How to Deal with Ageing and Beat it !

How to Deal with Ageing and Beat it !

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“You are just 26?”, “You look older than your age” ever got to hear any of these comments? We wish you never get to hear these! But unfortunately more than half of us struggle with this problem, and this is what premature ageing is! So, are you ageing gracefully or are you one out of the two people who age faster than their biological age? You know the answer, right? But you can try preventing premature ageing if you know about the possible common causes of premature ageing.


Ageing is not just a physiological process. It is linked to the fact that how old the person is as it is a known fact that biological and chronological age is not just the same. Everyone is concerned with the way they look. For some, age is just numbers. A normal human being with almost no disease at all can live up the age of 120 years approximately. There are so many people who live a life without much pain and suffering. In today’s world mostly the concentration is only on finding a solution to the symptom relief. It has been established that normal functioning can halt premature ageing. If this procedure is adopted, then people would live a life devoid of pain.

Ageing is an inevitable process. Advances in science have not yet been able to discover ways to control the signs of ageing. However, certain lifestyle modifications can help you in the process of delaying the biological clock. Here are a few tips which will keep you fit and fine and slow down the ageing process.

Do you forget to remove your makeup? You should definitely leave this habit right now as this can be one of the most common causes of premature ageing. Apart from this, there are many other causes of premature ageing that you must be aware of!

Premature Ageing

The Most Common Causes of Premature Ageing

1. Compromising Sleep Time

Dark circles and a lacklustre complexion are the common signs that indicate insufficient sleep, but if you regularly compromise with your bedtime, you are compromising with your skin health too as it can age your skin prematurely. It is vital to give equal attention to your sleep as it is essential for cell generation as well as for restoring the body’s energy levels. You’ll be surprised to know that both of these factors help you become healthier and stronger. At least Seven to Eight hours of sleep is suggested for a fully restorative night’s rest. If you are getting less than this, you can be at the risk of premature ageing! So, do not compromise Sleep time, avoid sleeping next to your phone so that you can have a good Sleep!

2. Smoking

We all know that smoking is bad for our health, but it is also known as one of the leading causes of premature ageing! It can cause premature fine lines typically appearing in the areas where the skin is comparatively thin such as above the upper lip and the sides of the eyes. These smoking lines appear 10-15 years before in smokers than they appear among non-smokers. One of the major causes of premature ageing among smokers may lie in the reduction of vitamin c level in their blood, whereas it’s around 60% lower in comparison to the level found in the blood of non-smokers. Vitamin c is an essential component for the production of collagen fibres, which are responsible for the elasticity and youthful, younger appearance and insufficient vitamin c can affect the proper production of collagen.


3. Going to Sleep without removing your Makeup

Yes! You actually hurt your skin when you go to bed without removing your makeup. People often make this mistake, and they fall asleep without removing their makeup and what happens is just not good! Removing your makeup with a cleanser is a healthy habit but skipping it can lead to breakouts later. Visible and invisible pollution build up on your skin during the day and invade pores which can result in complexion problems. So don’t hop into the bed wearing your makeup! Use a good cleanser or makeup remover and save your skin!

4. Stress

Stress has become a very common problem nowadays and is known as one of the leading causes of premature ageing in recent years. Prolonged emotional stress can cause an increase in the secretion of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. These stress hormones are responsible for various ageing processes including suppression of normal synthesis of connective tissue, characteristic increase in face mass, along with osteoporosis processes that damage bone density and even cause changes in the bone structure
There are various visible effects of stress including hair loss, wrinkles and many other signs that make us look older than our biological age. However, there are a number of ways in which you can beat stress, but it can only work if you are genuinely willing to do so. So, are you willing to beat stress?


5. A Poor Diet

A nutritious and balanced diet has a lot of health benefits whereas a poor diet can affect your whole health. It is advisable to have a healthy and balanced diet to maintain a youthful and younger appearance. There are a lot of skin products in markets that promise to help you give a shiny and glowing skin but can they work better than natural remedies? A good diet is a natural remedy to have healthy skin. Eat a diet that contains fruits and vegetables, lean or reduced-fat meats and drink water in recommended amounts every day.

So, these are the five most common causes of premature ageing. You can do wonders to your skin by making simple changes in your lifestyle. You should never compromise with your Sleeping time. Maintaining good sleep hygiene and a healthy diet is key to a Happy Life. We all love our skin so, can’t we make little efforts to keep our skin in good health?

Solution to End Ageing

How to Avoid over Ageing

1. Maintaining a level of Wellness:

Although ageing and diseases just run parallel on the same plain, they are certainly not the same One might be sick and thus die from various diseases which are quite natural in old age, but the person need not be prominently old to have diseases. If an optimum wellness level is maintained, one can get away with many diseases. Certain factors have to be kept in mind when dealing with premature ageing. These must be followed so as to prevent someone from being the victim of premature ageing.

