Top 15 Beauty Mistakes you Need to Stop Making Now!

Top 15 Beauty Mistakes you Need to Stop Making Now!

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Do you read the beauty routine of celebrities and famous bloggers to get some tips? Well, most of us do! Everyone wants to have flawless, gorgeous skin. And that is why most people today follow the skincare routine of celebrities or famous bloggers to get beautiful skin and hair. But, following a skincare regimen perfectly is not a skill that everyone has! And so, today we are going to tell you top beauty mistakes that you might be making.


Here are Top Beauty Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

1.Washing Your Face Frequently

Yes, cleansing is an essential part of skincare regime. But, over washing your face can also get rid of the essential oils that your skin needs to keep itself healthy. And therefore, you should wash your face two times a day and do not cleanse your face after that unless it is necessary. So, if you have the habit of cleansing your face frequently, stop this practice now as it is a beauty mistake you are committing!

2.Applying Makeup on Dry Skin

Do you apply makeup on dry skin? If you do, then this is one of the worst beauty mistakes that you are making. When you apply the makeup on dry skin, it can make a face look cracked, old, dull and tired. So, what should you do to avoid this? Apply a moisturiser and ensure your skin is properly hydrated before you apply makeup.

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3.Sleeping with your Makeup On

Are you so tired and exhausted at night that you sleep with makeup on? Well, if you do then you mustn’t! No matter how much exhausted you are, you must always remove your makeup before sleeping. If you don’t do so, your skin will become dry and more prone to acne and infections.

4.Picking at Your Skin

Most of us have this annoying habit of picking at skin. When this happens frequently, for instance, picking a scab or the skin around your nails then it causes bleeding, sores and scars. Yes, we know that if you have a whitehead on your face, then you feel desperate to remove it as quickly as you can. But, even then, you must maintain your calm and use home remedies to get rid of skin problems. So, next time you pick at your skin, remember that this is something wrong you are doing and hence, stop doing it immediately.

5.Sleeping in the Wrong Posture

The posture in which you sleep also affects the health of your skin. When you sleep on your stomach, your face pushes against the pillow and bacteria gets accumulated on the skin, which may lead to many skin problems such as oily skin and acne breakouts. The best sleeping position for your skin and overall health is sleeping on your back. Yes, it might take time and practice to make it a habit of sleeping on your back. But, don’t worry! After some time, you will get used to it.

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6.Using Dirty Makeup Tools

If you are by any chance using dirty makeup brushes, then you must know that this is one of the worst beauty mistakes you can make! Dirty makeup tools are full of bacteria that can lead to a variety of skin problems such as acne, irritation and even eye infections. Yes, we understand the fact that cleaning the brushes every day can be a difficult task, but this is something you must do to protect yourself from various skin problems.

7.Using a Sunscreen Only in Summers

Do you also apply a high SPF sunscreen only when the sun is shining bright outside? Well, if you are; then it is another beauty blunder that you are making. Sunscreen lotions are to be used throughout the year, and not just during the summer season.

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If you believe that you are safe from the sun in winters, then you are wrong! Be it cloudy, rainy, cold or whatsoever weather; sun rays will get you and harm your skin. So, from today onwards, make it a habit of wearing a sunscreen daily. And those who already do this, good job people!

8.Not Moisturising Skin Properly

You must apply moisturiser to your skin every day. And make sure to apply a proper amount of moisturiser as too much moisturiser and too little moisturiser- both can affect your skin negatively. Skin cannot absorb too much moisturiser, hence, if you apply too much of it then it will cause clogged pores. And if you have oily skin, even then you must use a moisturiser because if your skin is dry, it will result in more oil production. Hence, apply a moisturiser suited to your skin type, and it will surely benefit you!

9.Using Too much Foundation

Do you use foundation more than you should? Beware, using too much foundation can make you look cakey. In fact, beauty experts say that you do not need to use foundation unless you are wearing light and sheer makeup. Just apply a bit of foundation on your cheeks, nose and under eye areas.

Also, make sure to pick the right shade of foundation that matches your skin tone. Never use a foundation which is lighter than your skin tone as it will highlight the blemishes and fine lines. Blend it properly and do not forget to apply it on your neck and ears.

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10.Applying Eye Shadow after Concealer

Applying eyeshadow after under eye concealer is one of the beauty mistakes that most of us make. This is a beauty blunder as when you apply eyeshadow after concealer; the shadow falls all over the eye area. You should dab concealer on the under eyes and place it just below the lower lash line to get the perfect eye makeup look.

11.Applying Mascara to Lower Lashes

Another beauty blunder that you might be making is applying mascara to your lower lashes. When you coat the lower lashes in mascara, it makes your eyes look smaller and darker. It also smudges under your eyes. So, you should not apply mascara to your lower lashes if you want your eyes to look ravishing.

12. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Your skin too needs rest to rejuvenate itself. And hence, if you do not sleep properly, you will end up having dry and dull skin. And that is why; you must sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every night to keep your skin healthy.

13. Eating Fried and Fatty Food

What you eat reflects your skin. When you eat healthy food such as green vegetables, fruits and dried fruits; it shows on your skin. Overeating fried, fatty and spicy foods lead to several skin problems such as oily skin, acne, wrinkles and dry skin. Hence, you must eat a healthy diet to keep your skin looking glowing.

14.Using the Wrong Products

We all love to experiment when it comes to beauty products. But, experimenting too much can harm our skin if the product we use does not suit our skin. We all have a different skin type-some are blessed with dry skin, oily skin and others with combination skin. You must know what your skin type is, and use products that suit your skin tone and texture. For instance, if you have oily skin, then you must use an anti-oily face cleanser as it will prevent oil from getting accumulated on your skin.

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15.Sleeping on a Dirty Bed Sheet

Sleeping on a dirty bed sheet is one of the common beauty mistakes that people make. If you do not wash your pillow covers and sheets often, it will become a breeding place for the bacteria, and when you sleep on the bed with dirty sheets and pillow, you are likely to suffer from various skin problems including acne and clogged pores. Hence, wash your sheets and pillowcases frequently to avoid skin problems.

Were you making these beauty mistakes? If you were, then it’s time to get rid of these habits and adopt a healthy beauty regimen to keep the skin healthy!

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