Beginner’s Guide to Skincare Essentials

Beginner’s Guide to Skincare Essentials

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Do you have those *Serum first or moisturiser* mornings every day? With the advancement in the beauty industry, there are so many skincare products that are introduced in the market every year.There is a moisturiser for every skin Type, face serum, sunscreens with different SPFs, cleansers, spot treatments, etc. You name it, and it is there. Getting hold of all these might seem quite a dream to most women while many of us may already possess these. With all these products your skin care routine can get overwhelming.Does it matter in which order you apply your Skincare Essentials? Yes, it does. Knowing the right order to use your Skincare Essentials can make a big difference.

Skincare Essentials: Why Sequence Matters?

For a flawless skin, correctly applying your Skincare Essentials ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of all the products. For instance, if you use a cream based product first and later apply face serum, the cream won’t allow the serum to reach the skin, and thus it will have no effect. Also, if you use a water based moisturiser over sunscreen, it will dilute its efficacy. There is a lot more about different products and the correct method of using them which many of us might not be aware of. Therefore, it is essential to know what should be applied and when for best results to have a flawless skin like that of our idols.

Here’s your guide to Skincare Essentials and the Correct Order of using them:

Now talking about the Golden Rule? Go lightest to heaviest.

1. Cleanser:

You should always start by removing the dirt and oil buildup from your face with a cleanser. This can be done by using a basic facial cleanser. You can also opt for double cleansing by using a cleansing oil for dissolving the makeup and then using the regular face wash for further cleaning. Cleaning your skin in two steps make the skin look fresh and prepared to absorb the skin regimen.

Apply Facial cleanser

2. Toner:

After cleansing, it is essential to finish off this phase with a skin toner. A toner washes away all the dirt, oils, chlorine, residual mineral salts, etc. thoroughly. Make sure to use an alcohol-free facial toner as alcohol is harsh and might damage your skin.

Face Toner

3. Serum:

Now using a face serum is optional but is recommended for better-looking skin. It focuses on the problem areas such as uneven skin tone, dull skin, fine lines, premature ageing and a lot more. Using a small drop of face serum can do wonders to your skin. It should be applied to the skin while it is still damp so that it can lock in some moisture and make your skin feel hydrated for a long time. Serums also improve the efficiency of other products.

Facial Oils vs Serums

4. Moisturisers:

You should never skip applying your moisturiser. Most people tend to skip these from their skincare routine but it is a must. Moisturisers should be used on the face along with the neck since the neck needs attention too. Apply it from the middle of your face, pushing it outwards. This way the moisturiser settles more abundantly. Keep in mind while using a moisturiser that you don’t over layer your skin with it as it might clog the pores.


5. Eye Cream:

Eye creams are heavier and more concentrated than regular moisturisers that we use.You can apply a pea-sized amount underneath your eyes above upper cheek bone every day for best results. Its application maintains the health and thickness of the eyelid skin. Regular use of eye cream will keep the eyelid skin elastic and prevent the appearance of fine lines. (P.S. Eye creams can also be used as a highlighter).

Sunscreen products

6. SPF:

This is among the most important Skincare Essentials, and one should never step outdoors without it. Applying a drop of SPF on your face acts as a barrier against the harmful rays of the sun.

Following a routine is a must. You must be diligent enough to take care of your skin if you want it to be flawless and youthful for a long time. It is said if you want to keep that vibrant and youthful look in he 40s then start taking care of yourself when you are in your 20s. Are you doing this the right way?

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