Mastering the Art of Grooming Eyebrows

Mastering the Art of Grooming Eyebrows

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It is no wonder that we are getting eyebrow-obsessed with the beautification of all our body parts. A well-groomed pair of eyebrows increase the glamour quotient of your makeup look. If you consider your eyebrows as one of the most important features of your eyes, and if you really want to shape your eyebrows in a splendid way that suits your face better, we have some exclusive tips and tricks for you.

Eyebrow shapes to flatter your face:

The shapes of eyebrows should suit the faces like the haircuts. The dimensions of your face play a major part to specify the best shape for the arches above your beautiful eyes. If you emphasise on your eyebrows, you can look younger with wearing less makeup and pretty ladies with less makeup never fail to satisfy the eyes of the beholder. Softly rounded brows suit the general square faces best. If you have got a round face, you should go with an angular pair of arches. In longer faces, vertically extended brows should be maintained in general. A perfect, balanced eyebrow is the best friend for a well-proportioned oval face. Along with your face shape, the structure of your nose bone also contributes to the beautification of your brows. No matter what the face shape is yours, you need to know about three golden rules. Firstly, the bridge of your nose should be the beginning point of your brows. Secondly, the curve of your eyebrows ought to be about two-thirds of the way out. Lastly, you can never cut your brows short. At the very least, the tail should end in a hypothetical line from the nose corner to the eye corner.

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Waxing with sheer perfection:

Before you prepare yourself for waxing, you have to be sure that the hairs are 1/8-inch long for the good gripping. You should start with the bottom-line pressing the strips on the direction of the growth of the hair and pulling the strip off should be done in the opposite direction. You need to pull the strip back in one swift movement. Peeling or pulling off slowly results in the bad quality of your skin and there can be some hairs left on the surface. No one wants to wax the same area repeatedly. If you find waxing more difficult, you may take the help of eyeliner first to draw the perfect shape and then start waxing.

Eyebrows Essentials for shaping:

There is a lot of contradicting information available on the internet when it comes to the perfect shape of your eyebrows. It is confusing in most of the cases. Anyway, all a girl needs is a nicely defined, neatly groomed and I-woke-up-like-this eyebrow.

Five rules to achieve perfect arches:

If eyes are the gateway to the soul, then beautiful eyebrows are the welcome treatments. Here are some of the best rules for the perfect arches as follows. First, no matter, what you are and how eager you are to do something, you must not take it on your brows. Second, you should always carry your brow kit containing a brow pencil, brow powder and gel to set the hairs. Eyebrow hairs and regular hair are no different when the colour is considered. You may try different brow powder to judge the best brow shade complementing your hair tone and complexion. Know your brows well and start pampering them.

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