Deepika Padukone’s Beauty Tips Every Girl Must Know!

Deepika Padukone’s Beauty Tips Every Girl Must Know!

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Undoubtedly, Deepika is one of the most beautiful women who deserve to be praised! Isn’t she? From making her debut in Om Shanti Om to her fantastic performance in XXX The Return Of Xander cage, this gorgeous lady has been winning hearts! Everyone wants to know what makes her so beautiful! Is there any beauty regime that she follows or she was born with this beauty? Le sigh! There are hundreds of such questions in your mind, right? Don’t worry; you’ll get all the answers here. Well, no doubt, she is a natural beauty that all of us die for, but it’s also true that she has not attained this beauty overnight. It was her dedication, strong determination and discipline that made her a heartthrob of Bollywood.

Do you know what beauty routine does she follow to look this Beautiful? Can you afford to miss any single chance of reading about the secret beauty tips she follows? We know no one would dare to! So, here are Deepika Padukone’s beauty tips that you all should know.

36085489_272274153512805_7184294540226854912_n(1)Deepika Padukone’s Beauty Tips that can do Wonders for your Skin

1. Stay hydrated

Well, Deepika is blessed with beautiful, flawless skin. Deepika suggests that instead of using a lot of makeup, one should always drink enough water to keep the skin perfect and supple. She emphasises on drinking gallons of water to ensure that one stays hydrated. So, drink enough water and stay hydrated and say hello to beautiful glowing skin! This is one of the Deepika Padukone’s beauty tips that are very easy to follow.

2. Cleanse moisturise and tone your skin

Cleansing toning and moisturising are one of the beauty secrets of the Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone. She says “healthy skin needs proper cleansing and care”, for which you can use gentle soaps. She also suggests using mild skin products.

She prefers indulging in cleaning-up sessions than regular facials. She tries to get some time for a body massage with warm coconut or baby oil twice a week. Deepika never forgets to apply a moisturiser with an SPF during the daytime and a deep conditioning moisturiser at night.

3. Remove your makeup before going to bed

The heartthrob of Bollywood, Deepika never takes any risk when it comes to her skin. She always removes all her makeup before heading to bed. Also, she avoids wearing makeup while not shooting and doesn’t forget to cleanse her face thoroughly post-shooting to remove dead cells from the body as well as to improve blood circulation.

Deepika prefers a loofah and not a soap bar for bathing. You should remove every trace of makeup before going to sleep which most of us think is not that important. No Excuses for that! If you don’t make it a habit, your dream of having beautiful skin can never come true. So, even if your schedule doesn’t permit, try giving some time to your skin if you want to have healthy flawless skin. This is one of the Deepika Padukone’s beauty tips that you must follow to get healthy skin.

4. Be spiritual

Deepika believes in being Positive. The leggy lass says being spiritual gives you a different level of confidence and satisfaction. She learnt specific beauty tips from her mother; her mother also taught her to be positive always.

She believes that eating right, sleeping tight, working out and having a positive outlook is more important than using expensive makeup. She says eating plenty of vegetables, physical activity and enough sleep should be given reasonable importance.

5. Take care of your tresses

Deepika Padukone suggests that you should pay a fair amount of attention to your hair. Coconut oil massages have always held an important part in her beauty regime, and that has worked for her hair. Whenever she gets some time from her shoots, she gets her scalp and hair massaged with coconut oil.

Deepika Padukone

Can we take this as one of the secrets behind her lustrous tresses? Apart from that, eating fresh vegetables, fruits and working out is also essential for preserving the hair for ages.

6. Pamper your eyes, brows and lips

Eyebrows define your face, and if you are blessed with the right thickness and shape you are fortunate! Not all have those thick eyebrows, guys! When it comes to eye makeup, neither too much nor too little is acceptable. It just needs to be perfect, and that truly fills you with a lot of confidence.

Deepika says over-thinning and over-drawing are the two biggest mistakes that women often make. She loves to use mascaras to intensify the killer looks of her razor-sharp almond eyes. Also, she never forgets to highlight only one feature at a time when applying make-up, either lips or eyes and never both! This is one of Deepika’s Padukone beauty tips that if you follow will help you maintain healthy skin forever.

Well, it’s surprising but yes true. She loves to use brown and taupe eyeshadows because she feels she can risk colouring her lips with darker shades such as plums and reds with these shades.

Also, she stresses on understanding the difference between day and night looks and makeup according to the time and occasion. Deepika loves to apply her nude lipstick with Smokey dramatic eyes to create a balance. So, make sure you create a space for balance in whatever you do as far as makeup is concerned.

So, all Deepika fans out there, are you going to put all these points into your diary? Just make sure you follow a good skincare routine, and that’s not very tough to do. Treat your skin and hair well, pamper your skin with cleansing toning and moisturising and do not forget to remove every trace of makeup before going to bed. Too much or too little of makeup can ruin your look which is enough to spoil your mood, isn’t it? Keep taking care of your skin and hair and keep looking beautiful! All the best!

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