The right time to Replace Your Makeup !

The right time to Replace Your Makeup !

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Makeup is a girl’s best friend, and they use different products to look glamorous always. Every product has a best by date, and it is for a good reason. Many may not have the date in print somewhere on the product itself, but you should keep a tab on it for your good. Just as food items get spoil owing to bacteria, there is every chance of your favourite shade of lipstick getting all mouldy due to lack of use.


Store Well to Keep Bacteria at Bay!

Eye make-up has the maximum chance of getting spoilt easily. Eye infection can be quite serious, so it is essential that mascara and liquid eyeliners are changed at the earliest, preferably after every three to four months irrespective of how much you have used it. The growth of bacteria is possibly the only reason why they should be changed after some time, so it depends on a lot of usages.

It is best to store them away from sunlight and keep the lids closed tightly. Mascara should be discarded after three months even if it does not dry up. For the ones that have dried up using water or saliva to make it usable is a bad idea.

Change Eye Makeup Frequently

Eye pencils, whether they are Kohl, eyeliners or lip liners can be used for longer periods, say up to two years, provided you sharpen them before application. Powder eye shadows can be used for around two years if all the applicators are kept clean. But for liquid ones, the tenure is around a year.

Keep in mind that if you have been affected by an eye infection anytime after the new eye makeup has been used then you will need to throw away the entire contents. The bacteria are sure to have infected the whole of it and using it would mean getting ready for another round of infection.


Throw Away Funny Smelling Lipsticks!

Lipsticks and lip pencils have a greater shelf life than the eyeliners. Sharing makeup is a strict no-no because you may get an infection. Lip lining pencils should be sharpened before each use to limit the chance of infection. But if the lipsticks smell funny it is best not to use them.

Liquid lipsticks like mascara should not be used for more than three or four months. Blushes and powders should be thrown away after a year or so if you don’t want to have a lot of pimples after use. The applicators should be cleaned after use and stored properly.

Foundations Last Longer!

Foundations which form the basis of all makeup are available in powder and liquid forms. Water-based ones last about a year while the oil-based ones can be used till eighteen months or so. The makeup sponge is the storehouse of bacteria so if you are using one then cut the duration of usage to eight months before you need to throw it away.

However, foundation sponges can be very expensive so you can cut them in halves to make them last longer. As long as you keep the makeup clean and bacteria-free, you can safely use it. But remember that makeup is supposed to make you look prettier, and any infection can hamper the purpose severely.

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