Beat The Heat with These Amazing Sunscreen Lotions!

Beat The Heat with These Amazing Sunscreen Lotions!

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Sunscreen is one of the best products to protect our skin from the sun rays during the summers. Indeed, it is a lifetime saviour which safeguards our skin against the harsh rays of the sun. But, with a broad range of sunscreens available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best amongst them!

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You must select a sunscreen lotion which is best suited to your skin type. Sure, your friends might be using some sunscreen and might recommend you the same, or you can get attracted by an advertisement and buy the product. But, it’s your skin we are talking about- so you must be careful as selecting a wrong beauty product can do more harm than good.

Many people avoid the use of sunscreen creams thinking that it won’t help them much. Some people find them not that useful, while some believe that it is not feasible to spend money on this product. Whatever the reason may be, the truth remains the same- These products are crucial for our skin!

So, Why Should You Apply a Sunscreen? Here is, Why!

1. It protects us from harmful UV rays

It assists in protecting the skin from the harmful sun rays and prevent skin problems such as acne, pimples, tanning and even skin cancer.

True, we get Vitamin D from the sun rays; however, it does not mean that we put our health at risk. Getting yourself exposed to sun rays for 10 to 15 minutes between 11 am and 3 pm is sufficient for Vitamin D production.

2. It Prevents Sunburns

UVB rays make our skin weak and more prone to getting bruises. Sun rays can cause our skin to swell. It might also lead to redness and hives. These skin problems can escalate the risk of skin cancer.

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Studies suggest that recurring occurrence of sunburns can increase your chances of getting melanoma. So, that is why one must apply a sunscreen to prevent these diseases.

3. It Protects You from Tanning

People love to get a healthy tan. But, you must be aware that too much exposure to the UVB rays can cause damage to your skin.

Sunscreens help in preventing tanning- make sure to choose a sunscreen with a minimum of Sun Protection Factor (SPF 30).

4. It Promotes Skin Health

It helps in protecting the essential skin proteins, such as keratin, elastin and collagen which makes the skin smooth and healthy.

Also, it assists in preventing premature ageing and gives us a radiant, healthy skin. It protects our skin from developing signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Researchers have shown that people who use sunscreen on a regular basis have 24% lesser chances of developing ageing signs than those who do not apply it.
In a nutshell, these lotions help in protecting us from various skin disorders and give our skin a smooth, radiant look.

Quick Facts about Sunscreen

Always choose a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or more as it gives more protection from the sun rays. An SPF 30 lotion blocks nearly 97% of UVB radiation.

Along with SPF level, also look for PA+. PA ranking shows how much the sunscreen will offer protection from the UVA rays.

1. Use a sunscreen that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

2. Both the UV rays are harmful- UVA rays cause wrinkles and fine lines and can age your skin prematurely; while UVB rays cause sunburn and tan.

3. Apply sunblock creams throughout the year. Most people believe in the notion that tan removal creams are only meant for the summer season, but the fact is that they are to be applied in every season.
4. Use a moisturiser before applying the sunscreen.

Best Sunscreens for every Skin Type

Selecting a good sunblock for your skin is indeed very hard. Here, I have compiled some of the best and popular sunscreens in India:

1. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock
This is one of the best sunscreens which is suited for all skin types. With an SPF level of 40 and PA+++, it tends to offer excellent protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Lotus Herbals Sunscreen

Image Source: Acnemantra

It is easily absorbed and does not make your skin look greasy and oily. Thus, oily skin people need not worry now- as this lotion will not make their skin greasy and sticky. Also, it gives a matte finish look to the skin.
If you have dry skin, it might feel rough when you apply the lotion on the skin. Thus the best way to apply it is by applying a mild moisturiser first and then using the sunblock.
It has a mild fragrance that stays for some time. The packaging of the product is average. The product comes in a tube, and the cap is a tight flip which does not let the sunblock leek. But the problem comes while getting the lotion out of the tube as the opening of the tube is quite big, and the product gets a little runny, spill out and creates a mess inside the cap.

But, all this can be ignored seeing the benefits of the product as this lotion is actually very effective in preventing the skin from sun damage.
Price-Rs 245 for 50g.

2. Lakme Sun Expert UV Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50
Lakme Sun Block is one of the best lotions in India which has SPF 50 and PA++++, which means maximum protection from the sun.

LAKME 50 SPF Sunscreen

Image Source: Amazon

The packaging of the product is travel-friendly. The product comes in a yellow colour tube. It comes out easily and ejaculates enough lotion required for face and neck. It does not spill and does not leak as it has a screw top opening which is very tight.

It gets absorbed quickly and easily and is not thick and heavy on the skin. It gives a good creamy texture to the skin and prevents the skin from the harmful UV rays.
The product has a citrusy smell as it contains cucumber and lemon grass extract.
The product is suitable for all skin types; however, it is best suited to those who have oily skin.
Price- Rs 99 for 15 ml.

3. L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise UV Perfect Moisture Fresh Sunscreen
This product is a little expensive than others, but it protects the skin from harmful sun rays efficiently, and so it is totally worth the price.

LOreal Paris SPF 30 Sunscreen

Source: Makeupandbeauty
The product’s packaging is quite elegant, and it comes in a bottle which has a flat-shaped look and has a cap as its base.

The product is PA+++ along with SPF 30 which means higher protection from the sun. The lotion feels light on the skin and gets absorbed easily. It has a light golden-creamy shade, and its fragrance is sweet and mild.

It is perfect for those people who sweat a lot as this lotion doesn’t make you sweat and also does not make you look greasy.

All in all, the product is good and is useful in preventing tanning. The only downside of the lotion is that it is a bit more expensive than the others.
Price- Rs 475 for 30 ml

4. Biotique Face & Body Sun Lotion SPF 30 – Bio Aloe Vera
When it comes to skincare, Biotique is one of the trusted brands in India. The lotion includes pure Aloe Vera, Sunflower and safflower oils which help in keeping the skin soft and moisturised in the sun. The lotion is easy to apply on the skin, but it takes time to get absorbed. The fragrance of the cream is strong which lasts long.

Biotique Face Body Sunscreen

Source: MakeupandBeauty
As a sunblock, it works in an excellent way when it comes to protecting the skin from sun rays. However, it is more suitable for those who have a combination skin. Those who have dry, flaky skin may go for some other options.
Price- Rs 199 for 120 ml

5. Jovees Sandalwood Sun Cover Natural Protection SPF 30
Speaking of beauty care, Jovees is one of the best ayurvedic products available in the market. The lotion has an attractive packaging and comes in a tube. The cream is white in colour, and the texture is consistent with a mild, pleasant fragrance.

Jovees Sandalwood Sun Cover

Source: Makeupandbeauty
It is travel-friendly. It does not give a sticky, greasy look to the face and is easily absorbed. Also, it gives a cooling sensation when applied to the skin and makes the skin visibly fair. The only disadvantage of the product is that it is doubtful if it is waterproof. All in all, it is a good product as it is suitable for all skin types and is a value for money.
Price- Rs 105 for 50 gm

So, what are you waiting for? Summers is here- Get a right sunscreen and protect your skin from the damage caused by the sun. Feel beautiful, Look Beautiful! After all- Beauty is a Power, and a smile is its sword!

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