Top 3 Homemade Scrubs to Pamper your Skin!

Top 3 Homemade Scrubs to Pamper your Skin!

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Preparing homemade scrubs is not that tough! You just have to put a little effort, and your homemade scrub is ready. A lot of scrubs are available in the market but why don’t we prepare it at home if that can be easy and save some good amount of money? Looking good is not an easy task, it is an art, it is a challenge that we face in everyday life. Be it a man or a woman, who does not like to look good and attractive? We truly believe in natural beauty, but we can not deny the fact that looking good is not entirely nature’s act.

We live in big crowded cities, and we have access to so many things be it education, job or recreation but one downside can be the effect of pollution on our skin. Now, pollution can be visible and invisible. You can wipe off the visible pollution quickly, and you can observe it on your washcloth. On the other side, there is invisible pollution which is in the gas form like nitrogen dioxide, sulphur, carbon monoxide and so on. All kinds of pollution can get on your skin and can cause damage to your skin.

Washing your skin won’t be enough to wipe off all the dust and pollution. The tool that can surely help in cleaning the dust off your skin is scrubbing! A scrub can make your skin feel youthful, beautiful, soft, and glowing. Unlike a regular soap or cleanser, a facial scrub uses small particles, beads, or chemicals to remove the old skin cells and make way for new ones in a process known as exfoliation.

Homemade Scrubs

You just don’t need to visit the parlour and saloon every time for scrubbing and cleaning of your skin, we have come up with some homemade scrubs that will surely help you to have a clean and healthy skin.

Homemade Scrubs to Pamper your Skin!

1. Coffee Scrub to Nourish the Skin

Coffee tastes so good but what if you can use a pinch of coffee to clean your skin? Coffee serves as an exfoliant to remove the dead cells from the surface of the skin, and it also tightens the skin.
Now how to make the coffee scrub at home?

The ingredients required to make the coffee scrub: coffee grounds(you can also use recycled coffee grounds), sugar(preferably brown sugar) and oil(coconut or olive).

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Just put coffee ground, sugar and oil in a bowl and mix them well. Make a fine paste that should not be too thick and not too thin. Use hot water so that it doesn’t clog up your drain.
Apply this to your skin once a week; it is entirely natural and an excellent way to use up leftover coffee grounds.

Lemon Scrub

2.Lemon-Sugar Scrub to say Goodbye to Blackheads

Lemons are readily available and affordable acidic fruits that perform different functions from helping in digestion to working as a fatigue buster. Lemons are an excellent natural remedy. Lemons are antibacterial and can aid in getting rid of acne and blackheads. Not only this, it is rich in vitamin c and citric acid and can help in tightening and brightening of your skin.
Now how to make the lemon-sugar scrub at home?

The ingredients required to prepare the lemon-sugar scrub:
½ Lemon & ¼ cup sugar

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Squeeze the lemon into a bowl, add sugar and stir well. And you do not have to do anything else, just apply it gently to your face in circular motions and allow the sugar to scrub your skin. Now leave it for few minutes. Use a hot washcloth, and gently wipe the scrub. Now rinse well and moisturise your face after cleaning it properly. Use it once a week, in case you notice any allergy, do not continue as your skin may be allergic to lemon.

3.Yoghurt Scrub to Pamper your Skin

The only ingredient you require here is yoghurt itself. The lactic acid present in yoghurt helps in dissolving the dead skin, and it also tightens the pores.Are you busy with your daily routine and do not have much time to knock a parlour’s door? Then this scrub can surely help you as it does not require much time and energy to prepare this scrub.


Just take some yoghurt in a bowl, after cleaning your face just apply it to your face and leave for 15 minutes. Clean and wash it off with cold water and pat with a washcloth or towel, and it’s done! Isn’t it too easy and time-saving? Just repeat it every week for better results.
We hope you enjoyed reading it, but only reading and memorising won’t help you if you do not give them a try!
Try all three homemade scrubs, and you can begin with any of these today and the rest, in the coming weeks so that you get to know which of these suits you best or you can try them one by one!

Have a time-saving and beautiful experience saving some money in the process!

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