural oils that our hair needs to thrive properly. Biotin on the other hand, in the nuts also helps the cause. Peanuts and almonds are the best to restore natural shine and strength.

5. Oysters

They are zinc-rich which renews hair follicles and maintains the density of the hair locks. Shellfish promotes and manages Androgen level that prevents hair loss. It keeps them soft, too.

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6. Salmon

This high protein-containing fish delivers a good protein-rich diet to the hairs and keeps them strong and luscious. The regular consumption stops hair from breaking and falling too. It contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that deliver the charm along with the high-level proteins.

7. Beans

This vegetarian protein source is best for those who avoid meat and fish. The protein and iron-rich beans stop hair loss making them strong and luscious.

8. Sweet potato

Beta-Carotene helps our body to produce Vitamin A that takes care of the skin and hair. It removes dullness and brings shine. Vitamin A is very effective in fighting dandruff.

9. Kale

The super dark green wonder is packed with Beta-carotene and iron. You know the rest.

10. Red meat

Iron in the meat makes the hairs strong and attractive.
The health of the hair can only be brought from the inside. Food habits must be altered to get the respective results. On the other hand, good sleep also works miracles in this case. Eat well and sleep well and see all your Hair problems fade away.

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