Home-made Pedicure Tips which give great Results !

Home-made Pedicure Tips which give great Results !

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Along with looking good, people tend to drain their fortune, in feeling good these days. Therefore, the pedicure and manicure sections of salons are always packed with bookings by people who are trying to make their hands and feet look clean and spick and span.


You may decide not to go to the Salon because:

• It takes up quite a bit of time;
• There is always a rush;
• It may be expensive from time to time;
• The services that you get, he may not be exactly what you’re looking for!

If the above points are something that you can relate to, opting for a homemade pedicure session is something that you can opt for. You do not have to be a professional beautician to have a pedicure session for yourself at home.


Try these Pedicure Tips to spare yourself the trip to the Salon:

1. Moisturise: Just like any other part of the body needs to be moisturised, the feet is no exception. However, unlike the face or hands, the skin on your feet is likely to be not that sensitive. Therefore, when you pick up a moisturiser for your feet from the supermarket, you don’t have to be extremely vigilant about what you’re buying.

2. A technique that is used to clean the feet thoroughly is by immersing it in water for a period. Take a bucket that has a relatively larger opening and fill it with cold water. Dip your feet into it and stay there for some time. You can carry on watching television while you are doing this

3. Nail maintenance is another part of the pedicure regime that has to be given adequate attention. You need to clean it, have it filed and if possible, apply some paint according to the colour that suits your personality the best.

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4. Exfoliate: Exfoliation that is done to the skin to get rid of all the dirt and harmful elements that it has been subject to over a period. Make sure that you can pick the best exfoliating cream that is available in the market and apply it to your feet when you are going to undertake your pedicure session

5. Cooling: Because of the amount of work that you have to do, the chances are that your feet have to go through hell. To give it a relaxing experience, wrap a few ice cubes in a handkerchief or plastic and rub it on your feet so that it eases the flow of blood and you can feel relaxed. If possible, having someone do it for you is likely to give you an even better experience.

Even though these pedicure techniques are going to make your feet look and feel better, when you step out, make sure you cover them. That way, the damage is minimised, and you can have soft and delicate feet even in this scorching summer!

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