Vitamin A Deficiency :Things one should Know

Vitamin A Deficiency :Things one should Know

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One of the most important things to keep human bodies fit and moving is vitamins and minerals like we need water to live and air to breathe in. These are the most significant needs of our body on which three most important process of our body depends. They are digestion, metabolism and immunity. There are many vitamins, which are important for the body, but there are some 13 vitamins that can’t be ignored. The names of those vitamins are Vitamin K, E, D, B, & C, etc. Now how to ensure that all these minerals are available in the body is a big question. It can be done by eating, but it does not mean that a person can eat anything to ensure the availability of these. For fulfilling this purpose, we need to maintain a balanced diet and ensure that there is no Vitamin A Deficiency in our body.


Vitamins are present in 2 forms. One is soluble in water, and the other is in the form of fat. Vitamin A is found in the liver, and it is also stored there. There are two types of Vitamin A – beta carotene is obtained from plant sources, and the other is retinol that one gets from animal products. It plays an important role in a human body in the following ways

1. Beta carotene is useful for neutralising free radicals, which help in accelerating ageing problem

2. Vitamin A is useful for healthy skin

3. Increases the reproductive power

4. Helps in building new cells

5. Is one of the most important ingredients in nerve development and its function

6. Protect eyes from vision related problems

7. Also important for strong bones and teeth

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One can get Vitamin A from fish like Tuna, mackerel, dairy products, meat, milk and cheese. These are also present in whole grains like brown rice and also an essential source is an avocado. It is also present in leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, also in carrot and sweet potato and nuts. But one should be aware that beta carotene and Vitamin A are often destroyed by the heat of the cooking process.

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We all know that excess of anything is harmful and so is the case with Vitamins. This is a true statement because sometimes vitamins can also become dangerous if it is consumed in higher dosages. If the dosage of the vitamin is less than 10000 IU per day, it is safe for the body. If the dosage crosses more than that, then it can cause many problems like nausea, stomach discomfort irritability, fatigue and so on.


Now, we will discuss what happens to a body when it suffers from Vitamin A deficiency. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause problems in 2 stages: Primary stage- one of the major problems is caused because of dietary habits. Many people who consume rice as staple food can suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin A. Here we discuss problems related to Vitamin A deficiency. People who suffer from cirrhosis of the liver celiac disease and autoimmune problems are the greatest victims of deficiency.

Deficiency of Vitamin A is very common in Asian and African countries. But it is very rare in the Western Countries. The greatest victims are the pregnant women and children having a danger of going blind.


A deficiency can be treated through blood diagnosis. Dosages have to be monitored carefully in children. Problems like ease dryness and reverse night blindness can be cured by Vitamin A supplements. There is a more serious situation that can’t be fixed like visual loss due to corneal ulcers. The problem of deficiency of Vitamin A can be cured by the proper dosage of medicines.

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