2. Eat less, feel better:

As soon as you skip your diet, your body generates comparatively lesser free radicals, which are also known as cell-damaging oxygen molecules. These chemicals are known to be the main factors that accelerate aging. Chop off extra calories from your diet chart to combat ageing easily.

3. Say no to White Sugar:

In order to cut down your total calorie consumption, avoid snacks, soda or baked goods. This will inevitably increase your energy manifold. In case you are craving for sweets, quench your thirst from natural sources, such as honey, fresh fruits, real maple syrup in moderation, and use other commendable spices (i.e., cinnamon) to treat your taste buds.

4. Stay Hydrated throughout the Day:

Water plays many roles in keeping you healthy. Water will prevent dry skin, wrinkles and ensure that hair, skin and nails remain soft and supple for a long time. Sip water (8-10 glasses daily), herbal tea etc to regularly flush out stressful, age causing toxins.

Drinking Water

5. Take Antioxidants and balance your Appetite:

Take antioxidants every day in the form of a vegetable juice or wheatgrass juice or by taking an antioxidant vitamin supplement can make you look and feel young for a long time. In case you feel hungry, you can start consuming raw soothing vegetables like cucumber, radish etc or fruits like orange, watermelon etc.

6. Kick the butt and cut down junk foods to defy Ageing :

Avoid tobacco; reduce alcohol and fried sugar and maida-based foods. These foods are denatured (robbed of natural vitamins) and trigger production of free radicals in the body which precipitate the ageing process.

7. Exercise regularly to improve your metabolism and burn calorie:

In the same way, as overweight is not at all acceptable, so is underweight! Achieving your ideal body weight is absolutely mandatory, so as to ensure overall good health! Consult with your physician, and indulge in intense physical activities, so as maintain commendable heart health. Practise yoga, swimming or at least walking for 30-60 minutes a day; and you will be amazed to see how your age will walk backwards.

7.Stress and Lack of Exercise:

Life today is on the run. Everyone is worried about their work and tend to take unnecessary stress for almost anything and everything possible. Also because of a busy schedule, one does not get a chance to visit a gym or do exercises required to stay healthy and fit. Thus the best thing to do is reduce the stress level to an extent only by avoiding situations which can trigger stress. Stress might just result in visible effects on someone, such as hair loss or noticeable wrinkles.

7. Eat fresh, high fibre foods to ensure ample Carbohydrates:

Consider high fibre foods such as green fleshy vegetables, whole grains, citrus fruits, brown rice, pulses like rajma, channa, whole wheat; etc.

Healthy Eating

8. Focus on the positive aspects of Life:

Spend more time with people, you enjoy being with and glance towards the positive aspects of life. You will not age; at least feel young for a much longer time.

It is imperative to have a strong positive will so as to stay fit both physically and mentally. If one’s life is filled with gloom and has no reason to smile or to feel happy, it will reflect on the face and thus will gradually take away the glow and will make it look much older. But positivity in life can help get away with all the pain with a smile and it will reflect on your skin.

9. Select the right cooking medium, to filter excess Oil!

Olive oil is the most beneficial for health. Oils extracted from till and mustard seeds also have health-promoting properties.

 10.Get rest to prevent ageing:

One of the best ways to prevent ageing is by getting the required amount of sleep needed by the body. An average person needs 6-8 hours of sleep every day. Also, occasional sleep is needed to calm down the excessive stress taken by the body during the entire day. This can help slow down the process of premature ageing to a great extent.

So in a nutshell, eat well, exercise your body and mind regularly, maintain a positive attitude and you will see things changing around you for good.

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Supplements Can Help In slowing down the Ageing Process

Ageing is inevitable, but no one likes to grow old. A wrinkled face and lax muscles are abhorred by most and hence most resort to methods for reducing the ageing process. Supplements are great for extending your youthfulness a little longer and restoring physical vitality. The products are more important for people who tend to get older ahead of their age. These supplements help in restoring vivacity and spirit which gives you more ability to work and keeps you healthy. You tend to feel more energetic than ever before by using the supplements.

Benefits of using supplements:

The products available in the market do not help in reducing age. But they help in decreasing the side effects of ageing.
• They are responsible for increasing energy levels in individuals so that they can work faster and harder without feeling tired.
• It helps in flushing out toxins from the system and increasing the process of cell renewal which makes you look younger.
• The supplements help in improving the skin texture and making it youthful and taut.
• It also helps in making the internal organs stronger so that digestion and assimilation of proteins improve. It also lends support to the vital organs like heart, thereby improving cardiac health.
• These products are also responsible for reducing body weight, which in most cases makes people look and feel more aged than they are. Weight loss helps in increasing workability and energy.
• The supplements are also useful for improving performance in bed which keeps both couples happy and strengthen the relationship ties. All of the above helps in slowing down the ageing process which keeps one youthful and young.

