Using Water in Smart ways for Flawless Makeup

Using Water in Smart ways for Flawless Makeup

19-03-2015   |   Posted By: Vivek Singh   |   1796 View(s)

We all are aware of the benefits gained by drinking water. It detoxifies our body, helps in maintaining shinier and healthier skin and hair. But have anyone thought about using Water, the wonder liquid in makeup other than cleaning. Here are the surprising ways to use this elixir of flawless makeup.

A Natural Cleanser!

Using water as a cleanser is the safest way to save your skin from the harsh chemicals. Add rose petals to a bottle of this wonder liquid and keep away from direct sunlight for a few days. These beautiful flowers were used in beauty recipes by ancient Greeks and Romans and no wonder it is still being used to enhance one’s beauty in all-natural way. Use this rose-infused water as a cleanser. It leaves your skin clean.


A tip to make Eye Shadow Last Longer

Here comes a tip for all who wish for their eyeshadow to last a little longer as promised. Give an intense, fresh, bright and shiny look to your pale eye shadow by simply dabbing the eyeshadow brush with water and applying it on the faded area. Now, never let your eyeshadow fade away again!!

An easy way to set your Makeup:

Grab a spray bottle; fill it with our wonder liquid and a little glycerin. After completing your makeup, spray this on your face. Don’t overdo it; a little is enough to serve our purpose. Within few minutes, the spray dries off leaving your face with a fresher and natural look. The perfect makeup sets as soon as the spray dries off completely.

Create your Favourite Eyeliner Color for Flawless Makeup:

Mix a few drops of the miracle liquid in your favourite eye shadow colour for your preferred shade of eyeliner. Apply it, as usual, get done with the makeup and collect the compliments for your accomplished work.

Blending Foundation Cracks:

Improper application of foundation results in cracks which don’t look right on your face. If it happens again to you, don’t switch to panic mode. Stay calm and sweep a makeup brush or a sponge dabbed with a little water over the cracked foundation to make it blend. Isn’t it simple?

Correcting Flaky Liners:

To fix the uneven eyeliner, immerse the tip of eyeliner or pencil in water before immersing it in eyeliner. It gives a smooth and neat stroke.

Cleaning your Makeup Brushes:

Using makeup tools that are not clean may result in skin infections or spreading of infections (if you already have one). So, it is always better to use clean equipment especially brushes. Using untidy brushes will not give proper finishing and even may end up messing the whole look. Use water to clean them for flawless makeup. To clean your brushes that enhance your beauty, take a tissue paper, wet it with a light spraying of water, whisk the brushes on that tissue and leave them to dry. Or soak the brushes in a solution made of hot water and mild shampoo, after some time rinse them off clean and leave them to dry.

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