Tips to Prepare Your Own Inexpensive Homemade Night Cream

Tips to Prepare Your Own Inexpensive Homemade Night Cream

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Do you know using night creams is one of the best beauty tips to get fair and flawless skin? Well, some people are aware of the benefits of applying night cream, while others are not. It does not matter whether or not you know the advantages of night creams, the fact remains the same, and that is using homemade night cream should be a part of your beauty regimen.

So, now you must be thinking that why to take the pain of preparing your own night creams when you can easily get night creams in the market. But, the thing is you need to use the night cream daily and hence, it is best to use a homemade night cream which has natural ingredients in it and has no side effects. Also, night creams are undoubtedly expensive. So, fellas, what can we do to make our skin glowing without spending extravagantly? Well, the answer is using Homemade Night Cream!

Best Homemade Night Cream to get an Everlasting Beauty

1.Night Cream for Moisturising the Skin

You must be aware of the importance of keeping the skin moisturised. Applying moisturiser after cleansing face can leave you with soft, smooth skin. And for that, you need a night cream that can keep your skin moisturised. Well, here it is!
Take two half cups extra virgin olive oil, two spoons of coconut oil, one spoon beeswax and two capsules of vitamin E. When you have all the ingredients in front of you, combine olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax and heat the ingredients in a saucepan until the mixture is melted. Then, add crushed vitamin E capsules to the saucepan. Let it cool. Store the cream in a container and keep it at room temperature. Tada! Your night cream is ready, and you can use it for two to three months to keep your skin moisturised.

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2.Night Cream to Prevent Ageing

Nobody likes to tell their real age, isn’t it? We hate growing old because with passing age; our skin starts losing its glow. Fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles are some of the major signs of ageing that everyone wants to get rid of. Well, the solution is here!

Just take one avocado and one egg or half cup yoghurt. Mash avocado to make a fine, smooth paste and then add eggs to a blender (use yoghurt if you do not use eggs). Thereafter, add the mashed avocado and blend this into a smooth paste. Store this cream in a container and keep it in a dry place. You can use this cream two times a week to prevent the signs of ageing.

3.Night Cream to Get Fair Skin

We all want to have flawless skin, don’t we? It is not easy to get beautiful looking skin overnight, but by using this cream you will be able to get fair skin, and it will not even cost you much!

To prepare this homemade night cream, you would need seven to eight almonds, half cup yoghurt, one teaspoon each of turmeric powder and sandalwood powder, four to five drops of lemon juice and three to four saffron strands (optional).

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Soak almonds and keep it overnight. The next morning, peel the almonds and grind them to make a fine paste. Then you would have to add yoghurt, turmeric, lemon juice, saffron and sandalwood powder to the paste. Mix all the ingredients well to form a smooth consistency. Store this cream in a container and put it in a refrigerator. This cream would work best for one week.

4.Night Cream for Detoxification

The pollution and dust outside make our skin lose its shine, and we start looking dull. To revive and rejuvenate our skin, it is important to detoxify so that we can get rid of all the harm that pollution and dust cause to our skin.

To prepare this cream, you would need the following ingredients: One teaspoon each of green tea extract and essential oil; and one tablespoon each of almond oil, rose water, aloe vera juice and beeswax.

Place all the ingredients in front of you and then boil beeswax and almond oil together. Heat until the mixture melts completely. Then, remove the mixture from the flame and add aloe vera to it and blend well. Next, add green tea extract, rose water and essential oil to it and mix thoroughly. Store this night cream in a container and use it daily for detoxification.

5.Night Cream to Cure Acne

It feels very annoying to see acne on the face, isn’t it? And, then we leave no stone unturned to get rid of it, but sometimes all we can do is try and prevent acne outbursts. And one of the quick and best ways to do it is applying night cream that can not only cure acne but also prevent it.

Take one teaspoon each of lavender oil and primrose oil, and two tablespoons of aloe vera extracts. When the ingredients are ready, mix aloe vera extract with lavender oil. Then, add primrose oil to it and blend well. Store the cream in a container and keep it in a dry place. Apply it daily.

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6.Night Cream to Treat Wrinkle

If you want to get rid of dry and chapped skin with wrinkles on it, then you must try this night cream which is made with cocoa butter and works efficiently in treating wrinkles and leaving you with beautiful skin.

To make this cream, take one tablespoon of virgin olive oil and coconut oil and two tablespoons of cocoa butter. Put all the ingredients in a boiler and heat until all the ingredients blend properly. Remove the boiler from the flame and let it cool. Keep the cream in a container and use it daily.

7.Night Cream for Dry Skin

Do you have dry skin and do not know how to have smooth, hydrated skin? Well, do not worry. There is a homemade night cream you can apply daily to keep your skin moisturised and treat dry skin.

Take one tablespoon each of almond oil and honey, and two tablespoons of cocoa butter and rose water. Melt almond oil and cocoa butter in a boiler. Then, take it off the flame and add honey and rose water to it. Blend well and let it cool. You can also store it in a refrigerator. Use it daily to get smooth skin.

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8.Night Cream to Refresh your Skin

We all want to wake up pretty looking like a beautiful angel, don’t we? Yes, it is the dream of every woman! But, to make that dream come true, it is important to follow these three skincare tips: Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. But, what if I tell you that you can do all these three things with the help of this cream? Amazed, right? Well, then let me tell you the method to prepare night cream that will nurture your skin.

Take one tablespoon milk cream, one teaspoon each of olive oil, glycerine and rose water. Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend well so that a smooth paste is formed. Place the cream in a container and apply it daily to rejuvenate your skin.

Do you want to get skin like your favourite actress? Well, then take care of your skin and don’t forget to apply the cream at night. Also, make sure to remove your makeup and cleanse your face before using a night cream. ‘Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle,’

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