What are the ingredients used?

They make use of natural ingredients which are safe to use, without any side-effects. Many products have flooded the market making it impossible to differentiate the best from the harmful ones. In such a scenario checking out the ingredients and running a search regarding their value is a good idea. Many over the counter products are available which can be useful for you. But it is best to conduct thorough research before purchasing them. You can also check with a doctor to get the right product and the dosage so that the effects can be seen in a short while.

How should the supplement be used?

It is best to use, according to the dosage mentioned in the pack which is one capsule a day. Along with taking the pills, it is best to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise so that the effects can take action much faster that they are supposed to. Also, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is imperative for reducing the effects of ageing and staying fit.

The cost factor is important:

Since many products are available in the market, you should opt for a product that does not burn a hole in your pocket. The herbal anti-ageing products are easy on the pocket, effective, and without any potential side-effects. Ordering these products is not too difficult because you can always order them online from your home and get them delivered at your doorstep pretty fast. The products are delivered in discreet packages. The payment modes are safe enough, and you can sometimes avail discounts as well. In the case of queries, customer support is also available 24×7. In case the customers are not satisfied with the product there is a 90-day guarantee of returning the money. Money-back is also prompt, and the customers have to contact the support for the purpose.


Best Anti-Ageing Face Exercises

Ageing is a natural phenomenon which occurs in the life of every individual. Though it’s a natural phenomenon, we cannot completely avoid this. For the prevention of ageing, many people use beauty products which are manufactured with the anti-ageing components. The performance of these beauty products varies from person to person, and the results are not always assured. Apart from beauty products, facial exercises are also a way to look beautiful and attractive. Though all of these exercises are very easy to perform, you will not face any problem while doing these. Check out some of the best Anti-Ageing Face Exercises  mentioned below to get radiant and taut skin that defies age

Anti-Ageing Face Exercises for the improvement of the Jaw-Line:

The jawline and shoulder are connected with the help of a muscle called platysma. When the tautness of the muscle becomes loose, you get a double chin as well as a saggy skin on the neck. To avoid this, you have to do the following exercise properly. At first, sit or stand straight then you have to look at the ceiling by tilting your head backwards. At the same time, try to touch the tongue to the roof of your mouth. You may feel minor pain in your neck due to the muscle contraction. Hold the tongue for 25 to 30 seconds. Then you have to bring your chin down to your neck. You will need to repeat this exercise at least five times for optimum result.

For reducing your Double-Chin:

The double chin is a common problem for those who are slightly on the heavier side. If you want to get rid of this problem as well as shape your neck and chin, then you have to do the below-mentioned exercise. This can be done by keeping the neck erect in an upright posture. You have to press your lower lip over the upper lip, then smile and at the same time lifting the corners of the lip needs to be done. As the final step, you should rub the underlying muscle till it hurts.

Anti Ageing Face Exercises: Face Yoga

The facial yoga is another typical type of exercise which not only tones the muscles of your neck and face but also helps to increase the blood circulation as well as gives you relief from the tension of the face muscles. To do this exercise, you have to take a deep breath through the mouth. Next, hold the breath as long as you can. As a final step, exhalation should be done through the nose. The entire step should be repeated for at least 8-10 times.

Forehead Repairing:

Through this exercise, you will surely be able to get smoother and ageless forehead by removing the wrinkles. Being one of the easiest exercises, you can do this exercise irrespective of time and place. The thing which needs to be done is simply making surprising looks without making the forehead wrinkled. You should widen your eyes as much as possible at the time of doing this exercise. Repeat it 8 to 10 times. For getting the best result, the entire exercise should be repeated twice a day.

Flex your Brows:

The density and firmness of the eyebrows get reduced as the age increases. Sagging eyebrows may provide you with a pale look, but by doing these exercises, you should be able to get rid of that problem. After holding the eyebrows in the right position with your fingertips, you have to lift the eyebrows upwards and outwards by putting some pressure. After holding this position for five seconds, you have to press down the muscles (which are present above your eyebrows) against your fingers. As a result of this exercise, the flexibility of your eyebrows will surely increase.

Chew a Gum:

Chewing gum is another method which can help fight the signs of anti-ageing. By the steady and consistent movement of the face muscles, the quality of the skin improves and becomes much firmer. The other benefit of doing these exercises is to get smoother skin.

It has been scientifically proven that these simple facial exercises can provide you with the expected result, though you should not expect a significant result within a short period. If you follow these exercises consistently for a sufficient amount of time, you will surely get the expected benefit. Apart from doing these exercises, you should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day not only for getting healthy skin but also keeping the skin elasticity intact. If you have tried different kinds of anti-ageing beauty products but are still unable to find the expected result, then this is the right time for you to try these facial exercises.

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