4 Useful Tips to Prevent Kajal from Smudging!

4 Useful Tips to Prevent Kajal from Smudging!

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Every girl loves to have appealing, dark and stunning eyes, isn’t it? Who doesn’t crave to possess them? Of course, we all are mad for those intense eyes! The right application of kajal can be the easiest way to achieve them! We see pictures of intensely lined eyes with perfectly applied kajal, but you know what happens when we try to replicate the same! We can understand how it feels when you get ready for a party or event, and you want to have those bold eyes! You apply lots of kajal in your eyes to achieve those intensely lined eyes, but the sad thing is that most of the times you rant and rave over the fact that the kajal never seems to adhere to its original place and smudges badly! Unfortunately, you end up looking like a black-eyed racoon! But hey! We are here to help you! We have summed up these best tips to prevent kajal from smudging!


Easy and Effective tips to prevent kajal from smudging:-

1. Clean the eye area before applying kajal

Oil and shine come between you and your intensely lined eyes! It is essential to clean the area around your eyes before using any kajal or liner on them. Make sure you keep your eye area free from oil. The kajal smudges more quickly if your eyelids are oily. Do not skip the step of washing your face. Once you wash it, pat it dry before applying kajal. You can also use some ice cubes to prevent sweating under your eyes. You can also use cotton pads by soaking them in chilled water and dabbing the coolness on your face. After this, you can use some earbud to wipe your eyelid thoroughly. You can start applying kajal once you prepare your eyes for the same! So, do not forget to clean the eye area before applying kajal next time!

Clean Eyes

2. Use a primer or foundation

After the cleaning part, begin with the second step which involves using a primer or a foundation to prep the area around your eyes. Now, you might think what this primer is doing here! Don’t worry you’ll get all the answers and reasons here! A primer will help to give your eyes a good base on which you can easily apply the kajal.

But what if you don’t use a primer? Well, if you don’t use a primer, you still can prevent smudging by using a foundation instead of a primer! A foundation or primer allows the pigments of the kajal to stay for a longer time on the skin. Choose an oil-free foundation as it will keep the eye region oil-free.

Milani’s Even-Touch Powder Foundation

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3. Brush some lose face powder

After cleansing your face and applying foundation, you can begin with your kajal. If you want maximum protection, do not forget to dust some lose face powder in your under-eye region after you apply kajal. Doing so will not only help absorb any excess oil in your skin, but it will also take care of the excess kajal! Choose a long-stay smudge-free kajal for best results as it will last longer and won’t smudge off! So, do not forget to brush some lose face powder the next time you want to get the bold eyes to look for the rest of the day.

4. Make The Right Choice

Don’t think about a little price difference when you are investing in a kajal. Always buy a good quality kajal, opt for a well-known brand and most importantly do not forget to see if it’s “no-smudge” or not. Make sure you look for “long stay” formula while you buy a kajal. Waterproof kajal tends to last long without smudging. So, choose wisely!

Maybelline Eye Liner

So, these are the four best tips to prevent kajal from smudging. We hope you enjoyed reading the article. Do not forget to share if you did. Help all the ladies you know by sharing this with them, and trust us they are going to thank you for that!

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