How does Chemical Peel Work ?

How does Chemical Peel Work ?

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Skin problems like wrinkles and acne bother men and women of all ages alike. Some skin problems are extremely bothersome and don’t get solved even after the use of cosmetic products and trying out home remedies. To cure acne, many people rely on popping antibiotic pills on a regular basis. Dermatologists have come up with a unique solution to most skin problems in the form of chemical  Peels. Chemical peel rejuvenates the skin’s surface clearing problems like fine lines, acne, dark spots, etc. A chemical peel involves shedding off the older top layer of skin and regenerating new skin cells that are younger, healthier and fresher.


Chemical peel suits people with a lighter complexion. People with darker complexion may also benefit from chemical peels, but it depends on the skin issue and how the skin responds to the peels. Often darker skin tones end up suffering from uneven skin tone issues.

The process of chemical peel is usually carried out in a doctor’s clinic. The process doesn’t require an overnight stay for the patient. The skin professional first cleans the patient’s skin thoroughly using a ph balanced, gentle cleanser. After the cleansing process, he/she will apply one or more chemical solutions that are mainly acidic in nature. Usually, the chemical solutions include glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid. There are various concentrations available for the treatment of various skin concerns. On the application of the acid, patients experience tingling or burning sensation. In the case of severe irritation, the solution is removed immediately. Usually, a patch test is done beforehand to prevent such situations. The solutions are allowed to stay for ten to 15 minutes depending on the desired impact on skin. The solution is removed with cool water. A cold compress is applied to the skin after the removal of the solution. The cold compress soothes the skin. An oil-free moisturiser and sunscreen are applied after that. The acids cause controlled damage to the skin that triggers the removal of the top layer of skin and regeneration of new and healthy skin.

After facial peels, it is very important to take care of the skin. The skin is new and tender. One must use a plain moisturiser and stay away from strong products containing retinoid or acids. Sunscreen is a must as the tender skin is more prone to sunburns. The skin severely peels off for the next few days after the peeling session to reveal the new skin. It is important to keep hands away from the face and prevent peeling off the dry old skin that peels off. Peeling off the skin can lead to scarring.

Chemical peels need to be carried out only in professional salons and derma clinics. If done in small salons, the chemicals may not be of good quality and can damage skin beyond control. Chemical peels can be done on any person on any age group and is an extremely safe procedure to achieve great skin.

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