Healthy Hair Tips for Voluminous Hair Naturally

Healthy Hair Tips for Voluminous Hair Naturally

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If you ever have wished for long, shiny, beautiful tresses like Rapunzel or have wished to visualise one in situations where your jet black strand of hairs will make this rhythmic movement to a gust of wind, then we probably need to work magic in our hair. At least the wonderful universe with its abundance of pollution, oodles of humidity, life stress and rigorous strain of blow-dry and straighteners would never let all the wishes mentioned above come true ever. But worry not all is not lost. Here are some Healthy Hair Tips to have a Voluminous Hair Naturally.Banner-Aug19

The fact is that Everyone yearns for voluminous hair, but the hair is the part of our body that’s difficult to maintain. With an active lifestyle that requires a lot and exposure of our skin and hair to various harmful external elements, our hair gets damaged, and we eventually end up losing them slowly and gradually. Trying various cosmetic products will help in getting the voluminous appearance, but the actual volume will not increase. Home remedies always help out when it comes to treating hair related issues. Home remedies are cheaper, easily carried out at the comfort of your home and are way affordable than the expensive and ineffective hair spa sessions at salons. Here are some Healthy Hair Tips for you to have healthy hair.

Healthy Hair Tips

 Some Healthy Hair Tips to Have Voluminous Hair Naturally.

1. Balanced Diet:

A good diet keeps your body healthy. Eat food that’s rich in Vitamin B, C, Copper and Zinc. Biotin is one element that’s important for nail and hair health. Take Biotin supplements to boost hair growth. Drink loads of water as it hydrates your body and helps in proper circulation of nutrients so that your hair is not devoid of any nutrition.


2. Healthy Hair Tips: Go in for Oil Massage

Oil massage is one of the best ways to relax and let your hair grow a healthy way. It is still not proven if the oil nourishes the scalp, but the massage improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth. If you have oily hair, you can opt for the massage during the weekends. Coconut oil and almond oil are the most common hair oils that are used for massaging. Castor oil is a hair growth stimulating oil and can be used for massage purposes by mixing with coconut or almond oil. Leave the oil overnight or at least for an hour and wash off with a good cleansing shampoo for beautifully conditioned hair. Regular massaging will boost your hair volume naturally.

3. Chemicals:

Regular use of chemical products like hair sprays and gels harm the texture of your hair. Treatments like straightening, perming and other forms of styling damage the hair and cause hair fall. To increase the volume of hair, totally abstain from such parlour activities. Treat your hair to oil massage and cover your hair before you step out under the sun. Covering hair also protects it from pollution and other external damages.

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4. Hair Packs:

Treat your hair with natural homemade hair packs. An egg pack is one of the best hair packs. Just whip up a couple of eggs and apply the mixture to your hair. Leave it on for an hour and rinse it off with shampoo. The smell may bother some people, but the results are outstanding. As an alternative solution, you can soak a few fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Use the mixture to make a paste with some henna powder. Apply the paste all over your scalp. Leave it on for 1 to 3 hours and wash off. Use this hair pack once or twice a week regularly to see miraculous results.

Masks can also be made with red onions. This seems to be a very effective form of hair renewal and can solve your ever ending problem of drastic hair loss. Red onions are very good nourishment for your hair and can be made into a thick paste and applied on the scalp. It also fights itching scalp and provides a glaze to the hair. The banana paste is yet another alternative to hair; your hair can shine like a rock star literally because of its inherent nutrient. Hibiscus petal paste and even amla can do wonders for the hair issues.

Lemon itself is a multitasking agent which is the surprise package in a small body. Issues like dandruff which is a major problem for every person actually can be treated with a squeeze of lemon. Lime or lemon juice along with other ingredients can also make a good paste of the pack. It also acts as the binder for the various elements like bhringaraj, thankuni leaves, or shikakai. It is also a simple technique and can be applied daily for quick and better results.


Though it doesn’t fall under the hair care remedy, yet, brushing one’s hair is crucial not to let the sweat settle in your scalp, or removing the dirt and pollutants settling in your hair, which in reality, is not possible to do once one is busy with work and stuff.

Therefore, various products available in the market may save your time but simultaneously there are effects residing with it! So the moral of the story is that along with the application of the brilliantly promising hair care products  Some Time must also be invested in natural remedies which will, in turn, constitute the best caring and nurturing of the hairs. There is innumerable natural hair treating technique, and an individual can go for the ones suitable for them. Voluminous hair is not easy to achieve. You need to take care of your hair and also pamper it from time to time to maintain healthy texture. Hope you will be able to reap the benefits with these handy Healthy Hair Tips and try out the Home remedies as they give long-term results.Stay Healthy,Keep Glowing !

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