Best Ways to Reuse Expired Makeup Products!

Best Ways to Reuse Expired Makeup Products!

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Are you among those who use a lot of makeup products and one or the other time your makeup products tends to expire? Or are you among those who use makeup just for special occasions? Be it the former or the latter one, expired cosmetics does hurt everyone. There are a lot of amazing ways in which you can Reuse Expired Makeup Products.

We often do not pay attention to the shelf life or expiry dates of our cosmetic products. They may be nearing the expiry or have already expired for months. You may keep using the expired product for a long time without even knowing that it is of no use any more until it starts smelling funny and is destroyed. This usually happens with women who do not use makeup on a daily basis. For them, their expensive makeup is occasioned. And then they think how to reuse expired makeup products?


It is recommended to throw away the products for face and sensitive areas such as eyes to stay away from infections. We understand it is hard to bin the beautiful makeup products which cost you a lot. If it is too hard, you should use it properly and throw away the remains strictly into the trash for your health. You can repurpose and Reuse Expired Makeup Products as well. Read on to discover how!

Expiration Dates

It is essential to know the expiration dates of the products you use on your face and eyes. Expired products can cause harm to your skin, and if you are someone who has an ultra-sensitive skin, you should be extra careful about the expiries of the cosmetic items. So, before you reuse expired makeup products, make sure you know when are they actually getting expired.

If you used your expired makeup and did not know that it had expired, you should immediately wash it off or clean it with a damp cloth. If any rashes or redness appears, you must consider visiting your dermatologist. And if you are somebody who has an ultra-sensitive skin, God shall save it! Waste no time.

Some beauty brands do not mention the expiry dates on the products. In that case, knowing about maximum time, you can bring into use your cosmetics become necessary. But how will you know if the product is safe to use or not? We got you covered. Mentioned below is the maximum time of using a cosmetic product from the date of its manufactory.


Nail colour- 1-1.5 years


Oil-free foundation- 1 year

Cream Foundation- 18 months

Compact foundation- 18 months to 2 years

Cream Blush- 1-1.5 years

Powder- 2 years

Blush- 2 years

Bronzer- 2 years


Cream Eyeshadow- 1-1.5 years

Concealer- 1-1.5 years

Powder Eyeshadow- 2 years

Eyeliner- 2 years

Mascara and Liquid Liner- 3-6 mos.

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Lip Gloss- 18 months to 2 years

Lipstick- 2 years

Lipliner- 2 years

There is a way of finding out if your makeup has expired or not. If you notice some funny smell, broken, dried and thickening in the consistency of the item, the chances are that the product has expired.

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We know how saddening it is to throw away the cosmetics. But what if we tell you that you can re-use it? Interesting isn’t it?

Here are different ways that guide you to repurpose and Reuse Expired Makeup Products.

1. The Perfume

You bought this fragrance during a holiday. You liked it then, but you came back home and did not use it at all. What happened later? It expired, and now you are sad, even though it was not among your favourites, you just used it once, and it makes you more anxious as it was costly. Since it has now expired, you can’t use it on yourself, but there are different ways in which you can use it.



-Keep the perfume container with its cap off in the bathroom. It will function as an air deodorizer.

-You can also pour some drops of perfume into bathwater. It is very cost-effective as you don’t have to spend money on buying aroma and bath oils. It will also make your shower much more enjoyable.

-If you are somebody who hates the smell of old books, then we have something for you. Spray some perfume on your books and letters or cards for a good impression.

-You can use it as a room freshener

2. Mascara

Your favourite mascara is gone now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reuse it. The brands mention six months as the expiry date of mascaras, but they tend to dry up in just three months.

-What to do with the 3 months old mascara? Warm some water in a pan and put your mascara bottle in the water. Let it be there for 10-15 minutes. Voila! It has regained its thin consistency, and you can use it for another six months.

-What to do with a six months old or an expired Mascara? Just take the spoolie out, wash it, and throw away the bottle. You can use the mascara spoolie or wand to tame your eyebrows. You can use it as a lip scrubber for smooth and supple lips as well.

P.S-  Don’t forget to wash it off in a dishwasher or soap before bringing it into use.

3. Eye Shadow

What’s loss for the eyes is a gain of the nails. Use your expired eyeshadow as a nail enamel. You need a transparent overcoat and your worn-out eyeshadow. Just take the shade and put it in the bottle of the overcoat. Mix it well, and you are all set. Your nail paint is ready.

4. Lipstick

Now the expiry of this item is hurtful. But wait, what if we tell you that you can use it again? Yes, you read it right. Make a tinted lip balm from your worn-out lipstick.


For doing so, take a small container, heat the lipstick so that it kills the bacteria that might be present on it. Let it melt. Mix some beeswax, coconut oil or any essential oil or just vaseline with this melted lipstick. Let this blend well. Once done, put it into a small container and let it cool down. You can keep it in the refrigerator to speed it up. You are ready to go. Use this tinted lip balm every day or as you like it.

5. Expired lip balm

You can use your expired lip balm in a lot of ways

-Apply in the regions where there are blisters.

-Helps in keeping the cuticles clean

-Use them to fix your stuck zippers

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6. Worn out Liners

Your eyeliners get dry in 6 months. Although the expiry of such products is two years, they get wasted a long before they should be put into the bin. You can use your worn-out eyeliners for outlining your artwork. They are more comfortable in use rather than sketch pens as they glide smoothly. They can also be used as markers on wood, walls, and mirrors.

Eye Shadow

7. Kajal

Kajal is that beauty product in the beauty market that adds to the look of a female. It is the favourite product of a lot of women. If it gets expired, do not worry. Just heat your kajal pencil in a flame and burn it. Make sure it doesn’t start melting. Let it cool down. Wait for some time. Tadaaa! You can reuse your favourite kajal again.

8. Cake products

These makeup items last for very long. Although using them on the face and eyes is not a safe option. But there are other regions where you can use them such as legs, arms, and back.  You can use the cake products as body bronzers, for covering bruises, making masks, etc. But only use products that have recently expired and not more than that.

9. Skin Toner

Most of the skin toners have a high content of alcohol. These cannot and should not be brought into use after their expiry. But you can use them for cleaning glasses, mirrors, spectacles, and also your mobile screens.



10. Foundation

You can use your loose powder or foundation in art and craftwork. Sprinkling some foundation powder on the painting you recently made will help it gain some shine. You can also use your liquid or cream foundation in other parts of the body if it has expired recently. Do not use it if it got wasted ages ago.

11. Donate

If you do not want to reuse expired makeup products, then you can give your products to women who are poor or can’t afford to buy it. With this, we don’t intend to ask you to give them something that can potentially harm them. They too have a life, keep that in mind.

12. Exchange

You can not only reuse expired makeup products, but you can also exchange them too.MAC in some countries offers you a service where you can collect six containers of the products you have used from that brand and get a lipstick for free. Buy, use, save and exchange. It is that simple.

Here we have discussed the uses of expired cosmetics, what would you do? If you have any more ideas on how to reuse expired makeup products, then do share them with us in the comments below.

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