KOREAN SKIN CARE TIPS:  Guide for a Flawless Skin

KOREAN SKIN CARE TIPS: Guide for a Flawless Skin

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Maybe she is born with it, or maybe it’s the products she uses and the beauty routine she follows? Every woman idolises the flawless, radiant, skin the women of Korea possess. You are going to be hard-pressed if you find even a single woman who does not have flawless and glowing skin in Korea. Do you know why? Koreans believe having beautiful skin is their ultimate investment. They not only invest a recognisable part of their money in skincare but also their time. Korean women have had their secrets of beauty sleeved for centuries, and they are always on the cutting edge of what is next. Read on to discover the Korean Skin Care tips we have simply decided for you.

There is more to skincare than just cleansing, toning and moisturising. If your daily beauty routine involves just these three, you won’t go far. The Korean Skin Care routine includes primarily 11 steps. It can be daunting at first, but we got you covered.

One thing you must understand is that Beauty comes from within. It is all about achieving a healthy glow from inside. It may take a long time for you to reach there but the results are worth it.

11 Steps of Korean Skin Care Tips Decoded

Step 1: Oil-Based Cleanser

Removing makeup is an essential part of every skincare routine. Korean women start their beauty regimen with an oil-based cleanser. They remove their oil-based makeup, SPF and impurities such as grime and dirt from the face with the help of an oil-based cleanser. The reason why an oil-based cleanser is used and not water-based is that water repels oil and hence is not a valid option for removing makeup. This makes removing the impurities off quickly. The oil helps in melting the makeup off your skin and leaving your skin deeply cleansed.

Apply Facial cleanser

Step 2: Water-Based Cleanser

The next phase of the perfect beauty regimen is cleansing the skin with a water-based cleanser. You may be wondering why another cleanser? This is to ensure that even the tiniest of dirt or oil particle is not left on the skin. It makes your face squeaky clean. Apply the foam-based cleanser in circular motions with your fingertips and clean it off with water.

Step 3: Buff, Buff, Exfoliate

If you want smooth and soft skin, this one is must ladies. Good skin is devoid of any dead cell remains. Dead skin makes it look dull and tired. Slough these off gently using an exfoliator. The microbeads present in the exfoliators help in removing the dead cells and leave your skin looking flawless. Focus more on the areas that require more attention such as cheeks and nose. However, this step should not be performed every day but exfoliating it twice or thrice in a week is fine.

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Step 4: Tone your skin tight

Toning is not something new for those who have been following the Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising routine. So, you probably know how important this step is. A Toner removes any residual matter that may be present on the surface of the skin and was not eliminated in the prior three steps. It not only does that but also soothes and restores the pH level of the skin.

Step 5: Essence is very essential

The essence is regarded as a significant part of the Korean Skin Care routine. You may be wondering what an Essence is all about. When you use two cleansers, it will take away all the hydration from your skin and leave it dry. The essence is a nourishing liquid concentrate that hydrates the skin and effectively helps by enhancing the renewal process of the skin. This leads to improved skin elasticity, brighter complexion and firmness. Spray it on your skin and gently tap to help absorption.

Step 6: Face Serum

If you are among those people who do not have an idea of what a face serum does, then you should read this article, (link the article on face serum). Serums are used to take care of certain issues related to skin. The problems such as acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, open pores, etc. are adequately addressed with the help of serum. They consist of particles that make your skin flawless and prevent ageing very fast.  These are used basically to boost the health of your skin.

Moisturizer or Serum

Step 7: Add an Ampoule

An ampoule is a supercharged serum with concentrations of active ingredients higher than one should use for a small or finite period. It acts as a booster at times when you are having a skin problem.

Step 8: Face Sheet Mask

The most impressive thing about a Korean Skin Care Routine is that it feels like a pampering beauty session. After you are done with everything, the time has come to use a face mask. There is a huge variety of face masks available in the market. You can choose them according to your wish and requirements. Leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes and relax. It is an excellent way to end your tiring day.

Step 9: Tap on the Eye Cream for more

The area around our eyes is very delicate. Working for long hours, odd sleeping patterns etc. can lead to puffiness, dark circles and dull eyes. It can also lead to the appearance of fine lines at an early age. Using an eye cream can help you by keeping these problems at bay. Also, many times, pulling or tugging the skin around the eyes while applying Kohl and liners can make it lose. Korean women keep their eyes look healthy by just using and tapping a drop of eye cream before sleeping. This prevents dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles and you wake up Dark-circle free.

Eye Cream

Step 10: Moisturizer

We know having a moisturised skin is of utmost importance. A woman should invest in an effective moisturiser for maintaining healthy skin. If you have oily skin, do not ever think that you don’t need a moisturiser. Everybody needs a moisturiser. You can choose from numerous options that are available in the market according to your skin type. It blends with your skin and keeps the skin moisturised and healthy.

Step 11: SPF

The last step is to use a sunscreen with a good SPF. Koreans are extremely particular about stepping out into the sunlight only when they have applied sunscreen. The rays of the sun make your skin age faster. You must make it a habit of using sunscreen even when you are stepping out for 10 minutes. This is going to help you in the long run. Trust Us!

Sunscreen products

This was all about Korean Skin Care Tips. One thing we would also like to mention is that using skincare products alone can’t do wonders. There are two other important steps people often miss out while following a regimen. These are as follows;

Consistency- Being consistent in performing the full skin care regimen can only help in reaching the desired goals. Doing it for one day and then forgetting about it on the other will not help. If you take it up, do involve in the practice with full dedication and sincerity.

Diet- It is another and the most important factor that can help you in getting flawless skin. Eat a balanced diet for staying in the pink of health and beautiful always. One doesn’t have to follow a Korean diet to improve their health. They can always rely upon what they eat in a day. Also, it will be great if you increase the intake of green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet.

Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful!

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