How to protect different kinds of Hair Styles ?

How to protect different kinds of Hair Styles ?

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Hair Styles give a completely different look to a person. Every person has different Hair Styles- Some have straight hair while some have curly locks while some have chemically straightened hair. The care for different hair styles should be different and People should know the kind of treatment required for their hair type. If they follow the right Hair Styles , then hair will stay strong and lustrous for a longer period of time. Some tips for having healthy hair:

For curly Hair:

Conditioners and shampoo can make curly hair look good. Conditioner nourishes hair and makes it smooth. The comb should be wide or else curly hair may fall out as tangles in curly hair are more than straight hair.

• Hair Styles: Naturally wavy Hair

Wavy hair is easier to maintain and keep. The same way of using conditioner can be applied in wavy hair. Curl cream can be used to give a finishing curl to the waves. A blow dryer can be used to make hair a little bit more curly. The curls can be adjusted according to the needs of the person and a curling iron can help to give more curls and twists to wavy hair which can look good on any occasion.

Straight Hair:

Some people have fine hair and they may not have too many layers in their hair. In case of thin hair, too many styles don’t fit. The right kind of hairstyle suits thin hair. The main thing in straight hair is to increase the volume of hair. Volume boost or hair mousse can be used to give a fluffy nature of the hair. A hairstyle should be such that the layers are visible and also hair looks full and heavy.

The Damaged Hair:

In case of damaged hair, serums and conditioners should be applied at the end part of the hair which can help to give a smooth finish. Natural oil also helps to maintain damaged hair. Natural oil should be used in minimal amount or else will start looking dull and greasy.

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Extra Thick Hair:

People love it when they have thick hair. Thick hair should be used to the greatest advantage. Layers and fringes can be tried out in thick hair. Hair should be cut from time to time as otherwise there are chances of her getting damaged.

The Stringy Strands:

Some girls have stringy hair and they don’t like it much. Because of the stinginess, they prefer washing their hair every day. But, hair should not be washed every day. It can make hair dry. Dry shampoo can be used which is spread onto the scalps and it works in the same way as a shampoo. It restores the smoothness of the hair.

People should take essential and necessary steps to prevent their hair from dust and dirt and keep it looking gorgeous and beautiful. Protection should be taken against hair fall in all ways possible. Looking good is what everyone desires and craves for.