7 Steps to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro

7 Steps to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro

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Lipstick is that essential part of the woman’s makeup which can either add stars to her look or completely ruin it. Choosing the right lipstick matters a lot because sometimes a good look can be ruined completely by a weird shade of lipstick and sometimes even if you used the right shade, you might not get the best results. Often, people have very amateur application styles, and this leads their lipsticks to be caking, flaking off, melting and staining their teeth. As such there are no rules you need to follow while applying lipstick, you can do it the way it best suits you. But if you want it to be perfect, we are here to help. Read on to discover the Steps to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro.

How to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro

Looking gorgeous is every girl’s desire. Lipstick is something that adds to her look. It should be used with care as it can either make or break your entire look. You are about to discover seven steps to apply Lipstick like a Pro but first; we discuss the things you will need before applying lipstick.


Here they go

1. Lip Balm

2. Concealer

3. Lip Liner

4. Lipstick

5. Compact powder

Lip Balm

Let’s head on to the steps without any further ado.

Step 1: Exfoliation

Preparation is critical. Like we prepare our skin before makeup, we need to prepare our lips as well. The first step is Exfoliation. It is necessary even for the lips to be dealt with care. Exfoliation helps in removing the dead cells from your lips and provides a smooth canvas to work on. Exfoliation will also assist in making them supple and softer. Just take your toothbrush and gently brush them with it for a minute or two. You can do the same by using a damp towel. You can go for a Lip Scrub or make one for yourself at home by taking one part of any essential oil and one part sugar. P.s. Essential oils include jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. You can also choose honey instead of oil.

Step 2: Moisturisation

Nourish your lips by applying the lip balm or lip mask of your choice. We would suggest you apply the lip balm using fingers. This will make your lips soft and supple, helping the liner and lipstick to glide on evenly. Leave it for few minutes, while you can choose what lip shade you want to apply. Keep in mind that you do not choose a lip balm that is waxy or oily.

Step 3: Apply a Base

Before implementing the lip colour, you should even out your lips. Grab a concealer shade that matches your lip colour and apply it with a small flat brush. Lock it with a compact powder to make your lip colour stay longer.

Step 4: Line them up

Next step is lining the lips. Lining the lips is important as it not only defines them up but also keeps them away from feathering or bleeding.
Our lips have a natural white contour, so that makes it essential to line the lips. Ensure you chose a colour that matches the shade of your lipstick. Start applying the liner from one corner to the other on both the lips. Properly outline your lips and when you are done, fill both the lips with the same pencil. This will help in holding the lipstick, and it’ll stay for a longer time.

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Step 5: Use some Powder

Dusting some powder will help your lipstick stay for a longer time. Pick a small pinch of the powder and apply it on your lips with a cotton pad. Press and let it stay for some time. Dust it off using a brush or the cotton pad itself. Dusting it off is important in case you apply too much of it, you can always rely on using a brush. Lip liner can start appearing blurred if you apply too much of it. It will also ruin your lipstick.

Compact Powder

Step 6: The Final Destination

So, the last but not the final step is applying a Lipstick. Once you are done dusting off the excess powder from your lips, pick up your lip shade onto a lip brush and start using. Start from the centre if you want that area to be defined. Apply the lipstick evenly on both the lips. Make sure you apply it within the boundaries of the lip pencil.If you are not very comfortable about using a lip brush, then you can directly implement the lipstick. Apply two coats of the lipstick to make it look beautiful.

Step 7: Define what you just Did

Defined lips look better. It is necessary to set them after you have applied the lipstick. You should use a concealer for that purpose. Take a brush, pick the concealer that matches your shade and get into work. Blend it nicely and carefully into the skin near the edges. The concealer should be blended so well that it disappears into the skin. Finish the look by using a Gloss if you wish to.

Tips and Tricks to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro

There are certain things you can do to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro for making your lips look professionally done.

Here they are;

1. Make Your Lips Look, Fuller

* Dark Lipsticks make your lips look thin

* Light Lipsticks make them appear Significant

* Use a matte lipstick to make your lips look fuller than usual.

2. For making it Stay Longer

If you want your lipstick to stay longer, make sure that you use a tissue paper after you have applied the lipstick. Dust some compact powder over it. This will ensure that your lipstick stays put for a long time.

3. If you love the pastel trend, don’t waste money on buying another lipstick for this fad. Just use a white pencil over your lips and pat your favourite lip shade. Your DIY Pastel Lip shade is ready.

4. For achieving plump lips, apply a cream-based highlighter on the Cupid’s bow. This will highlight it from the centre and make them look fuller and Plumper.

5. If you love a particular lipstick but aren’t sure if you should wear it on a special occasion then just grab a tissue, press it and leave it for 30 seconds on the lips. This will make the lip colour lose its intensity.

6. Using a Lipliner darker than the lipstick makes your lips thinner. So, just be sure of what you want before you go down with it.

7. Lipstick and your Teeth: Blot inside of your lips to prevent it from smearing.

8. If you want to make your teeth look whiter, use a blue-based lipstick. If your lips have some grey or yellow in them, use a yellow-based lip colour.

These were some Tips and Tricks for applying lipstick. We shared with you 7 Steps to Apply Lipstick Like a Pro. Some days you may find following these measures a bit too much, especially when you are running late. For that matter, you can just go for the lip balm, liner and lipstick. We hope this article was helpful and you are going to do it professionally the next time you apply it.

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