Healthy Eating for a Healthy Life

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Life

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Evolution and adaptation are two of the most complex traits of life. All organisms must have the capability to adapt and evolve as per challenges and circumstances to survive. It is not different for the human beings. To lead a decent unhindered life, a person must possess good health and have Healthy Eating habits.

Health is the stable condition of the living organism in which all the vital internal functions perform in harmony for preservation and development of the organism.

The key factors affecting the Health of an Individual are:

1. Status and income statistics;

2. Education and literacy;

3. Working conditions;

4. Cultural, Social and physical environments;

5. Biology (genetics, age, sex, etc.);

6. Health care services.

In this competitive world, everybody is in a rat race. An individual must keep surviving. And to perform he must be physically fit and emotionally strong. The era of junk food, couches and entertainment clad technologies are making them obese and lethargic. To buy even the smallest thing, they are taking the help of technology without shedding a sweat. There are certain ways to cut down calories for proper health maintenance by following Healthy Eating Habits. They are:

1. Avoid junk food, prefer vegetables and fruits more.

2. Workout sessions keep up proper physiological functions. Indulge in routine physical activities like yoga, sports, jogging, etc., especially in the morning or evening.

3. Check stress. Stress makes us comfort food seekers and makes as fatty. Do not bring work in your home. Proper rest and sound sleep after a tiresome day refresh the body and mind simultaneously.

4. Decrease snack time. It helps to stop gaining more calories.

5. Consumption of 5-6 ounces of prunes every day on a regular basis enables weight loss. Researchers suggest that if we continue this for 12 weeks, we can lose up to 4.4 pounds or an inch of our waistline.

6. Consumption of protein in a controlled manner increases our metabolism rate by 20% as protein takes the longest to digest.

7. Maintaining the temperature of the environment in between 62-77°F helps us to burn more calories as our body tries harder to maintain its 98.6°F average temperature. Even when we consume cold or chilled water before workouts, our body intends to do the same.

8. Avoid food containing cheese, fats, oils, nuts, butter, chocolates, milk and dairy products, red meat, etc. as much as possible.

Benefits of  Healthy Eating :

1. Lowering risk of age-related Diseases like Diabetes, memory problems, cancer, heart diseases, obesity.

2. Losing weight helps in gaining confidence, stress relief, avoiding mental problems like depression, anxiety, improving body image and language and other emotional benefits.

3. Staying in shape also imparts a consciousness, discipline, and confidence immensely helping our status in the social demography.

4. Loosing calories slow down ageing and extends life expectancy.

5. The increase in cognitive brain functions.

Cutting down calories should not become an obsession. It may bring an emotional breakdown too, especially in teenage girls. Those who are already skinny do not have to worry regarding calorie intake. The main motto is to stay healthy, prosper and smile by  following Healthy Eating habits.